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    2013 Boss 302 Laguna Seca, many upgrades

    2013 Boss 302 LS #629 Black. Title is clear and in hand Mileage: 2680 Power: 442 rwhp on an 18% loss Mustang dyno The car is setup perfectly and has everything you would want done IMHO. The FRPP chin splitter, trans cooler and brake hoses are installed. Comes with two grilles, current...
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    FS:new in box Ford Racing Cobra Jet intake manifold kit

    Kit includes the CJ manifold, twin 65mm TB and Ford Racing CAI SOLD!
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    FS: 2013 Boss Laguna Seca 197

    Selling my 2013 Boss 302 Laguna Seca. #197 6700 miles, Track Key. $45,000.00 The car is located on Long Island NY and pics are available via email. Mike
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    FS: 2013 Boss Laguna Seca 197

    2013 Boss 302 Laguna Seca #197 VIN: 1ZVBP8CU2D5233269 Black/Silver 540 miles Stock w/ plates removed $49,000 pics available via email
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    My LS arrived today.... F***ING AMAZING!

    Wow, I'm really impressed with this car. I sold my '08 GT500, which was fully built and had an L&M long block, to get the LS. Totally worth it. I put on 130 miles in a few hours just joy riding. I or someone else would be dead if I took turns in my Shelby like I did in the LS. The shifter...
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    Tinting the LS

    Question, is the rear seat delete panels strong enough to support a person? I want to get the LS tinted, but concerned if the delete will get damaged during the process.
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    Put a deposit down on a "13 LS

    Well I just put a deposit down on a "13 LS for MSRP. I'm going from a built GT500 with an L&M long block to the LS and I can't wait. For guys looking for an LS at MSRP, there are plenty out there. I mainly searched, Autotrader and Ford's dealer locator. They are out there. Local...
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    FS: 2008 OEM SVT Wheels

    I'm selling my OEM wheels, no rash, chips etc. They were taken off the car with under 1k miles. I'm in NY, local pick up best. I will ship but at your cost. $400 for the set.
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    07-09 Steeda Carbon Fiber CAI

    I have a Steeda 07-09 114mm CF CAI sitting around. $180 shipped.
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    FS: 2008 GT500 L&M engine $36k

    SOLD!!!!!! I've decided to sell my car as the wife and I are buying a new house. I'm the second owner of the car. I bought the car with 200 miles on her. The title does have a LIEN from Bank Of America as the car is financed, I have the title in hand. The car is fully built with an L&M...
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    SCT urgent firmware update

    My father and I both received an email from SCT stating a critical update was nneded to the SCT xcal 3. Anyone know what's up?
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    What interest rates did you guys get?

    What rates were you guys able to get? Best for 72 months from Ford is 5.9%
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    What would you pay for a used '12 Laguna Seca?

    What would do you think is a fair price for a '12 LS with 121 miles on it? Dealer wants $55k! The car has been titled and is used.
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    Thank you Jon Lund

    I want to say thank you to Jon for getting my cammed L&M motor to pass NYS Inspection. Jon took time while on vacation to send me a new tune. It was a surprise to me and the car passed no problem and no stupid drive cycle needed. A friend just had L&M build his motor and Jon tune it. His car...
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    Putting car up for sale soon

    I will be putting my car up for sale in a few days. I need to organize all my receipts etc first. I can't get the car to pass inspection here in NY and I'm tired of spending $ trying to pass. The car has 2 not ready codes for EGR and CAT. So if you know someone who wants a built GT500 send...
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    Ford Drive Cycle question

    First let me start by saying if you want big cams and have emissions in you're state it's a headache to resolve. I cleared EVAP, O2, HTR and have CAT and EGR left. Does the EGR have to clear before the CAT will? I'm allowed one not ready in NY. The car currently has Dynotech cats for passing...
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    Gearhead Flicks: Blown Z06 Texas Half Mile

    Another nicely edited video by Gearhead 740hp Z06 164mph - Houston Half Mile Shootout - YouTube
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    May trade my for a Laguna Seca

    I'm going Friday to the dealership to discuss the trade. The LS is a 2012 with 121 miles on it. They are willing to give me more $ my car because of the L&M motor, how much more is thew question. Any of you guys have both a GT500 and a Boss? What are your thoughts? I know I will be cutting...
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    911 RUF Yellowbird Car and Driver

    Car and Driver: Abroad - RUF CTR Yellowbird and RUF CTR 3 - CAR and DRIVER - YouTube Cool vid
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    Shelby Extreme H/E

    Shelby American Competition Heat Exchanger Thoughts on this H/E for 800whp and up? I have the Afco dual fan and wonder if the larger C&R would be more effective. $1100 is worth it to save my built motor.
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    "13 GT500 vs ZL1 Track Test Inside Line

    Shelby GT500 vs Camaro ZL1 Track Test Video
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    "13 GT500 vs ZL1 Track Test Inside Line

    Shelby GT500 vs Camaro ZL1 Track Test Video
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    Evolution gets 2nd '13 GT500

    I just saw pics on FB that Evo picked up a 2nd Grabber Blue '13. Some guys have all the fun.
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    Rat Rod Camaro

    This car is local to me and the car gets a lot of attention at shows, I don't dig it. The brand-new $150,000 Camaro rat-rod Vette Doctors 2010 "RAT ROD" Camaro 485 CID SuperCharged - YouTube
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    Motor Tren Rat Rod vs Aventador

    Rat Rod vs Lamborghini Aventador! Roadkill Episode 5 - YouTube Long video and another stupid comparo