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    What would you do with 20k to blow?

    I got an inheritance in the mail out of no where, just shy of 20k. I don't need to save it and don't want to save it. I can basically blow it however I want, I just refuse to add it to my savings. I could sell my Terminator and upgrade to something else, but feel almost certain I would regret...
  2. R.D.P.

    2017 Total Solar Eclipse Discussion

    It's almost here, who's going or lucky enough to live in the band of totality? I've been looking forward to this for at least the last seven years. I'm taking off work and taking the family down to TN - about 4hrs away. Our hotel is in the totality band and I'm planning for the worse as far as...
  3. R.D.P.

    Going from having a truck to not having a truck?

    After 13yrs with a truck, considering selling\trading mine and maybe no longer having a truck. We still have a big family SUV, but obviously not the same. Anyone did this and how soon did you regret it, or not? I feel like I'm going to need a truck for 10 things in the first month I don't have...
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    Baby Driver - the movie

    Surprised no thread on this movie yet, especially since it's sort of a car movie. Maybe I missed it? I was on the fence, but RT scores are both over 90, so that sold me on it. Saw it last night - very entertaining and very funny. I will say it's almost spoof like in the beginning - fun but...
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    Help Identify These Rims?

    I've seen them before, but came across them again and can't remember who makes them?
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    T.V. shows that suck (but you still watch)

    Does this happen to anyone else? I pretty much only binge watch shows a season at a time now and on occasion will start into a show, get some time invested, but then find myself just wanting it to end. I hate to say it but I would have to put Luke Cage in that category. Show started out solid...
  7. R.D.P.

    Deep Water Horizon Movie Reviews?

    No thread started for this one yet it looks like. Need some SVTP reviews. Specifically for anyone that's seen it, how graphic is it are far as people getting burned\dying. Trying to figure out how tween appropriate it is. PG-13 movies can be all over the place.
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    Before claying a daily driver?

    What should I use before claying my wife's daily driver SUV? It's 6yrs old, probably never seen a claybar in it's life, just the typical drive through car wash treatment. I'm not trying to get into a paint correction, but I will take the time to clay it as I can tell it needs it badly, but not...
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    2016 Somernites Cruise - Mustang Alley

    Coming up in a few weeks. This is my can't miss event each August. Anyone else planning to be there? Link below for those unfamiliar with this event. I would assume it's one of the 10 largest Mustang shows each year with around 700-800 'stangs.
  10. R.D.P.

    Have you ever offered a LEO cash when pulled over?

    As in - asked if you could just give him the money directly to settle a ticket or some other form of cash payment? I've never tried it, but if you watch a lot of youtube car rally videos, they act like it's common practice and most of the time successful. To any LEO's that read this - have you...
  11. R.D.P.

    Removing rear wheel studs while hubs are on the car?

    Anyone done this? I've done it before on an import using the big ****ing hammer method - a couple if nuts torqued together on the end your hitting to disperse the force down the stud, then swing away, but not sure I want to try that on my Terminator. There are also those extractors, but not sure...
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    Strange car, not sure what to think

    I didn't want to stomp all over this guys for sale ad, but this deserves some discussion: Under 10k miles, but needs paint and has obviously been a track car with that cage and SRA. I'm wondering if this thing...
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    Who works for Ford? SVTP Member roll call.

    I guess you can add me to the list, not actually working for Ford directly, but I'm doing some consulting work for them. HRIS Consulting through the firm I work for - nothing actually car related unfortunately. So who else? I know I've seen a few people post over the last few years, from...
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    Ford Racing Blue coil covers?

    Anybody have Ford Racing blue cop covers on stock silver valve covers? I know several people have their valve covers powder coated this color and it looks great IMO, but I'm wondering how just having the cop covers done would look with the stock valve covers? My Whipple is black, so that breaks...
  15. R.D.P.

    Terminator takes over top review slot on ThatDudeinBlue!

    Pretty amazing - for those that aren't fans, ThatDudeinBlue is a youtube reviewer of mostly modified and interesting cars. Pretty much any car that has a mod community, he's reviewed it, even some exotics. Out of ALL of them - the Terminator review is now the #1 most viewed with over 1.2 million...
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    70 degrees today, middle of winter.

    Anyone else in the midwest feel like crying this weekend? It was 70 DEGREES here today, and mid 60's yesterday. Brutal not being able to get the car out. We just had snow twice in the last two weeks, so salt is everywhere. Man spring can't get here soon enough! First Fla\Southwest\Cali "what's...
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    This has to be the biggest POS modded car ever

    I don't think this can be topped. It's not meant as a joke either apparently. If I saw this car in person I would have a hard time resisting the urge to set it on fire, with or without the owner in the car. Warning - the audio is basically one giant f-bomb...
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    New 1/2 Mile event announced for French Lick Indiana!!!!

    Wow, this is awesome. WannaGOFAST has added an event in French Lick Indiana for next October. That's an hour from me. I can't wait. Definitely hoping to have my car on higher boost and e85 by then to help get in at least a few kills. French Lick is a small resort town in the middle of nowhere...
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    Have you put your car up for the winter yet?

    Or the title of this thread could be "Warm weather trolls come on in". Because it always happens. First person to post "what winter?" in this thread is a Planter :-D Back on topic - It's December 1st and I'm stilling hanging in there - I was even able to go out for a nice back roads cruise with...
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    Just had my debit card cloned and checking account emptied

    Well, almost emptied. I had a little over 2k in there they got me for $1800. Used at two stores in California over the weekend and my card is still in my possession. Now the fun begins. I have no doubt I'll get my money back, but not sure how long it's going to take. ****ing thieves. I have no...
  21. R.D.P.

    Sicario - New Drug Movie

    Anyone else see it this weekend? Didn't really live up to the reviews for me. I thought it was solid, but I guess I had my hopes too high. Read some reviews that were putting it in the same category as No Country for Old Men, no way I agree with that.
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    Working crazy hours worth it?

    Long story short - for the past month I've been doing double "shifts" - my normal position + filling in doing database support during the days - 74hrs a week. I'm not technically OT eligible but I'm getting paid like I am during this stretch. I'm dragging ass at this point and have to decide if...
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    22lbs TVS on 93oct

    Went to a big Mustang event this past weekend and got to talking to a fellow Terminator owner. Nice guy, but he starts telling me about his setup. Says he's on a TVS, 60lb injectors, ect, ect - 22lbs of boost. I said, "oh so your on e85 then, no wait - you can't be if your running 60lb...
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    Somernites Cruise\Mustang Alley 2015 - who's going?

    Went to this for the first time last year and thought it was a great event. I plan to head back down again this year. I highly recommend it if you've never been. It's coming up on August 21,22.
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    Does the Company you work for invade your personal life?

    This seems like a trend - at least for me and a few friends I've talked to. A few examples - it looks like I will soon be forced to create a linkedin profile whether I want one or not. I'm also now required to track my volunteer hours in the community. These are off hour activities, nothing...