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    Pullied + Tuned Hellcat Charger Runs 9's

    Car has upper and lower pulley making close to 18psi. Stock exhaust. Stock intake. Catless mids. 180 degree tstat. Stock stall. Stickies. 902whp.
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    Bone Stock ZR1 vs Modded C7Z

    C7Z has intake, tune, and exhaust.
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    Stock ZR1 vs Stock Charger Hellcat

    ZR1's still doing work... Another race ive been waiting to pop up on here but haven't seen it yet. C7Z vs Hellcat Charger. Both Autos. Hellcat on a drag radial. Skip to the 1:00 mark for action.
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    Hellcat vs GT500 at WannaGoFast 1/2 Mile Event

    Got this from a thread over at Im sharing not so much about this race in particular but more about overall performance at 7000ft DA. Especially cooling performance of the hellcat. Pretty impressive stuff imo. Here is what was said...
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    DR Equipped Hellcat vs Nismo GTR (extremely close)
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    A8 & M6 Hellcats vs 14 GT500

    A8 & M6 Hellcats vs 14 GT500 This is just a teaser. Fatt-Cat (A8) trailing while the two M6's go at it. As you can see the hellcat has a camera guy riding shotgun and gopro's. Digs and rolls were done with all. Teaser #2
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    Hellcat vs Aventador
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    Hellcat on ET Radials runs [email protected]

    Hellcat bone stock and et radials They are making it seem like its tire only. 7mph is a lot to gain with only a tire. Lets see how legit this turns out to be...
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    C7Z at the dragstrip...

    [email protected]
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    The hellcats are coming the hellcats are coming!!!

    Man dodge sure does do a damn good job at marketing this car! nu_O1wH91SA
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    X275 Challenger in the 6's...