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    2023 C8 Z06 news

    sounds pretty good. will be unveiled this fall.
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    Call of duty black ops 2 debut trailer same shit new setting. in the future.
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    and you though american cars were far away from this(ebay find) dunno, just though i'd post it to see what you all would say.....
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    my bro's stang at the 8th mile

    well here it is...... 8.3secs well....that was the middle brother, my older brother(who owns the car) still hasn't been able to do 8.3secs that the middle 1 has been able(he knows more than my older brother.. the car has saleen supercharger, x-pipes(w/o cats), flowmasters, 70mm throttle...
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    heat exchangers?????

    hello there, well, i was wondering if anyone with a saleen(supercharged) has changed their heat exchanger to a better 1, if you have done so...can i get some links? i think the heat exchanger is about the same as the 1 on the stock cobras, its black. should a kennebell or any other brand do...
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    ennis quater mile track

    anybody got info on when is it a good day to go?(street legal events or so where to test my brother's mustang). the time it opens and the ticket price?
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    need some help with the ecu

    well, my brother has a '00 mustang GT with a saleen M91 s/c, he also got the ecu modded from saleen, now what i wanna know is if he can tune the A/F, right now its making some 350RWHP and 377RWTQ, what does he need to get the A/F tuned? a fuel regulator?, and how much does it cost to get that...
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    vertical doors for '00 mustang

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    mustang GT with saleen S/C

    Hi, i just joined the forums because older brother has a 2000 Mustang GT with a couple of mods in it, he doesn't use much the computer as i but he asks me to ask around the inet about new stuff and such for his car. EDIT. found a better host(i guess) 2000 Mustang GT well...