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  1. 03 DSG Snake

    FOR SALE: FS: Unlocked SCT XCal3

    Edit: $100 shipped I know support is rolling off for these but just in case someone can use one. $125 shipped. Broken 'housing' on the OBDII plug, this is my 2nd XCAL delivered this way. Still easily lines up with the OBDII port. Thanks!
  2. 03 DSG Snake

    Radiator drain petcock issue

    Drained the rad today and snapped the end of the stock radiator drain petcock using a 3/4" box wrench. Was able to open it to drain with an allen wrench. I'm guessing the allen wrench will shut it all the way as well. Turning it looser didn't seem like it would come out 100% of the way. Any...
  3. 03 DSG Snake

    WANTED: Stock Throttle Body

    Anybody have a stock TB around for sale? Thanks
  4. 03 DSG Snake

    eBay Seller changes - WTF

    Haven’t seen much online on this other than the below article I found: Ebay is making a MASSIVE change to seller fees and payment will take longer I’ve used eBay for years, typically not very often. I usually keep a few things listed at a time BIN that I would have a harder time selling on a...
  5. 03 DSG Snake

    Stock throttle body on an Accufab style plenum? (Whipple 2.3L)

    So had to return all the fuel and exhaust to stock on a 2.3L Whipple setup. It is the single blade made for an Accufab throttle which was on there previously. Tried to run it with the stock throttle body last night and it idled and ran like crap. Came to realize the IAC slot in both the plenum...
  6. 03 DSG Snake

    Anyone know of a large item shipping/logistics company?

    Trying to get a shipping quote to move a wood burning stove from my cousin’s house from NorCal either down to LA or over to Arizona for some family. It’s not packaged or palleted. I’m assuming it’s going to be pricey, but haven’t gotten a quote back from any random company other than PODS...
  7. 03 DSG Snake

    WTB Whipple 3.5” pulley

    Looking for a 3.5” Whipple pulley to go back to ‘stock’ on the 2.3L. Thanks!
  8. 03 DSG Snake

    Solo Twin Screw swap - is an engine hoist crazy idea?

    Here is the boat I am currently in. 2.3L Whipple and lower manifold are currently out. Having a going back to stock sale if you will due to emissions. Had help to remove everything and it will go back in with the 2.3L and stock fuel system for the time being. Thinking ahead, swapping injectors...
  9. 03 DSG Snake

    Whipple 2.3 injector swap - quick question

    It’s been a few years since the Whipple swap so I don’t remember much. Is there any chance I can pull the passenger side fuel rail off while the blower is still in place? I need to swap the injectors out unfortunately. Stock rails and standard inlet. Thanks!
  10. 03 DSG Snake

    WTS: Bassani 4V Headers and X-Pipe

    edit: SOLD - mods please delete
  11. 03 DSG Snake

    Coated Factory Logs?

    Has anyone ever coated/considered coating the factory headers in any sort of thermal management solution? My mids have to go bye bye due to this fantastic state for now. I am debating getting JetHot or something similar to my factory iron logs to keep the underhood heat down. Especially on the...
  12. 03 DSG Snake

    US Women's Soccer Team

    Video speaks for itself. Another shameful display on the World Stage from these "ladies"..
  13. 03 DSG Snake

    Test Fitted and Installed Silicone Hose Kit

    I had my Cobra up with the guys at HPS Performance a few times over the last few months to test fit and install a new silicone hose kit for the 03-04 Cobras. I have been bugging them over the last year or so over the old 2 piece kit they offered, they now offer a much larger kit. I had...
  14. 03 DSG Snake

    Fuel System Cleaner Recommendations?

    Looking at some fuel system cleaners for both the DD and the ponies. The Mustangs seem to sit quite a bit these days, but not full on storage for Sta-Bil I don’t think. Tons on the market, just checking to see who likes what. Thanks!
  15. 03 DSG Snake

    FS: 2000 Cobra R stock Galfer Brembo Pads

    edit: SOLD
  16. 03 DSG Snake

    FS: Supercharger Pulley Cover

    EDIT: SOLD $45 shipped. The finish is wearing off in some spots, would be an easy fix with paint/powder/chrome type plating.
  17. 03 DSG Snake

    Member/Vendor in this Forum?

    I remember years ago a Member (Mark?) that had a website where he sold safety and racegear such as Recaro, Sparco, and Torsen. Had plenty of pictures of Recaros in Cobras and Lightnings. Can't find him or the site anymore. Does anyone remember any of the info? Thanks!
  18. 03 DSG Snake

    FS: Steeda Billet Shifter Bezel 94-04

    edit: SOLD
  19. 03 DSG Snake

    Maisto 1:18 Redfire Terminator Vert

    Edit: SOLD
  20. 03 DSG Snake

    Radium catch cans

    These guys make some sweet looking catch can setups for various cars, unfortunately this mounting solution will not work with the older GT500s that have that AC canister in the corner. Is this something that might fit anywhere else, likely with some custom plumbing...
  21. 03 DSG Snake

    SCT XCal3

    Edit: SOLD Unlocked with 4 unlocks left $100 shipped
  22. 03 DSG Snake

    FS: New Boss 302 steering wheel

    edit: SOLD
  23. 03 DSG Snake

    Ford GT in Norway and Arctic Circle Raceway

    Ford Performance posted this one up earlier. The scenery is o_O
  24. 03 DSG Snake

    FS: Gates Green 77.4" 8-rib and Goodyear Gatorback 74" 8-rib belts

    EDIT: Gatorback sold, Gates Green still available 2 unused belts that have been sitting around the garage. Both 8-rib: Gates Green 77.4" $25 shipped each