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  1. matt87

    someone save this terminator!

    i have my car listed on CL so i often check the adds. i came across this neglected poor terminator and thought somebody should save it. its very cheap and surely has issues but.....who knows.
  2. matt87

    put my car up for sale

    here is the cl link if anyone is interested. been a great car to own, just ready for a change. thanks for looking!
  3. matt87

    c7 vert kill

    not a big deal of a story, but lately i never get any action on the streets. so was on my way home from collecting rents. i merged onto rt.37 which is a 2 lane interchange rd that connects to the highway. it used to be a well known street racing spot( i even used to race there a decade ago with...
  4. matt87

    p0068 code

    hey guys. i was out in my car the other day, went for a pretty good drive, and when i was close to my house i got on it for a 2nd through 3rd pull to about 100 mph. as soon as i slowed down the car began to idle high. got home with it still running, but its idle was erratic, surging up and down...
  5. matt87

    zero turn mowers...opinions plz

    hey guys looking to buy a residential zero turn mower. so many options out there! i have a about a 1/2 acre to mow so figure a 42" will suffice. looking to spend about 2500.00. leaning towards ariens but am totally open to any and all advice. thanks!
  6. matt87

    good deal here

    dont know if this was posted already but here ya go. thoughts and comments welcome.
  7. matt87

    the coveted CO cobra

    wow dont know if anyones in the market for one but was browsing high ends inventory and saw this. its not listed with the other cobras for some reason. enjoy!
  8. matt87

    rip off of the day award goes to....

    this pos.
  9. matt87

    Matricom G-Box-Q users??

    i just bought one of these, wondering if anyone on here uses one? i've cross shopped the other streaming boxes like roku and apple tv and this one seems to kill them. i watched videos of people watching movies that are still in the movie theater, and it also supports 4k uhd. any thoughts on this...
  10. matt87

    nice ride for sale

    dont know if its anybody on here but it looks like a well priced and nicely modded terminator.
  11. matt87

    this the old mooch mobile? back on the market! lol!
  12. matt87

    remember this car? i do! awsome car!
  13. matt87

    grow equipment

    hey guys recently i came into a large lot of grow equipment. i had a tenant that rented a store from me, and he decided to turn half of it into a marijuana growing room. i had no knowledge of this, as they had a legit clothing store up and running for a long time. anyway after they asked...
  14. matt87

    worst automotive trends.

    so whats everyones opinions on the automotive world as a whole, oem, and aftermarket. i have a few "trends" that i dont like right now, from the oem gotta be the bagel sized, flat bottom steering wheels, and the over use of all these goofy looking led headlights. anyone ever consider folks with...
  15. matt87

    local car forsale? was this car anyones on e here? seems pretty decent and the price isnt absurd like most second hand places ask.
  16. matt87

    wheel spacer question

    just wondering for those who have used 18x10 saleen replica wheels, did you run spacers with them? i wonder how flush they sit with the wheel opening? thanks for any tips!
  17. matt87

    fr500 4/sale new pics

    detail pic taken today for those interested in them. they show some of the issues i mentioned. any questions, just ask!
  18. matt87

    18" anthracite fr500s cheap

    putting the add here for the local fellas to get first dibs before idiot time on cl. set of anthracite 18x9 and 18x10 fr500s. they have 265-35-18 sumitomos htzrII front and 285s rear. the back tires are just about done, fronts at least 75%. rims are in fair condition, not perfect, few nicks, and...
  19. matt87

    eaton cog setup?

    COG Pulley Kit 2003 / 2004 Supercharged Mustang SVT Cobra this crap any good? benefits? i know motoblue stuff in generally frowned upon here, but the kit looks kinda nice. the car sounds sick in the video.
  20. matt87

    cl post of the day

    2001 Mustang (modified!) this one made me laugh so hard. comments welcome!
  21. matt87

    Dez dyno day sat

    sorry for the short notice, just found out today, but tomorrow is a dyno day at Dez racing. 65.00 for 3 pulls. hope to see some members there!
  22. matt87

    why all the steggy hate as of late?

    just wondering? seems alot of negativity on these boards towards that company. i thought they were the go-to people for a port in the past??? i know alot of people like the other ports like posi, but they do not port anymore. so why all the recent poo poo for steggy? i'm not a swinger by any...
  23. matt87

    cool dd/beater truck cheap!

    2000 Mazda V8 DOHC Truck found this figured somebody here might like this for a dd or whatever. tought it was a cool swap.
  24. matt87

    avg 1/4 mile mph for 500 rwhp cobra

    just curious. have a friend with an 90 gt vert with an on 3 single turbo kit. hes running high 12s @114. just wondering what most typical 500 rwhp ported eaton, full weight terminators run through the 1/4. may be a race in our future.
  25. matt87

    auto cobras chime in

    hey guys i was just pondering this idea of swapping to an auto for my 03 cobra. i really dont care about shifting anymore, doesnt make me feel more macho or anything like that. the fast ls1 guys are mostly all auto too. anyways whats involved in this swap? links to anything helpful would be cool...