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  1. mosconiac

    Pile On Fram

    Proving yet again that Fram filters aren't good enough for a lawnmower. Utter garbage.
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    Keep No Valuables In Your Newer Car

    The thieves have gone a bit more high-tech. A drama-free way to open your car, grab your stuff, & be gone in seconds.
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    Aspiring Photographers...This Will Inspire You!

    I stumbled upon a series of galleries that showcase the very best photography from around the world. Enjoy and here's to hoping we see some of your work up there some day! They add a new gallery every few days, so keep checking back. Visual Inspiration Day #47 | GenCept | Addicted to...
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    Running V-12 model

    Amazing craftsmanship & it runs The world's tiniest V12 engine. [VIDEO]
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    A Succinct (Video) Description of the Budget Dilemma

    Straight talk from an accountant. He boils it all down into simple English. The budget dilemma will not be solved by "arguing over who pays the highest fares on the sinking Titanic". The cost of goverment ($1.3T annually) is put directly on credit. Watch the video to see why that statement...
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    The Cobra Coupe BEFORE the Daytona...

    Did you know there was a coupe built on the Cobra platform in 1963 to compete in the 1964 LeMans? This was an independently-produced car (Cobra Coupe A98, 2 built) and long before the factory-supported Daytona coupe program. How this tidbit had escaped me for all these years is beyond me...
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    RIDICULOUS RC Plane Skills

    I'm not into this stuff, so maybe it's no big deal but I have to admit it made my jaw drop! FOR POPOUT HD--> tzowQtqOM_I
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    Destruction Of Lamborghini Gallardo In China - Best of Web - Funny stuff: Destruction Of Lamborghini Gallardo In China Yeah...a very rational response.
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    For the Jay Cutler Fans...

    I whipped this up in honor of our fallen hero...who courageously stood on the sidelines the rest of the game (despite grave injuries) & even trotted over to kiss Rodgers on the cheek after the game.
  10. mosconiac

    Quad Cities Drag Racing photos from the 50's!!!!

    I posted this in the Pics & Videos Buffet...please post comments there. LIFE Magazine did a shoot at some drag races in "Moline, IL"...more than likely it was actually a...
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    MIDWESTERNERS...Quad Cities Drag Racing photos from the 50's!!!!

    LIFE Magazine did a shoot at some drag races in "Moline, IL"...more than likely it was actually a few miles up river at Cordova Dragway given that it was already in operation by that point. There are 104 photos in the whole set. Some of the photos are reversed. The exact year isn't known, but...
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    Interested in a killer deal on the Canon T2i?

    Sorry for the "spam"-ish thread, but... Amazon has Canon Rebel T2i 18MP Digital SLR Camera w/ 18-55mm IS Lens (~$750-775) + Canon EF-S 55-250mm IS Lens (~$200-225) + Tiffen 58mm UV Protection Filter + 4GB Transcend Class 6 Flash Memory for $799 with free shipping after adding all products to...
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    Imagine The Carnage This Connecting Rod Dealt Out...

    Anyone know what the hell this was from???????
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    Justin Beiber's freestylin' alter ego...

    I have a sickness that I love to watch the Disney & corporate music machines create egomaniacs out of random teenagers. It's amazing how these kids lose all sense of reality & begin to feel that they are changing the world & everyone cares what they say. In reality, its the image the...
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    Amazing Collection of Antique Beer Cans

    Pretty neat to see how the simple beer can has evolved over the yeras. Hell, it's changed a lot in just my lifetime. I remember flat bottom cans (thick!) with pull tabs and rolled seams. Nothing like todays thin aluminum cans with flip tops. Beer, Beer And More Beer - Lazy Palace
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    The EPIC "Tractor Fight Scene"

    I present to you...the finest moment in cinematic history... The EPIC Bollywood "Tractor Fight Scene" Epic Tractor Fight Scene - CollegeHumor video
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    Hilary Duff's Guide: How To Accept A Marriage Proposal

    Feel free to discuss.... The Superficial - How to Accept a Marriage Proposal
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    Lithuanian Winters Must Get Realllllly Long

    English Russia » Lithuanians and PU-foam Your question to answer is how did he makes this....
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    Why Can't GM Owners Do Burnouts?

    It seems its always a GM doing this... YouTube- corvette burnout gone bad
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    Though-inducing Visualization of the Known Universe

    YouTube- The Known Universe by AMNH
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    Photog Cheats Death As Funny Car Tries To Eat Him Alive...

    ...and keeps snapping photos! Cheating death: The moment a British photographer narrowly escapes being crushed by a runaway drag race car | Mail Online
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    Why Bolt-In Cages Are BAD!

    Post lifted from
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    What I love about France...

    ...the jokes. ------------------------------ "France has neither winter nor summer nor morals. Apart from these drawbacks it is a fine country. France has usually been governed by prostitutes." Mark Twain ------------------------------ "I would rather have a German division in front...
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    Ultimate Snowmobile?