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  1. Grey03Cobra

    Something Our Highways Definitely Need.

    Left-lane slowpokes drive you crazy? - MSN Money
  2. Grey03Cobra

    Woo hoo, I'm moving to Germany

    Yep, the land of the Autobahn. I just received notification, I will be heading to Geilerkirchen, Germany in July for a nice 3 year tour.
  3. Grey03Cobra

    BLOWNLS3 goes down

    I was cruising down the road when I noticed a Blue C6 Vette quickly catching up in my rear view. He quickly caught up and threw me a rev, so I threw one back. We were at abou 45mph, so I downshifted into 2nd gear, then hit the brake and gas pedal at the same time to build up some boost. He...
  4. Grey03Cobra

    Who wants to go to a BBQ? I've got the honey. :eek::eek::eek:
  5. Grey03Cobra

    I got a new soap dispenser.

    What do you think?
  6. Grey03Cobra

    Any Blow through MAF kit for the Hellion?

    Like the title says, I am currently deployed, which means I'm saving up a little more money for some additional mods to the Cobra. I am tired of the stalling issue I have with the Hellion kit and want to convert to a blow through system. I did a search and found some good stuff, but I was...
  7. Grey03Cobra

    Looks like my house is getting egged tonight

    Yep, definitely getting egged. I'm deployed to Qatar, so my wife did the halloween treat shopping. She bought a bunch of bags of little pretzles to hand out:??: Kids don't want pretzels, they want candy. She might as well have bought cans of creamed corn.:cuss:
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    Dad kills guy who tried to rape his daughter

    Time to give this guy a medal.
  9. Grey03Cobra

    Bought a new car

    Well, after getting rid of my four wheelers and PCSing from Nevada to South Carolina I didn't really have the need for my Expedition any more (gas prices didn't help any either). So, after looking at the BMW 335 coupe and the Audi A5 I went with the Audi, and after a 5 month wait she finally...
  10. Grey03Cobra

    Turbo went bad with only 600 miles

    I noticed a bit of smoking on startup and when I checked my oil I was nearly 2 quarts low from when I changed my oil about 200 miles ago:eek: I had everything checked out, no oil in my PCV system, and no oil leaks. When the turbo was pulled there was a bit of play with the wheel, so it...
  11. Grey03Cobra

    Crickets in the tranny

    Hopefully someone can help me out. When I am driving the car I hear what sounds like crickets...a constant chirping sound. When I press the clutch in just a little it goes away. It happens in all gears. I have a STEEDA adjustable clutch quadrant but am not really sure how to adjust it (I...
  12. Grey03Cobra

    C6 Z06 goes down

    There I was, cruising down the road listening to some tunes. It was a beautiful day here, temps in the low 50's (The Beast loves cold air) and sunny with lots of wind. Anyways, I was just messing around when I noticed a Black Vette in my rearview. I could tell he was trying to catch up by...
  13. Grey03Cobra

    Check gas cap light is on

    I noticed a few weeks ago I noticed my check gas cap light had come on (it was hard to see because it is behind my AF gauge on my steering column). I checked my gas cap and it was fine. I disconnected my battery cable and then reconnected it and the light went out. I noticed today it was back...
  14. Grey03Cobra

    Stalling's back

    Well, I think I've just about got everything sorted out. The car is running great except for the stalling issue when I get off the gas. I disconnected the battery and reconnected it. The car drove great for a while until the computer figured out its tune, then it started stalling again...
  15. Grey03Cobra

    will this work?

    Right now I have a Bassani cat back and want to swap out my mufflers for some Borla Stingers. Do I need to swap out the entire cat-back or will the mufflers just swap out?
  16. Grey03Cobra

    Hellion stalling issue

    For a while now I've had a problem with my car stalling when I came to a stop light, or at the very least dropping down below 500rpm before I could tap the gas and have it idle at 900-1000rpm. I had this problem before I got the car tuned too. After the tune the problem went away but, for no...
  17. Grey03Cobra

    Funny vid of lady getting tased

    Is it just me, or does the Police car appear to be a yellow 03/04 Cobra (look at the hood and listen for the idle. O yea, the vid is hysterical.
  18. Grey03Cobra

    What MAF to go with

    Right now I'm running a 2400 MAF from SCT. That worked fine for my blower set-up but I've seen most people are going with the 2800. I'm not looking to run around with 800rwhp (I want around 650-700 for the street). Do you think I'm pegging the 2400 on the top end and that's why my hp...
  19. Grey03Cobra

    Turbonetics Evolution WG question

    I was reading the info on the Turbonetics Evolution wastegate on the Turbonetics site and it said the WG was good for up to 450hp on the motor or 800hp on a twin turbo/wastegate (meaning two wastegates) motor. I'm confused. If the Hellion kits are putting down over 600-800rwhp how are these...
  20. Grey03Cobra

    Changing how BOV vents??

    I was thinking of converting my Hellion kit one that vents to the atmosphere instead of recurculating the air. I'm hoping this will cure my stalling problem. Has anyone tried this successfully? Thanks.
  21. Grey03Cobra

    BOV Question

    Alright, I had a little time to do some wrenching yesterday. I bought some more screws to properly install my BOV and I bought some more washers. There was two of them in the BOV to begin with, so I dropped in two more. How many is safe to put in there? My EBC still reads 16psi at the turbo...
  22. Grey03Cobra

    Removing turbo question?

    I need to remove my turbo to check to see if it is indeed a T76. I'm beginning to think the low dyno numbers may be attributed to a smaller than what I am supposed to have turbo. Do I need to drain the oil from the motor to remove it? I'm just wanting to make sure no oil goes dripping all...
  23. Grey03Cobra

    New LS9's supercharged

    I just saw this today, seems pretty badass too me. BTW, if this is a repost I don't care, I didn't see it before.
  24. Grey03Cobra

    UPR K-member

    I have a Hellion turbo which came with the UPR K-member, A-arms, and coil overs. When I first started driving the car the K-member was fairly quiet, now it squeeks a lot, mostly when I am at a light and start off I get a bit of squeeking, and especially if the road is a little bumpy I get a...
  25. Grey03Cobra

    Blew my motor

    Luckily this time it wasn't the Cobra. When I got back from Afghanistan I picked up a brand new 07 Expedition Limited 4x4 with all the bells and whistles. The other day I heard some bottom end noise when slowly accelerating. I'm real good now with identifying bottom end noise due to the two...