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  1. 01yellercobra

    Don’t kill me (Trans Fluid)

    Coastal Brand ATF. I believe Mercon V was what I used in my last 3650. It lived behind a blown big bore stroker. I also ran it in two T-56's. I switched to Synchromesh in my current T-56 and didn't feel any difference. The biggest thing is to remember not to overfill. I believe the fill plug on...
  2. 01yellercobra

    Forged motor oil question?

    Motorcraft, Mobil 1, or Amsoil. Pick your poison. I've ran them all in my 04 at 5w-30 with no issues. The 5w-20 was for CAFE standards. Fords way of trying to hit the MPG standard.
  3. 01yellercobra

    Wiper blades

    Thank you very much.
  4. 01yellercobra

    Wiper blades

    Can you post the PN when you find it?
  5. 01yellercobra

    Good Ole USPS

    There was an older couple in my old neighborhood that whenever the husband left for work the wife would put the trash can in his spot. Then when he got home she would come move it out of the way for him.
  6. 01yellercobra

    Obi-Wan Kenobi Series

    I keep forgetting the new season is out. Maybe when I finish Peaky Blinders.
  7. 01yellercobra

    Obi-Wan Kenobi Series

    Lol. A coworker and I had this discussion this morning. That's really the only reason I can put it together. If you want to get deep, Obi-Wan says that no one can ever know that they know each other. So in her message she mentions her father fighting with him in the Clone Wars. So if the...
  8. 01yellercobra

    04 Cobra possible fuel issue | Data log attchaed

    The pressure shouldn't drop off. Yes by increasing the injector pulse width the ECU can keep up the correct A/F. But like you said there isn't much wiggle room should something else change. When I was returnless my pressure was 39-40psi all the way up to the top.
  9. 01yellercobra

    Obi-Wan Kenobi Series

    Finished it last night. Actually Leia does know Obi-Wan. She sends a message through R2-D2 in epdisode 4 asking for help. And when Luke opens up her cell and says he's with Obi-Wan (Ben) she jumps up because she recognizes the name. I enjoyed what they did with Darth Vader. We knew he was evil...
  10. 01yellercobra

    04 Cobra possible fuel issue | Data log attchaed

    It's using the injector pulse to make up for the lower fuel pressure. I'm at work so I can't view the log, but if you're not monitoring injector duty cycle it might be worth checking it out. Hopefully the new alternator fixes everything.
  11. 01yellercobra

    04 Cobra possible fuel issue | Data log attchaed

    It depends on what PID you're watching. If you're watching pressure drop across injectors it should stay at 40psi the whole time. Generally anything above 12vdc at WOT is considered good. But personally I prefer if it doesn't drop that much.
  12. 01yellercobra

    96 cobra gas smell under the hood with my a/c on at idle

    I'd get the alternator checked out too. Just because it's upgraded doesn't mean it's good. It might have a problem keeping up when things get hot. That would lead to the fan not working correctly which leads to the engine running warm with the A/C on.
  13. 01yellercobra

    how to make equation for W/B for sct datalog

    Does it use the same formula? If so I was told in the past to adjust the slope I think it is. When I used a PLX wideband the equation was something like (2*v)+10. I used that in Livelink and it read fine. When I started using the Aeroforce gauge I had to change it to something like (2*v)+9.5 to...
  14. 01yellercobra

    Multiple Fuel Leaks after Lethal Budget Plus Return Fuel System Install

    If it's PTFE you can disassemble the fitting and remove it from the hose without cutting anything.
  15. 01yellercobra

    FRPP M-8501-M58 "trinity cobra jet pump" wiring

    FWIW, the harness VMP supplies is a Ford part. The pump is a variable pump, but Ford only uses it at one speed. If you want to make it variable you're going to have to come up with something on your own.
  16. 01yellercobra

    Automotive Oscilloscopes

    I was an AT in the Navy. Started off working on the radar for the S-3 then when it was decommed I moved over to calibration and have been here ever since. I put down my experience so you wouldn't think I was just spewing something I've read on Google. I've actually pushed the buttons on some...
  17. 01yellercobra

    Automotive Oscilloscopes

    I use o-scopes quite a bit in my day to day life. There's really no difference between the automotive version and "normal" version. Maybe the auto version is more rugged, but the ones I've come in contact with work identical to what I have on my bench at work. I have an old ass Fluke Scopemeter...
  18. 01yellercobra

    Correctly setting up the TOB/cable/adjuster?

    Just going by what mine was like and what my buddies is currently like. I think he still has the stock quadrant. So there isn't any adjustment he can do. I'm not sure what quadrant my car has as it was there when I bought it. I've always adjusted the cable so the TOB is just touching as that's...
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    Black Gold 380R's 65 Mustang Build Thread

    I think the term break in depends on who you talk to. The guy that built my first big bore stroker said to take it easy the first couple hundred miles. That engine had problems from day 1. I built my second big bore stroker myself. I fired it up in the driveway and put some heat in it and...
  20. 01yellercobra

    Black Gold 380R's 65 Mustang Build Thread

    There's no break in procedure for roller cams. One of the perks of running them. The procedure you linked is for a flat tappet cam. In that case a lot of oil needs to flow as the cam lobe and tappet create their wear pattern. If a roller cam creates metal pieces there's an issue.
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    Cobra Market Right Now?

    So mine would be a steal if I listed it for $40k.
  22. 01yellercobra

    Rivian's slow death has commenced

    There were 3 at a cars and coffee last weekend. So I guess they're getting out there slowly.
  23. 01yellercobra

    Crankshaft pulley wobbling?

    Is that a cadmium coating?
  24. 01yellercobra

    04 Cobra traction control

    The tune shouldn't disappear from the hand held or the car's ECU. There was no reason for them to mess with the ECU.
  25. 01yellercobra

    Urgent: fuel issue

    Do you have a PPRV delete? Can you hear the pumps priming?