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  1. T-Bolt

    Facebook Disabled My Account, Wants ID?

    I've had my account for about 8 years, and out of the blue they disabled it, and require ID to reactivate. Needless to say, I'm not giving them my ID. Any way around this?
  2. T-Bolt

    FS: Verizon Galaxy S4 16GB

    Verizon Samsung Galaxy S4 16GB rooted Up for sale is my Verizon Galaxy S4. It is a Black 16gb model, includes the flip case and original packaging/accessories. It also has a ghost armor screen protector, which I will have warrantied with a brand new one when you buy it. I have had a screen...
  3. T-Bolt

    New Daily! [Warning: Jeep with silly hood vent content]

    So my 215k mile Explorer started to worry me a bit, so I picked up something fun that would ease up on the Explorer's miles: It's a 98 Grand Cherokee 5.9 Limited. I've wanted one since I was a kid, and this 101k mile beaut popped up in my area, so I grabbed it. It has headers, 1.7...
  4. T-Bolt

    19 Year Old Killed by RC Helicopter

    Man killed in remote-control helicopter accident in Gravesend, Brooklyn | Absolutely crazy. If you look at his youtube videos, he was extremely talented.
  5. T-Bolt

    Samsung Galaxy S4- Utter Disappointment

    Well, I picked up an S4 today, and I'm returning it tomorrow. What a piece of junk. Don't get me wrong, the hardware and some of the features are sick, but the TouchWiz UI is pure crap. Normally, this wouldn't bother me, since I'd just flash plain android or CM10 over it, but when you do that...
  6. T-Bolt

    F&f 6

    Just downloaded a camera rip of it, as well as the post-credits scene. Thoughts? I thought it tied it up nicely, right up until I saw the post-credits scene.
  7. T-Bolt

    Restaurant Suggestions in Austin?

    Already tried Green Mesquite, Iron Works, and Fonda San Miguel. I'm here until Saturday at 6am. Anyone got any other suggestions? Wasn't a huge fan of Green Mesquite, but thought Iron Works was really good, as was the Mexican place.
  8. T-Bolt

    HPI Baja 5B for sale

    Up for sale is my Baja 5B. It has the following mods: High-compression 30.5cc big bore/stroker motor with stuffed crank (requires 95 octane or higher) Jetpro V2 pipe with silencer (trust me, you need it) Velocity stack with K&N filter Iridium Spark plug with big plug wire...
  9. T-Bolt

    Good torrent sites?

    Demonoid shutting down was a big hit for me. Anyone have any good music/movie torrent sites?
  10. T-Bolt

    X-Plan pricing on Jeeps?

    Is there anything similar to Ford's X-plans on Jeeps, and if so, anyone know how to get a pin?I know this isn't exactly the perfect forum, but I figured I'd ask. Edit: Just found there's greensheet, supplier, and friends and family. If anyone's got a pin to spare, it'd be much appreciated.
  11. T-Bolt

    Ohio woman rapes 10 MONTH old son

    Ashley Jessup, Ohio Mom, Accused Of Raping 10-Month-Old Son What is wrong with people? So messed up.
  12. T-Bolt

    9 Year Old Designated Driver

    Police: Mich. man's daughter, 9, drives to store - YouTube Hahahahaha, I can't believe she was a decent driver...
  13. T-Bolt

    Anyone use

    I've been using and screwed up my upload to download rate. However, I can't figure out how to get the torrents to seed after I've moved the files. Anyone know how?
  14. T-Bolt

    How to remove dog fur?

    My friend is cleaning up his car to sell it, and his pitbull/bassett hound mix has shed all over the car. Any good ways of removing the fur from cloth? Thanks.
  15. T-Bolt

    Sperm Sniffing Dog Solves Rape case

    Sperm Sniffing Police Dog Helps Solve Rape Case In Sweden That's a dog you do not want to lick your face...
  16. T-Bolt

    7 Year old drives 20 miles with police in pursuit

    Police release video of boy, 7, pulled over after driving 50 m.p.h. | Detroit Free Press | My favorite part: where the mom asked THE KID to wake her up at 10.
  17. T-Bolt

    Ran a TBSS...

    I couldn't get the guy to stop, so I have no idea what mods he had, but it sounded cammed. Ran a few times on the highway, worst he got me was 1.5 cars to 120. Not too shabby.
  18. T-Bolt

    993TT Flame-Spitting video with commentary...

    3Hh_KoqY-nM I was on this particular run, and apparently this video has not hit the front page of Jalopnik.
  19. T-Bolt

    Cleaning and removing smells from perforated alcantara?

    Well, I should've known this was going to happen with my luck, my girl's friend had a wee bit much to drink and puked in my car (and down the side a bit, but that was easy to clean), mostly on herself and on leather, but some of it did soak into the alcantara inserts on my car, which are...
  20. T-Bolt

    So who watched Top Gear?

    Honestl,y I thought it blew. Discuss.
  21. T-Bolt

    Android Users: I need help rooting my Incredible

    I installed the necessary drivers on the phone but cannot get this ****ing thing past the second reboot stage. I've tried SD card in and out. I am about to put this phone through a window. Help please?
  22. T-Bolt

    Ford releases 624hp S/C kit for 5.0; Shelby buyers weep

    Mustangs Daily » Ford Racing officially announces new supercharger system for the 2011 Mustang 5.0 with up to 624 horsepower Need I say more? Ford HAS to upgrade the Shelby now.
  23. T-Bolt

    Sonax Wheel Cleaner, best stuff I've used

    So I've heard a lot of good things about this Sonax stuff from BMW guys, and figured I'd pick some up at the local retailer and try it out. Well, this stuff is nothing short of amazing. I literally spent less than 30 seconds with a wheel brush on the inside of the barrel, and did not TOUCH...
  24. T-Bolt

    Mobil 1 users: stock up at Wal-Mart

    Just picked up 3 jugs of 5W30 for my oil change and for the next one, since the deals are borderline crackhead-ish. 21.99 FOR 5 QUARTS! So, for anyone prepping for an oil change soon, go now.
  25. T-Bolt

    I know it's not a Ford, but... (loud BMW content inside)

    So I finally got my exhaust on. It's an Eisenmann race cat-back. Vids: Start-up inside with all windows and sunroof open, and a little drive around: Full-throttle, windows open: Normal driving and hard take-off with windows up: Hard take-off, outside: Normal take-off...