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    Random Picture Thread

    Incredible save!
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    Fuel prices near you

    I was thinking he's been watching too many Joe Biden speeches.
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    Things I've learned on my move/road trip from Vegas to NY

    And you grew up in Brockton? How did you ever survive. :LOL::LOL:
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    Top Gun Maverick: Review hopefully no major spoilers

    I can beat that. I've never seen Star Wars. None of them. :)
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    Fuel prices near you

  6. MassCobra

    Well boys....Ray Liotta passed

    Too bad. He didn't seem like the typical hollywood trash. RIP.
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    Random Picture Thread

  8. MassCobra

    Fuel prices near you

    I get that people don't like his personality but the guy knew what was best for America and he delivered. He really did put America first while the idiot in the White House now puts America last. Along with every other democRAT. Speaking of an embarrassment. Trump not only acted like he was in...
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    Fuel prices near you

    If you voted for Trump in '16, why wouldn't you vote for him in '20 after such positive results?
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    Don’t park in my spot!

    Parking While Being White.