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  1. 98 Saleen Cobra

    Car was featured in Ford Muscle.. Pretty cool

    Well after years of having this car it finally got featured which was pretty cool. Ford Muscle did a big write up on the car when I was at Mod Nationals this year.. It came out today.. Pretty cool and I thought some of the old timers that remember me would appreciate it...
  2. 98 Saleen Cobra

    FOR SALE: Baer 94-04 Bumpsteer Kit

    No longer need this as I went manual steering.. Has the big 5/8" bolt so you'll have to drill out your spindles but it's better for tracking the car. Had the heim joints ground down to clear thicker rotors as well. $100 shipped or best offer, You cover paypal fees or send as a gift.
  3. 98 Saleen Cobra

    New PB: Vortech YSI/ Modular/ Cobra

    Well decided to hit up a TNT at my track on Sunday. Was kind of a last minute thing but I needed to get some logs with the new pulley now that I fixed the belt slip issue. It didn't disappoint. It has 5.3's in it as it sits after looking at the logs. I was only leaving at 4k on the 2-step and I...
  4. 98 Saleen Cobra

    1000+rwhp BLOWER ONLY cars in here

    Hey guys, I'm working with Kook right now on a custom set of headers for the 4.6 based modular cars.. As aftermarket ECU's, bigger blowers, more compression, more rpm, more cam is the new norm we need bigger headers.. I have a big group of people on IG that are interested in a private msg group...
  5. 98 Saleen Cobra

    Complete Hydroboost Powersteering brake setup

    keeping it
  6. 98 Saleen Cobra

    Steering Rack ID

    Well I searched and searched.. Does anyone know what rack the SPR-NJ rack is? I'm selling my power steering and brake stuff and I want to make sure I correctly ID it. It's a VERY TIGHT rack.. more so than my buddies 03/04's I've driven.. It takes a little less then 2 turns for lock to lock...
  7. 98 Saleen Cobra

    FS Weldon DB-2025A

  8. 98 Saleen Cobra

    MEDUSA goes [email protected]

    Man where to even start from Thursday. Literally perfect was is the only thing to come to mind. I setup a rental yesterday at Emerald Coast Dragway in holt, fl. I paid for radial prep in hopes to get a new PB. Goal was to hit a 1.2x 60ft be in the 5.6s and hit 123mph. There was a max of 10 cars...
  9. 98 Saleen Cobra

    SCT X4

    No longer need. Has a tune loaded for a 2012 boss 302 from a amazing tuner. So if you want to buy all the stuff for sale from me we can make a package deal and you load it and go. It’s unmarried though. Price includes shipping. You cover PayPal fees or send as a gift
  10. 98 Saleen Cobra

    Maxbore 11-14 85mm T-body

    Max bore throttle body 85mm. $275 shipped you cover PayPal fees or send as a gift
  11. 98 Saleen Cobra

    Airraid CAI

  12. 98 Saleen Cobra

    UPR K-member

    Car was returned back to stock. Came out of a 2012 boss 302. Literally installed and taken right out. Looking for $550 shipped you cover PayPal fees or send as a gift.
  13. 98 Saleen Cobra

    Steeda Lowering Springs

    Steeda Lowering springs removed from boss 302 with only run time. Looking for 200 shipped you cover PayPal fees or send as a gift
  14. 98 Saleen Cobra

    Whiteline watts link

    Installed and taken right out of the boss 302. Looking for 950 shipped you cover PayPal fees or send as a gift.
  15. 98 Saleen Cobra

    Roush Fuel Pump voltage Regulator

    No longer need. PnP for 11-14 GT $325 shipped you cover PayPal fees or send as gift
  16. 98 Saleen Cobra

    Griptec pulley for Vortech

    Hey guys, wondering if anyone has any back to back results on a HIGH boost Vortech/Paxton/Procharger setup with a Griptec pulley. I've been looking at getting a 3.33" griptec pulley and a 2.90". But want to know if it's worth it with the 3.33" Seems like a good idea and I read the results on low...
  17. 98 Saleen Cobra

    Where are my AL/FL/GA/MS people at?? Need advice

    So I recently transferred out to Mobile, AL. I'm in need of a HIGH QUALITY chassis guy to install a Moly 8.5 or 25.5 cage. I haven't decided which one to go with. IF they can fab up a custom cage that's great, but really I can do a Wolfe Racecraft 8.5/25.5 for cheap in moly. I would need them to...
  18. 98 Saleen Cobra

    [email protected] in car vid

    put it in my old thread a couple below but figured I’d post a new thread if people wanted to see it. Little vid I made. I hope you all enjoy. Spinning 7800 rpm.