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  1. roadracer247

    Ford Bronco on the Rubicon Trail

    This is the best video I've seen so far of the new Bronco offroad in the hands of a talented driver. I'm diggin' the way he built his rig!
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    Don't forget to relax too

    I've been around these forums for a while now. So I feel like I can say this around here. That said, I'm not a public speaker. I don't represent anyone but myself. It feels a bit awkward to post this way. But I do deal with the public for a living and have been for years. There are some things...
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    Wunderland Hamburg: A Paradise for Model Railway Fans

    These model trains always fascinated me as a child. My inner nerd loves the incredible, over-the-top attention to detail.
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    Opinions needed on a travel trailer

    Because of my profession I a need a space to be able to isolate myself at home when there’s an exposure at work. Basically gives me a place to crash for a few nights while I wait for test results since it doesn’t seem like Covid is going away anytime soon. Link - Northwood Nash 17K - Nelsons...
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    R33 Sounds Raw

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    Built Ford Tough

    Holy crap.
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    Chevrolet Suburban Owners

    Looking for at 3rd row SUV's for my wife. Looking at 2016-2019 Suburban's so we have enough room for all our stuff & our big German Shepherd. These Suburban's are everywhere. Owner satisfaction seems high by those who own them. But are they as bad as the reliability ratings claim? Am I just...
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    Nikki Glaser’s Best Roast Moments

    That chick ****ing slays on stage.
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    Dom's Blown 1970 Dodge Charger R/T From Fast & Furious

    Yup. That Charger still gives me a boner.
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    GT500 Review -

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    Gold Rush - 1600hp

    And yeah, it’s really ****ing loud.
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    Cheap printer ink

    Where are you buying your computer’s printer ink? Where are the deals?
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    Colion Noir: Gun Nuts | Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO)

    Colion Noir came prepared & seems well spoken. I like how he intelligently corrected Maher on several points. But perhaps more importantly, he educated Bill Maher.
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    How to everyday carry

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    Ferrari F8 Tributo 2020 review - 710bhp V8 supercar on road and track

    Simply incredible IMHO. Damn near perfect. Do you think this can take down the mighty 720s? I’m looking forward to seeing just how quick Ferrari built this F8 Tributo on the street in real owners hands!
  17. roadracer247

    Tips for dealing with social anxiety

    I can relate to most of what he’s talking about and have been in a headspace like that for years. Just listen to what he has to say because he’s speaking from the heart. He’s giving some solid advice.
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    Ken block and Travis Pastrana - Rallycross

    That looks so ****ing rad!! What a life those guys live, huh?
  19. roadracer247

    New Audi RS6 - Coming to US

    Reliability and maintenance costs aside, that is one badass grocery getter.
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    Recommend a Code Reader

    I’ve got a couple lights on my dash. An ABS light & TC. Are there any good “universal” code readers out there for around $100? If not, which one do you use? Yeah I know I can bring it to most shops to get it read for free. I still want one for myself.
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    Goodwood 2019 - Powerslides in the rain!

    *Repost. Shit. Can’t delete.
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    Jay Leno’s Garage - 2020 Corvette

    It’s not a full blown review but I found it interesting. Oh and heads up, he doesn’t do that driving segment. I’m sure they wouldn’t allow it.
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    2019 ferrari P80/C

    Probably built for Treynor.
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    Cancelled Cable (finally)

    Well I finally cut the cord today. We use so many streaming services that we just weren’t watching cable television anymore. And whenever we were it was usually “On-Demand” stuff. So now we “just” have gigabit internet.