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  1. MG0h3

    325/35 18 fitment

    Looking at the MT ET R. Currently running 305/35 on an 11” wheel. It’s a 26.5” tire. Very very rarely will I run at the screw that holds the rear bumper to the quarter. On HR sports. Fenders are rolled. The ET R is a 27” tire. I have stock springs I can cut and install. Just curious if...
  2. MG0h3

    New Year Goals

    I usually don’t make New Years resolutions or any of that. It just so happens that I sold an investment property last month and closed on the 30th. Investing in real estate right now is ridiculous so I’m thinking of taking the leap into a franchise. Anybody else got anything going or...
  3. MG0h3

    GenV 3.0 on the way…tips?

    Just ordered a GenV. Coming from a Gen2 2.9. Plugs are Br7Ef I think at .028. Good on the plug and should I close the gap for 22/23 psi? I have a Fore fuel system setup deadhead feeding stock rails. I believe Malcolm said the stock rails are good to @800wheel but since the blower is off...
  4. MG0h3

    Shots Fired at USBP Boat Patrol from MEX

    Border Patrol Agents Shot at from Mexican Side of Rio Grande Boat took about a dozen rounds. No Agents hit. Sent from the El Paso JR college dorm using the mobile app
  5. MG0h3

    Aftermarket ignition key w/ integrated remote and programming

    Not sure where to put this... Trying to help the ex wife out. 2008 FJ cruiser and just saw the key and fob are held together with tape. Called Toyota...$340 for the key and programming. Look online and I see some aftermarket ones for $25. You need to cut and program them. Saw comments...
  6. MG0h3

    Take a guess...

    So all of the sudden my boost gauge is showing 22psi instead of 19/20. Pulls the same and sounds the same. Car fell on its face last night at @5500. Put fresh E85 in this am (car say 3 months) Pulling hard now and WB showing 11.75 or so WOT. Noticed a slight coolant smell. Noticed...
  7. MG0h3

    Error posting pictures

    Recently began getting errors when posting pictures using tapatalk. Picture will load to 95% and then I get an error. This is using both optimized and original photo size. Sent from my iPhone using the mobile app
  8. MG0h3

    1031 tax exchange on investment property

    Anybody here have any experience with this? Any pitfalls to watch out for? About to unload a property that I'll have to pay capital gains on. Do you pay a full capital gains on the net profit (profit between sales price and adj. cost basis minus real estate fees)? I'll have the typical...
  9. MG0h3

    MT ET Street SS 305/35/18

    Hi Matt, Price on the above shipped to 79938. Thanks!!
  10. MG0h3

    E75 on E85 tune?

    So when I made the conversion my station had E85 in Jan. Thought I would test and see where I'm at this winter and I got E75. I know I'm actually richer but the octane may be a little lower. Should I get a tune adjustment? Car still runs awesome. @04sleeper
  11. MG0h3


    is anybody starting to consider selling the Cobra for a newer coyote? 2018 with a 3.0l whipple=755rwhp on 93oct. 2017 with a Gen3 2.9l=815rwhp on 93oct...
  12. MG0h3

    Which wiper cowl?

    I've seen posts where people used an aftermarket two piece one; just not sure which brand. Also saw some Ford ones on Ebay. What's the best route to go?
  13. MG0h3

    Anyone used SC1 clearcoat?

    Learned of this product when I had a ZX10R. Made by Maxima. When I sold the bike at 4yrs old the buyer said it looked brand new and I agreed. Never touched the bike with water once. Getting some to try it on the Cobra.
  14. MG0h3

    could be a good deal

    browsing ebay and saw this car for sale in case anyone is in the market. no reserve
  15. MG0h3

    13/14 F150 brake failure Had a low brake fluid warning light come on in my 15' F150 today. Had about two brake applications before the pedal was on the floor with no brakes. Same thing happened to my boss in his 15' yesterday...
  16. MG0h3

    MC coupe Interstate 81N in Virginia

    3 states away from home and the first MC I've seen on the road in @10 yrs was northbound I81 in Virginia. Anybody on here?? Sent from my iPhone using the mobile app
  17. MG0h3

    flat spots on drag radials

    Do you guys put the car on stands if its going to sit a couple months? MT ET IIs. Thanks
  18. MG0h3

    drag radials and flat spots

    Matt, Are drag radials more prone to flat spots? If the car is going to sit for 2 months, do I need to jack it up and put it on stands or should I just pump them up to 35psi instead of 26 that I normally run? Thanks
  19. MG0h3

    Beat another C7

    all while displaying my worst driving skills ever:( Uneventful run but been awhile I spin in first at 1/3 throttle so that sucked. Tried to pedal and get some speed up and then somehow ground into second so bad I couldnt get it in so I totally let off. No idea how I did that. He put a car...
  20. MG0h3

    Anyone ever had their RXT rebuilt?

    Mines starting to let go. Anybody had a rebuild before?
  21. MG0h3

    Stock hood vents and radio

    Hood vents 50 shipped radio 100 shipped Buyer pays PP fees or sends money as gift
  22. MG0h3

    BNIB ARH OR Xpipe and o2 extenders

    Bought this for a header install but had to abort. Paid $560 to my door from ARH and about 1 month wait. 525 shipped FIRM. Normally Ill budge on some stuff but I cant on this one. LP 9100 EXT O2 extenders. Ill save you tax and shipping. $39 Buyer pays PP fees or sends as gift.
  23. MG0h3

    03/04 stock hat/pumps/line w/filter, powder coated VCs

    PUMPS SOLD Powder coated VCs. Bought them from a member here for 225 shipped and didnt even pull them from the box. Planned on doing an engine bay dress up but Ill just use mine and do it when the engine is out. 225 shipped Buyer pays paypal fees or sends money as gift
  24. MG0h3

    BNIB Gen 3 Killer Chiller and freon

    Kit was 699 Industrial freon recommended by Kinkaid was @75 Never even opened the bubble wrap. Dont see myself ever installing this as I dont even drive the car when its much hotter than 75* Buyer pays fees or sends money as gift $750 shipped for everything
  25. MG0h3


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