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    Ford to sell EV vehicles through an intuitive, transparent, e-commerce platform…

    Ford announced they are setting up separate divisions. Sounds to me like the dealers may not control ordering and out the door pricing of Ford EV Vehicles in the future. Curious what others are hearing. I could be mis-interpreting the announcement.
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    Garage storage system recommendations

    SVTP: i would appreciate any recommendations for a garage storage system (combined tool and storage area). I installed a high end system in my primary home (Redline Garage Gear) 8 years ago. It is really nice but expensive. I am looking for something that looks decent and is not junk, but...
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    b.A.T. - who has bid on an auction before?

    Just got signed up to bid. I have been watching the site for some time and finally came across something that prompted me to register and bid. There is at least one early aggressive bidder. The last few bids he has been upping his bid by 5k increments every time a new person enters a bid...
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    Recommendations needed for BMW performance shop in Midwest

    Looking for a performance shop in the Midwest to work on E46 BMW M3. thanks
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    Test drove a 2020 Raptor - highs/lows

    Test drove a new raptor. great looking truck. easy bed access with step. Great interior loaded with options. Seats were fantastic along with tilt/telescoping wheel. Tons of room and great options but..... The exhaust note was worse that I expected. The engine acceleration felt weak even if...
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    Fact or Fiction: Is there a future Raptor getting the GT500 engine?

    I heard this rumor in the press a while back. Anybody know the latest? Supposedly to defend against the Ram with the Hellcat motor?
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    Tacoma for Chevrolet Colorado zr2 - thoughts?

    I am looking to pickup a mid size pickup. raptor is too large for the garage space. ‘Trading in my old 2007 Tacoma TRD off road. Looking to purchase a 2020 ZR2 crew cab. 1) any idea on trade value for 07 loaded Tacoma crew cab with 95000 miles. Original owner. Perfect running order but...
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    How long before you modded (engine/tune) your new car?

    Just curious how long you waited to have your new car tuned? My car is just over a year old so I would putting my remaining warranty at risk. I would like to do some bolt on’s, have it tuned and add a flex fuel set up to run E85. It would be done at the premier shop in the country. What do you...
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    Recommendations for winter/retirement home

    My wife and I starting to consider a 2nd home in a warmer climate to get away from the harsh winters up north and for retirement. I would like to hear any recommendations that you may have. Wish List Clean / safe community At least 50 degrees in the winter months on most days By water or...
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    Custom interior - who has done it?

    Just curious to see pics from folks that have given their cobra a interior makeover.
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    New Shelby GT350R or New GTR - same price

    I have an opportunity to get a new GT350R or a new 2016 GTR. The trade difference for my 2011 Shelby from the two dealers is the same. The GTR is being discounted and the 350R has a considerable ADM. I curious which one you would choose and why?
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    Best place to buy rear bumper COBRA letters?

    Had a lady tap my rear bumper at a stop light. I will need to re spray the bumper and replace the black chrome COBRA letters. Where can I buy them at? Thanks Sean
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    What is the 1/4 mile time for a MANUAL Dodge Hellcat

    I see all of the glory runs with auto's on drag radials. Anybody have a source for a stock hellcat on OEM tires and a manual transmission?
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    Center Bore for 03-04 Cobra wheels?

    Does anybody know the center bore for 03-04 wheels?
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    What is a good rate to pay for Sirius xm?

    I have three cars that are Sirius enabled. I have let 2/3 lapse. The one that is still active I find myself listening to quite a bit. I know they are quick to negotiate on rates. What is the best deal you have all received on Sirius? I thought I read someone got them to agree to $100 a year.
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    Need Recommendations on Exotic Car Rental in Las Vegas

    Need some help SVTP. A number of friends and I are heading to Vegas in early January. We would like to tour Shelby and then later rent some exotics for on track racing (5 lap stuff). Has anyone done this before? Anyone that you would highly recommend? Anything we should be aware of...
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    Two accounts from the same IP address

    So if a husband and wife want separate accounts at SVTP, is that possible if using the same IP? Thanks
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    Impact of Terminator color on Price?

    Just curious as to your opinions. I know this is highly subjective. Assuming the cars were exactly the same, here is my opinion of what I tend to see in the market. Base Car $25000 Comp Orange + $3000 Sonic Blue + 2000 Mystichrome +1500 OxFord White +1000 Screaming Yellow +750 DSG...
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    Please help recommend a good camera

    I don't know anything about camera's. Looking a for a camera to take better pictures of the cars. Looking for the following: 1) compact to medium size 2) easy to use 3) Not concerned about taking video Price not a big deal. Thanks
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    Anybody have the Carbon Fiber DSS Drive Shaft?

    Just curious to what you think of it?
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    Cobra Clunk - Any new proven fixes?

    So I have found the perfect terminator with one small caveat. It has the cobra clunk. Can this be fixed or is this something will cost thousands to diagnose and with no guarantee of success. How many of you have been able to fix it and how many have not had success? FWIW my current...
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    Thoughts on C6 Corvette Grand Sport??

    Just curious if anyone has driven a newer 2011-2013 Grand Sport....if so what did you think? Fun to drive?
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    Who has "dynamatted" their cobra?

    I know it is expensive and adds weight but just curious how many have installed dynamat? If so, where all did you apply it? Was it worth it? EDIT: I found this thread on Modular Fords. This guy went to town...
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    TVS Swap -- what all is needed?

    Does someone have a list of all the recommended mods that would be needed if going from a stock eaton to a TVS. I am assuming: 1)TVS 2) GT500 Elbow 3) New throttle body 4) Plugs 5) New Tune 6) GT fuel pumps 7) Larger injectors 8) BAP 9) What other fuel upgrades are needed? I will be...
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    How many of you own two or more terminators currently?

    I already have an 04 vert. I love this car. I keep finding myself looking at the market section to find another one to add to the family. Maybe add a coupe. Those of you that own or have owned two at the same time, it it overkill? Do you regret it? Probably won't do it as I have other...