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  1. DSG2003Mach1

    X2 ball joints vs bump steer kits?

    my 03 Mach is lowered on Steeda springs, the effect on the tie rod ends is pretty obvious. The car is due for an alignment anyway so thought maybe I'd finally address this. I have a Steeda K member, stock steering rack, stock A-arms. Anyone familiar with the pros and cons of each? If the...
  2. DSG2003Mach1

    SN95/New Edge people - intercooler piping?

    I have the full procharger kit but I can't stand the bypass valve location pointing right at the damned ground. I need the BRRV and it's like the Tasmanian dirt devil coming down the road. I want to move it to an elbow around the driver side of the radiator support but procharger has a rubber...
  3. DSG2003Mach1

    Why did my steering wheel go off center?

    Please disregard this thread. There’s more information and it would be better for me to just make a new thread which I will do later thanks
  4. DSG2003Mach1

    01 V6 fuel pump diagnosis help

    A friend's father passed and had an 01 V6 mustang that as far as we know, was running before he passed. My friend said it will turn over but doesn't actually start. Can anyone tell me the pins in the trunk harness to check voltage/with a test light to verify if the pump is getting power? It's...
  5. DSG2003Mach1

    anyone using ethernet to usb adapters?

    I need a new work laptop, the local network is cable only. I was tempted to pick an HP laptop at Costco but none of them have an ethernet port anymore. Looking up ethernet to USB adapters seems to be a lot of mixed feedback on speed/reliability. The applications I'm in will definitely crash/kick...
  6. DSG2003Mach1

    Any Home theater guys playing with REW and miniDSP?

    Decided to try and dial in my dual SVS PB2000s (not pros) using a umik1 mic, REW and a miniDSP 2x4 hd. Gotta say I’m getting my ass kicked, learning curve is steep but it’s starting to make sense. I’ve been following home theater gurus YouTube guide I will say the more I mess with it, I...
  7. DSG2003Mach1

    Anyone ever do a Yellowstone snowmobile trip?

    I've been to Yellowstone multiple times in the summer, I think it would be a blast to go in the winter when you can snowmobile tours etc... - If anyone else has gone looking for recommendations on tour groups etc... edit: I've been riding atvs, dirt bikes etc...all my life so definitely looking...
  8. DSG2003Mach1

    Replacement cats/down pipes on '12 ecoboost?

    my 3.5 has had issues with throwing a P0430 - bank 2 (which I assume is still driver side) cat below efficiency threshold. Previously it would come and go and might go away for months. I did replace the driver side rear sensor, didnt matter. Now it's throwing the light almost as fast as I can...
  9. DSG2003Mach1

    trying to find/decide on gd tires... open to input

    sooo bought new wheels for the Mach 1 - 18x9 and 18x10. Car makes 650+. I have a drag pack setup already, looking for tires for street and maybe autocross. I'd like something that can take a corner and something with at least a prayer of traction Based on projected ship dates, I gambled and...
  10. DSG2003Mach1

    Sealing polished aluminum?

    My head unit will be coming back from procharger, they usually clean it up pretty well but I'll polish it up once again. What's my best option to seal/protect it after? Water, belt dust etc...
  11. DSG2003Mach1

    DBW - how to determine TB opening vs pedal position?

    I've been wondering if part of the reason my ecoboost f150 feels so snappy is because the tune plays with the throttle body but looking around in LiveLink Im not quite sure how to determine it. I realize it also could be more boost and/or timing down low that makes it wanna spin a tire when you...
  12. DSG2003Mach1

    Return Fuel System Electrical Issue (melted fuse)

    Hoping to have time to chase it down this weekend but looking for input I have a lethal return system in my Mach, been in for years. Last night I went to the trunk to pull the pump fuses so I didn't have to listen to them with the key forward. One of the fuse holders (20 amp fuses) the back...
  13. DSG2003Mach1

    Anyone running CFM valve cover breathers?

    I'm looking at the actual valve cover breather, not the oil cap replacement. With the procharger I've tried the JLT prefilter and such but not matter what I seem to end up with oil in the blower after a couple hard pulls (15+ psi). I put a cheap ass little breather but it doesn't go too long...
  14. DSG2003Mach1

    6.7 Fuel System Disaster Prevention Kits

    edit: if you run of these kits which one? I know S&S diesel has one but not sure on other options so per my other thread we have a truck down getting $9k in fuel system work because the CP4 pump let got @ 180k miles. I saw mention of these disaster prevention additional filter kits. I asked...
  15. DSG2003Mach1

    16 6.7 w/ p0087

    bone stock truck, roughly 180k miles on it. It went into limp mode with reduced power and threw code for fuel rail/system pressure too low Its our road side guys truck - he said it also is slower to start than it used to be replaced both fuel filters, no signs of metal in either one, still...
  16. DSG2003Mach1

    gear oil qty in 8.8 w/ true trac and FR diff cover?

    like it says - 8.8 rear end, ford racing diff cover and true trac diff It looks like normally its right at 2 quarts of gear oil + 4 oz friction modifier. The true trac doesnt use friction modifier so closer to 2.5 quarts? American Muscle site is throwing me off as they list 3 quarts to fill.
  17. DSG2003Mach1

    R888R 295/30/18 or 305/35/18 in stock anywhere?

    Anyone see these available somewhere? Or have a different tire you'd suggest? I did a quick search of the usual suspects and everyone seems to be out of stock. Was going to pick up some 18x9 and 18x10 wheels but Im not gonna sit on wheels for months waiting on tires. I havent really checked...
  18. DSG2003Mach1

    That wonderful 6.0 life…

    My uncle went down to Miami to pick up a travel trailer, threw a wrench light and went into limp mode close to home. No CEL but has p0405 for egr a sensor circuit low so new egr valve on the way Also has overboost and underboost codes, from what I can tell the overboost is most likely what put...
  19. DSG2003Mach1

    turbo kit for a new edge w/ Steeda K member?

    Are there any kits out there that fit a new edge with a 4valve and the steeda K member? I'm pretty well over this procharger bullshit right now, about ready to sell the whole damned car to be honest.
  20. DSG2003Mach1

    Wheel color photoshop request

    Could someone redo these wheels to be a bronze color similar to these bronze SVE wheels? (Not my car) Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  21. DSG2003Mach1

    CCW Sp505 knockoffs?

    anyone seen any of these anywhere? Seems like they have thicker spokes than the true forged victory or SVE series 2 wheels. I don't even see them in CCWs available wheels right now either way, just not gonna drop 4-5k on a set of wheels (probably a decent amount higher right now than normal due...
  22. DSG2003Mach1

    sve series 2 and big brakes?

    I see on the LMR site they'll clear 2000 Cobra R brakes and the equivalent Brembo kit - anyone running/tried to run any other big brake kit on these wheels?
  23. DSG2003Mach1

    08 expedition that doesnt wanna go back into park?

    I haven't had a chance to go check it out in person yet but my grandmother called saying her 2008 expedition with the console shifter is sometimes difficult to get it to go back into park. It has no issues starting, no issues shifting out of park (seems like the brake pedal sensor causes that)...
  24. DSG2003Mach1

    Mach-E teardown

    These guys are taking one apart to how Ford engineered everything, somewhat interesting. Of course Ford made shit more complicated and failure prone than needed. I hadn't seen this guy before, sounds like they help OEs improve/simplify designs for production. First video doesn't show a whole...
  25. DSG2003Mach1

    Finally live on Build & Price Starts @ $49,505