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  1. DSG2003Mach1

    Upcoming Raptor R

    i mean they probably weigh about the same these days :ROFLMAO:
  2. DSG2003Mach1

    My house went on the market today...

    it's just under 1% here thanks to the tourist tax. The appraised value is almost always a decent chunk under market value (I want to say last year the house was realistically 300k and they had a value of 230). With the homestead exemption there is a cap on the amount your property tax can go up...
  3. DSG2003Mach1

    Honeymoon: Out west trip from Ohio to Yellowstone, Mount Rushmore, etc… what should we take?

    once in Yellowstone I like having something that sits up a little more for animal spotting. There's probably plenty of fun roads out there but in the parks speed limits are pretty low for the most part
  4. DSG2003Mach1

    Remote Tune / E-mail Tune

    personally I'd just call JDM and ask, even if it needs anything they might be able to just send you a new version of your current tune.
  5. DSG2003Mach1

    Road Trip Report: R888R's In The Rain, 4:10's MPG

    interesting, I will say I only had them on the rear but I was bombing down the expressway at 80 in a typical fl downpour and the car was rock solid (R888Rs rear, sport comp in the front)
  6. DSG2003Mach1

    Black Gold 380R's 65 Mustang Build Thread

    even when they wire tuck and get rid of all the extra crap this is still true, I think it's partly because of all the plastic crap. Ditch the engine cover, billet valve covers etc... and I think it would help with that.
  7. DSG2003Mach1

    Fuel prices near you

    diesel down to 4.50 today, this morning's text said it was down another .11 at the moment. This is pure bullshit
  8. DSG2003Mach1

    NWS Pics that make you :lol: every time you see them NWS

    imho there's a big difference between what I'd be willing to smash from the bar and what belongs on the cover of the swim suit issue
  9. DSG2003Mach1

    NWS Pics that make you :lol: every time you see them NWS

    I guess "Yumi" is an appropriate name for that one, she clearly likes everything
  10. DSG2003Mach1

    State REF (California BS)

    jacksonville is pretty shitty unless you live way out in the burbs
  11. DSG2003Mach1

    Another mass shooting

    an active shooter alert system... what in the actual ****. If you're in the vicinity of an active shooter pretty sure you're gonna be aware of it long before your phone goes off.
  12. DSG2003Mach1

    Fuel prices near you

    diesel @ 4.67 by the tanker
  13. DSG2003Mach1

    NWS Pics that make you :lol: every time you see them NWS

    I'll never forget walking out of the dentist's office and as I rounded the corner saw a blue flame go about 5 feet in the air as two chicks hooked the cables up backwards. At least they immediately realized what they did and by some miracle both vehicles still ended up starting.
  14. DSG2003Mach1

    NWS Pics that make you :lol: every time you see them NWS

    I hear they test out their mining equipment by exploring Diana's cavernous hatchet wound
  15. DSG2003Mach1

    Gas prices could double amid shortages

    "it's like they're trying to increase gas prices" no shit Sherlock. Although it does beg the question - are those stations out because of delivery driver issues or supply at the rack? On the east coast my suppliers are saying things have settled for the moment and don't have immediate...
  16. DSG2003Mach1

    Black Gold 380R's 65 Mustang Build Thread

    ok, it went over my head before on how they match the valve covers and master cylinder cover too!
  17. DSG2003Mach1

    Well after all the headache, it’s shipped..

    I call bullshit, someone walked in and was willing to pay more and they have zero integrity
  18. DSG2003Mach1

    Black Gold 380R's 65 Mustang Build Thread

    and a shop doing it would have been even worse because they'd probably have two guys on it a lot of times. Just like the electrician we use at work said - having 2 guys rarely make it go twice as fast, realistically more like 1.5.
  19. DSG2003Mach1

    Re-using main cap bolts?

    weighing the risk to reward ratio here, I don't think I would try it...then again I have terrible luck. ARP or ARP2000 and then you can use em as many times as you want
  20. DSG2003Mach1

    NWS Pics that make you :lol: every time you see them NWS

    its about time we had a heart warming, uplifting story
  21. DSG2003Mach1

    Another mass shooting

    same old ****ing story
  22. DSG2003Mach1

    Newly built motor losing oil pressure at idle

    mine is a little loose in the cam bore specs, I see a tad under 20 at idle once warmed up. Builder said he would prefer to see a little higher but wasn't worried
  23. DSG2003Mach1

    Roush Kinsler ITB intake for Supercar heads on 4.6 DOHC

    clicking his profile he hasn't logged in since the day after this post. Might try sending him a PM so he would get an email about it if he's still using that address
  24. DSG2003Mach1

    Lunar eclipse, tonight, viewable across most of the USA, except for Alaska

    rained like hell here last night, by the time it cleared up it was mostly uncovered already, still cool to see.
  25. DSG2003Mach1

    Home security

    make sure to go check that you haven't been automatically put into the Amazon's/Ring's sidewalk program or whatever the hell it is that gives others access to your video.