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  1. gimmie11s

    S650 spotted in the wild...

    Looks to be big changes... v8 sound does not exactly sound coyote-like IMO.
  2. gimmie11s

    Special Order 2021 Super Heavy Duty

    Ram 3500 Mega Cab Dually 4x4. Haha... sorry to dissapoint boys (not a Ford!). It was time to upgrade my tower and I placed an order for this beauty March 31 from a dealer called Bud Clary in Auburn, WA. My reason for doing this was 2 fold: 1. Next to 0 inventory in SoCal which made it hard...
  3. gimmie11s

    2020 Super Duty 10r140 recall? CSP 21B03

    I was looking for info a few weeks ago while shopping for a new HD truck and came across this video. Have any of you 10r140 owners received this letter?
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    How would you outfit your Bronco?

    First! haha. I would take a manual trans Black Diamond with a washout interior! Mmmmmmmmmmmmm.. something about those steel wheels too.
  5. gimmie11s

    Brand new body-on-frame 4x4 SUV for $26k

    This thing is coming to the US this summer. Would be a sweet little truck if they offered it with a manual! BREMACH - For the tenacious, no road is impassable
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    Trump to take up Rap

    I got a good LOL out of this. Sent from my iPhone using the mobile app
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    Ford will offer light weight 2020 GT500

    Not! Sorry guys. It’s a fat ass. Too many Twinkies. [emoji23][emoji24] As usual, Alex hits all the important points here: —fan boys —“road race” enthusiasts in America Lmaooo —corvette c8 Sent from my iPhone using the mobile app
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    First 1/4 pass on 2018 twin turbo Mustang build

    Pretty excited to share some info and video about my recently finished (sort of--are they ever finished?) TT build on my 18 Mustang. Car is running a semi custom TT kit from CXRacing. I had to rework (cut, re-weld, reshape) a lot of the hot side of the "kit" to fit around the 10r80 in this...
  9. gimmie11s

    2018 Twin turbo build

    Ive slowly been gathering parts for my build. I had a 2014 MT82 car that started as a Paxton car and ended as a On3 twin turbo car. Loved how that car ran. Install was a BEAR, but once it was done and the exhaust leaks fixed, it ran like a scalded ass ape. Sold that car and bought a 1 owner...
  10. gimmie11s

    2018 mustang... [email protected]

    ok... [email protected] Took the ok girl to the track last night and had a blast! Prior best was 12.57 at 114.9 mph. That run was two weeks ago and the car was 100% stock in 2850 DA in Fontana. Since then... i added tires and a Lund Flex tune. DA was ~2650 during the pass posted below. For...
  11. gimmie11s

    18" TF Chicane on 2018 S550--too small?

    Need some opinions from the experts. I actually think it looks fine. Granted the car needs to be lowered (coming soon) but I expected the 18's to look like ass and I don't think they look too bad to be honest. These were left overs from my GT500 and I was bored the other night lol. 18x10 all...
  12. gimmie11s

    For those that love a good base model truck--PART 2

    A few weeks back I picked up a sweet old diesel manual trans Chevy pick up. That thread is here: Fast forward to last weekend and I found another sweetie. Although this one is much better. A...
  13. gimmie11s

    2018 Mustang GT goes 10's @ 126 NA bolt ons

    Steeda just broke 10's with their 10 speed auto 2018 GT with appears to be minor bolt ons. From what I can tell it has: --headers/x pipe --4.10s --CAI --e85 tune --suspension work Pretty bad ass if you ask me. These '18 cars continue to impress. BTW.. what is up with SVTP lately? Running...
  14. gimmie11s

    For those that love a good base model TRUCK

    Recently flew up to Sacramento and drove this beauty home 500+ miles. It's a 94 2wd half ton with the venerable NV4500 (bomb-proof granny low manual with 27% overdrive) behind a non-turbo 6.5 diesel. Rear end has 3.08s which produce great mileage. I filled up the tank in Sac and drove...
  15. gimmie11s

    1st 9 second 2018 Mustang GT

    I apologize if repost BUT-- Have you guys seen this? It's mind boggling what is already happening with the '18 Coyote mustang. Below car is a 10sp auto car with the Procharger HO kit (p1x) along with DW 95 lb injectors, a boost a pump, and cat deletes. It is otherwise stock! Damn thing has...
  16. gimmie11s

    2007 GT500. 11k miles, 2 owners. Priced for quick sale

    Thinking of making a career change and need to free up some cash. I bought this car off the original owner in April of 2017 when it had 6800 miles. It now has 11,300 and will not be going up. Car had 643 whp last week, but ive returned it to 100% stock condition other than the following: 1...
  17. gimmie11s

    GT Premi is famous!

    @GT Premi is famous. Went to iPhone App Store to download app and this is what pops up. Time for a new dog! Lmao.
  18. gimmie11s

    2007 GT500 build..

    Decided to carve out some space to document my build. Got tired of a mild bolt on 5.4 condor and wanted more. Truth is, ive been painstakingly waiting for the R2650 to come out in VMP form, but restlessness got the best of me and for good reason! I found a BRAND NEW Trinity TVS for under...
  19. gimmie11s

    True Forged Coolant and IC tank combo--review and some pics

    I was in the market looking for an upgrade for my IC tank and didnt find much of anything i liked that would fit in stock location. I like the spare tire ice tank idea, but dont feel like diving into a $1k project of that size right now. As luck would have it, Steve reached out and had one of...
  20. gimmie11s

    South Orange County Cars and Coffe and quick cruise up PCH

    Mom in law took the kids this weekend so the little lady and i decided to take the gt500 down to the South OC C/C which is down in San Clemente. Then took PCH roughly 45 miles north to Seal Beach where we caught the 405/605 and had lunch before we headed home. Great trip and was something we...
  21. gimmie11s

    #PROJECTREDDAWN-- warning-- LS content

    So im minding my own business catching reruns of Forensic Files at about 930 Friday night when i hear what I thought was my neighbor firing up his BBC powered Magic boat in prep for a weekend of fun. Wife looks over at me with a WHAT IN THE MOTHER EFF face which is code language for me to get...
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    California residents might have finally had enough......

    yeah, probably not but this video does offer some hope.
  23. gimmie11s

    New shoes....

    First round of mods to my new-to-me 2007 GT500. Car came with stiff Eibach sportline springs and ditched those for a set of BMR Drag springs all the way around along with a panhard bar. On the iron block GT500s the front end sits a bit lower, but the ride is amazing on these springs! 0...
  24. gimmie11s

    Exciting new buy.. had to share.

    Picked up this 2007 one owner GT500 with 6810 miles on her. Im super stoked about this car!! It sat in a garage for the last 10 years. Undercarriage is immaculate. Interior and engine bay super super clean. Time capsule type of car... im so stoked on it! Im coming off a 2014 twin turbo GT...
  25. gimmie11s

    Stumbled upon this place at lunch... Thought i'd walked into Treynor's garage.

    Was browsing local GT500s for sale (for some reason the 07-09 is REALLY growing on me--odd) and decided to stop by a used car lot to see one of them in person that had caught my eye. Yeah... not your average used car lot. They have no store front... cant see a damn thing from the outside. I...