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  1. gofast15

    Plaid vs TT 5.0 coyote Fox , YSi C5Z , bulit TTRS ,H/C C7Z , TT BBC camaro.

    Some fun from couple no prep events and track days .it's my and my wife's daily . She likes it so much lately that she steals it more and more often in the morning and I get stock driving F-150 . 2 days ago at London Dragway in KY . H/C 408ci with Powerglide camaro ss H/C 5.3LS , 250...
  2. gofast15

    Plaid vs turbo 98 Firebird T/A at no prep racing

    Another night of racing behind us . Awesome race against turbo T/A 98 Firebird T/A- built 408ci motor , Th400 trans, Ford 9 inch , BW turbo , E85 360* video below [ open in YouTube app or move it around with your finger]
  3. gofast15

    Plaid 1/4 mile with 3 different power settings

    Yes , even your grandma can drive this 1000hp car , just have to set it to the lowest boost aka Chill mode LOL car has 3 powertrain mode settings [ it's like a boost controller LOL] . From a Prius acceleration to a monster with 1 touch of a finger on the screen Tests were done in the same...
  4. gofast15

    FOR SALE: VMP gen3R 2.65 TVS supercharger , ID1050 injectors , IW crank pulley

    Changing plans on the build , everything is brand new in original boxes VMP gen3R 2.65 TVS supercharger with Max effort option[gt500 style elbow ,VMP throttle body , CAI intake kit , maf sensor, maf wiring adapter ] sold ID1050XDS injectors $850 , IW lower crank pulley for Metco / LFP lower...
  5. gofast15

    2019 720S vs 2020 GSXR1000- roll and dig

    Met up with a local guy to make few fun hits and then we were of to the Mexico . 2019 McLaren 720S- stock 710hp 2020 Suzuki GSXR1000- muffler delete only 199hp. Right lane has a nasty bump , I hit the bump and TC pulled power for a second on the second roll and the dig run. Super cool local...
  6. gofast15

    Demon vs 765LT and Senna vs SVJ

  7. gofast15

    New McLaren Artura- V6 TT hybrid

    Nothing crazy , just a sport series [570S] replacement - 8 speed DCT , 3300lbs , 3.0L V6 with hybrid making 671HP . Sounds pretty good for a V6 engine . The 2022 McLaren Artura is the brand's first series-production high-performance hybrid. It packs a twin-turbocharged 3.0-liter V6 that...
  8. gofast15

    Testing my 720S on the street- 1/4 mile with and without launch control

    Went out to Mexico to do few street hits . 51* F outside , around 1100DA. No magic, no prep, no burnout, no BS just stop and go WOT . Stock 2019 720S on factory rims with 315/30/20 rear and 245/35/19 Toyo R888R front tires . Nothing removed from a car , half a tank of 93 gas. No launch...
  9. gofast15

    2021 McLaren 765LT at drag strip

    No video yet but its coming. Brook's stock 765LT on on OEM Pirrelli P Zero tires and R888R tires too . That's pretty nuts for a stock 755hp car that was developed for a track not drag strip. 9.41 on OEM Pirrelli tires and 9.33 on R888R tires
  10. gofast15

    McLaren 765LT- 1/4 mile pass on the street

    Car is pretty nuts . 100% stock including oem Pirrelli tires . No burnout, no prep just stop LC and go
  11. gofast15

    Cheap C6Z for sale

    Anyone looking for one $18.5K.
  12. gofast15

    2020 GT500 vs C7Z vette and Audi TTRS

    2020 GT500- stock 2016 C7Z - intake , tune , headers , offroad X , pulley. 2018 TTRS - full bolton's on E85 [ stock turbo]
  13. gofast15

    Couple 1/4 mile dragstrip hits in my 720S today

    Track had a big bracket racing event so I was able to make 2 hits only . . Super happy what the car run , drove 2 hours to the track made 0 adjustments not even tire pressure , 3/4 tank of 93 fuel. First pass was right off the highway, I was in the staging lanes for like 5 minutes .Second run...
  14. gofast15

    Couple Whipple 5.0 Coyotes at drag strip

    My brother and my friend took their Mustangs to the drag strip . 2013 5.0 - 6R80 auto , gen 2 F-150 motor , Ford Racing 2.3 Whipple supercharger, E85 2011 5.0 - MT82 manual , Ford Racing 2.3 Whipple, E85 . Here is the first pass of the 2011 on 10psi First 2 passes of the 2013 on...
  15. gofast15

    2000hp TT Viper vs fast Evo

    Kind of surprised by the outcome
  16. gofast15

    Birthday present

    Took delivery this morning. What a machine .2019 720S
  17. gofast15

    N/A manual Coyote vs ZL1 , C7Z and Hellcat Redeye

    Manual [ Cams only] Coyote with driver mode
  18. gofast15

    Took the R8 to US41 Street Car Brawl event - no prep ,track runs backwards

    Had some fun last weekend at Steet Car Brawl event . It's a no prep event that runs backwards on the drag street to have street conditions .Crazy amount of nice cars showed up . I drove 2.5 hours to the track and 2.5 hours back with 0 changes to the car at the track , I didn't even touch the...
  19. gofast15

    Drag strips closed !!! Let's test my car and my wife's boat on the street

    Seems like local drag strips won't open for a while so I took both vehicles to a local street drag strip LOL Kind of surprised how quick my wife tank is for 5600lb SUV with 362HP .I only did 1 hit in my wife's boat , I think I can drop .2-.3 with more practice and runs . I also set new PB in...
  20. gofast15

    Zyborg vs 2020 GT500

    Zyborg takes his boyfriend's Hellcat to finally run the 2020 GT500
  21. gofast15

    Jeep GC trackhawk vs BMW X4M

  22. gofast15

    Stock engine turbo 2019 5.0 F-150 1/4 mile

    Pretty sick for a heavy truck on stock 5.0 Coyote engine Bryan Luna at @mexicoracingleague also set the 2011+ F150 ET record Wednesday and the first 10R80 F150 in the 8s! He had a good day! This is a bone stock 2019 F150 engine with twin turbos, fuel system, @injectordynamics ID1050x...
  23. gofast15

    C8 vs Hellcat

    it should start when the races start if it doesn't go to 18:50 into video