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    Saw a Car Accident: Did this Really Happen?

    I have a dash cam and caught a few accidents. However, last month I was driving home down the highway. Of course you run accross the people holding up traffic in passing lane. One person was holding up traffic bad (15+ miles) I'd pass them with cruise set. Mile later they come flying up tome...
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    Who is into building PC's/Gaming rigs?

    Nice. That an asrtock extreme board? That's what I'm rocking and already died once.
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    MKS EcoBoost = Fast

    I knew these were going to be fast, but not this fast. YouTube - 2010 Lincoln MKS with EcoBoost @ Milan Dragway - Car and Driver I searched, but did not see this posted yet. The 111mph shows lots of potential.
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    Suction Camera Mount. Safe?

    I am looking at a Panavise 809 for my car. Does anyone use this? I don't want it to come off when taking off really fast. Panavise 809 CCTV Camera Window Mount: Camera & Photo
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    buger eater I don't ever post but this is just nasty. hmm, is that how you even spell buger? bugger maybe BOOGER