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  1. GOTSVT?

    Any of these cars worth bidding on?

    Correct! Largest seizure in western Ma.
  2. GOTSVT?

    Any of these cars worth bidding on?

    I have the opportunity to bid on these, its not my area of knowledge however. This came from a single persons car collection, who had a run in with the law.
  3. GOTSVT?

    Sorta bought myself a new toy -FERRIS-

    Initial mow was great and was extremely happy. The shock system makes for a smooth and comfortable ride. My lot is just under a few acres, only about 1/4 of it is grass so it makes for a quick mow. May take it to my shop and try it there too, which is much larger. This will help give a better...
  4. GOTSVT?

    Sorta bought myself a new toy -FERRIS-

    My Ferris Z2 52" deck standing rider. I wanted to try something new, as I bought a SCAG zero turn for my shop last year. It (sit down zero turn) really beats up your back. Its a weird sensation standing and having the blades in front of you, but allows for better cutting in tight spots. It has a...
  5. GOTSVT?

    Considering taking a look at this 92 Coupe

    Let me know if you don't pull the trigger Been looking for a project! Particularly a notchback.
  6. GOTSVT?

    My body, my choice

    Im willing to bet that the majority of women who are "my body, my choice" ie. Roe v Wade are the same women that are telling you to get vaccinated. Hypocrites? Nah, not when it fits their agenda.
  7. GOTSVT?

    New to me car day

    Slate blue is gorgeous in person, congrats!
  8. GOTSVT?

    lets see all the hot girlfriends/wives!

    All of you guys are perverts. Carry on.
  9. GOTSVT?

    Legal advice; land dispute

    New attorney, and take them to the cleaners.
  10. GOTSVT?

    NWS Pics that make you :lol: every time you see them NWS

    I’m so going to hell.
  11. GOTSVT?

    Wow. I love my wife

    "SHE LETS" End thread.
  12. GOTSVT?

    Frying Pan Into the Fire -- Chip Shortage

    I’m getting my arse kicked trying to source stainless steel that we use tons of. Crazy to be in this situation.
  13. GOTSVT?

    SVTP stock pick thread.

  14. GOTSVT?

    Drummers of SVTP

    Been through numerous kits, always resort back to my Roland electronic kit. Feels good, plays amazing, no hassle of tuning heads. Self taught, just played till I got it right. Wish I had YouTube growing up!!! Good luck, and stick with it.
  15. GOTSVT?

    Crazy Eddies

    I remember living in West Point , NY as a tween (sub 80s), seeing his commercials on tv. CRAZY EDDIES BLOW OUT BLITZ!!!!!
  16. GOTSVT?

    BLUEPSTU 3.0 is here!

    Regardless, your car is stunnng!!! They are so well built. Congrats!
  17. GOTSVT?

    BLUEPSTU 3.0 is here!

    Was looking for that Z06 badge.
  18. GOTSVT?

    What Fun Things do you have in your Office?

    I put a bunch of decks on one of my walls to remind me of the"skateboarding is not a crime" days.
  19. GOTSVT?

    Foo Fighters drummer Taylor Hawkins dead at age 50

    Heroin is a killer
  20. GOTSVT?

    SVTP stock pick thread.

    CT5-V Blackwing
  21. GOTSVT?

    SVTP stock pick thread.

    Bought another car, sitting tight on the stock market.
  22. GOTSVT?

    Cargo ship carrying thousands of luxury cars to U.S. sinks in Atlantic Ocean

    Probably a PTS car. (Paint to Sample)
  23. GOTSVT?

    Current New Vehicle Market

    This time next year, there are going to be a lot of people so upside down!