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  1. LostM

    Cerakote on exhaust

    I have done about 10 sets so far. I have nothing but great feedback. I have done the black and 1 set silver. Unfortunatlry, noone has given me concrete heat dat, IE before/after underhood temps, and im not home to do my own car for another month. As with anythign its all in the prep. Hardest...
  2. LostM

    The Beginning of the Beginning

    As we all know how the story goes, buy a new car, promise not to mod it and then... we do. From wanting 750hp on 93 and 850 on E85, to 850 on 93 to 1000 on E85.. from wanting to go [email protected] to hitting [email protected] From keeping bolt on car to bolting on a Whipple... To now.. TKM Custom Block...
  3. LostM

    Engine gone again!!

    SS717 certainly did not start with a fleet of cars lol. he was a nobody with a diesel, it grew organically from there. Well, yes I can, because I know exactly what happened. But it wasnt the tuner, AND it wasnt the engine builder. I cant say anymore about it.
  4. LostM

    2020 Gear Change

    nobody has done it yet. i did like the ooomph when i changed tired sizes to an effective 4.10, so i know what your after. I may try this soon
  5. LostM

    Drag strip woes! Could use some help.

    So theres a few things 1- LC will not engage if the dct is not up to temp 2- LC will not engage if car is parked/started on an incline/decline 3- on stock tires, drop pressure to about 20-22psi cold 4- set LC as low as possible ( i forget like 1200?) 5-Set to dragstrip mode - dont change...
  6. LostM

    Engine gone again!!

    hes had some bad luck with the car. he is one of 60+ running with PBD however, and nowhere near the fastest / highest HP. so that means what else is different.. 1st motor was on him, after that and short time in between tells you whats really going on ( engine builder)
  7. LostM

    997HP 2020 GT500 at StreetCar Takeover

    I had fun, you will too
  8. LostM

    StreetCar Takeover - Charlotte

    Road Trip went well
  9. LostM

    Theoretical 1/4 Time Question

    4300lbs, 997hp 8.96/155
  10. LostM

    StreetSpeed717 Vs IconicGT500 RD3

    Hennessey would never, ever touch this car. Palm Beach Dyno tune, 1320junkie port, supporting mods from lethal performance, SSP clutches, work done at C&D Autotech in Delaware
  11. LostM

    StreetSpeed717 Vs IconicGT500 RD3

    You should ask Fran to be invited to the blast's, if your into that sort of thing. didnt watch the whole video to see hp, but cars for everone to match
  12. LostM

    StreetSpeed717 Vs IconicGT500 RD3

    fun time for sure
  13. LostM

    StreetSpeed717 Vs IconicGT500 RD3

    mamba would get smoked. 163 was his best, both ran 163 THAT pass, which was OUR worst
  14. LostM

    StreetSpeed717 Vs IconicGT500 RD3

    SS717 and Stangmode came out to one of my events again.. we had our 3rd run in :)
  15. LostM

    8 second '20 GT500 Videos

    My own video , if you wanna gimme the clicks: Your favorite Mustang Youtuber, if you wanna see some behind the scenes chatter: and the king tuna himself if you want a full overview:
  16. LostM

    8 second 2020 GT500

    Not that I know of, but no need yet. its not about traction, its about the clutches and slip etc. we can make enough power to kill even the ssp's, but the tcm doesnt have the range calibrated to let it slip enough when needed and grab when requested. hell, this is on a 18" 325x30 tire. like fkn...
  17. LostM

    Hellcat Vs Me ( '20 GT500)

    they did kick me out after that pass, but there were 2 silver 500s, so i said i was "the other one"
  18. LostM

    8 second 2020 GT500

    This car really is amazing. Ford Fkn killed it with this thing. 100% street legal, Stock suspension, stock brakes, no methanol injection, no stereo removed, etc etc. Pure power and technology
  19. LostM

    Current 2020-2021+ owner question

    absolute 1st thing to do is paint correction+ redo stripes ( if optioned) and PPF+Ceramic+ window tint. You will thank us after the 1st time you clean it, and every time you clean it after that. For power? Easy depends how comfortable you are. Full weight bolt on cars are doing 9.1x's and 150+ mph
  20. LostM

    Hellcat Vs Me ( '20 GT500)

  21. LostM

    Cancelled! - Shelby/SVT Shootout @ Cecil County Dragway

    TT350s have signed up.. pretty sure they can come around me.
  22. LostM

    Suspension upgrades

    I went with Fords Drag reccommendation in the manual. No isses and shes running/tracking great