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    wbabw33475pl39048 2005 bmw 325ci [email protected] hope this thread isnt dead :-)
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    Paint Correction 101, the (semi) complete thread for Noobs

    UPDATE 9/4/18 I no longer can recommend Rupes brand polishers due to constant issues such as overheating, motors burning out, melting of pads, and CONTINUED horrible customer service.
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    Microfiber Towels

    If you consider Griot's a thread ender, I question your overall knowledge of car detailing as EVERYTHING Griot's has is rebranded from a true manufacturer. They prob buy their mf towels from China as many others do and resell at a profit. South Korean mf are the better route and much higher...
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    FS: Shelby GT350 "Han Solo"

    Damn dude! You are more addicted to the lifestyle than I am. That's saying alot too. My next car will be a LB with black stripes if I ever get these kids paid off :-)
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    2003 Cobra vert 2.9 Whipple, built engine

    You did a great job correcting all the flood damage. I never thought this car would hold paint let alone start again. JK JK! I know this guy and this car well. Very meticulous and an ASE mechanic who took his time and did it right. The paint has been corrected and is swirl-free. The...
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    Anyone in Longview ?

    no one?
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    Anyone in Longview ?

    I need a car checked out at Peters Chevrolet for me as I am in West KY. It's a baby blue Nissan 370Z. Yes I know, not a cobra but a good DD to replace my Civic. I need a lil more horsepower :-) Text or call me if you can help, I want someone to look it over with picky eyes like mine and we...
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    Niche Line Engine Builders

    Holy thread revival but I just stumbled onto this thread while researching a build tag I had from one of my mystichromes. One of the names is incorrect, Ann Lemay is the correct name (can see it very clearly on the tag I am about to put up for sale).
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    ISO Mystichrome Saleen Cobra

    No it's not. You are about 3 years outdated on your info.
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    BF Goodrich KDW2 295-35-18 less than 500 miles!

    Read post just above
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    2017 Presidents' Day Deals!

    Hey buddy, bought a new DD, need some wheels while your Pres Day sale is in full effect lol. Can't seem to find how to PM on this new system. 270-564-4412
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    anyone in Newport Beach? Need a car looked at

    Sterling BMW has a blue 2013 335IS I am considering buying but I'm way over in W KY. Anyone nearby that can drop by and eyeball it in my behalf? Someone OCD like me :-) Text me if you can help! 270-564-4412
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    3 time NMRA World Finals show winning Mystichrome vert, True Forged/Whipple +++

    $32,000 Mod list in sig. Pics speak for themselves, this car is my 4th terminator and 18th Mustang overall, built with the Best of the Best to stomp the competition at shows. I am the third owner at 20,400 miles. Comes with all original SVT documentation, window sticker, and whatever extras...
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    WTB Accufab tb for 03-04 cobra

    Text me with pics and price, needs to be mint :-) 270-564-4412
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    BF Goodrich KDW2 295-35-18 less than 500 miles!

    No plugs or patches, as new. I am swapping out to 335's so these unicorns are up for grabs. First $475 (plus ship) gets em. Local pickup welcome as well. Text me for pics 270-564-4412
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    205/45/17 Bridgestone RE050 Run Flat tire tire 99.9% new OEM Mini Cooper

    Bought this new for my Cooper, replaced with a tubed set and then sold the car. It literally has less than 50 miles on it. $280 new from Tire Rack plus the ride. My price is $150. Paypal accepted but please add 3.4% Text for pics 270-564-4412.
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    Really good deal on a detailer's bag 20% today and already half price comes to $20 plus shipping. I've always wanted one but not at $50. Ordered one yesterday and even got a free 16 oz bottle of Blackfire car shampoo. Free shampoo went away today.
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    Mint radiator tank FS $75 shipped !

    Just gathering dust. Tank only no cap.
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    WTB Carbon Fiber engine/body accents

    Looking for some cf bits and pieces to compliment my engine bay, figured I would post up and see what you all might have. Also looking for a few body pieces such as grill insert and fog bezels. I have a front lip and cowl panel, and in the engine an intake tube. Looking for a battery cover...
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    NIB JLT black heat shield for 03-04 RAI

    EDIT has a few scuffs so it must have been test fit at some time. This fits the 03-04 Cobra RAI from JLT. I went with a carbon fiber version so if anyone has a beat up one or wants to have theirs wrapped, here's a brand new one. $40 gets it! Text for fastest response or for a pic...
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    Rupes Duetto polisher $250 SHIPPED

    This is Rupes newest polisher, used maybe 5 times at best. I already have a 15es and need Xmas cash more than two of these beauties. There is a small 2" crack on the plastic heat shield but it is only cosmetic. I have priced this to sell and my price is fair and FIRM at $250 shipped to a...
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    OEM Cobra logo floor mats light use only $150, first come first serve!

    One slight heel mark on driver's side as shown in pic. I don't want to use them for normal driving and they aren't mint so I can't use for shows. First person with $150 gets the set! Paypal adds 3.4% or gifted. Text for fastest response 27O-564-4412. For the price, these are extremely nice...
  23. coolcobramatt

    Mint MAFIA $100 first come, first serve!

    Bought this and went with a SCT 2600 instead. Absolutely mint, what you see is what you get. F7373 $199 when available at American Muscle. Get this one half price for $105 shipped. Paypal gladly accepted but please gift or cover 3.4% fee. For fastest response text me at 270-564-4412...
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    WTB Carbon fiber heat shield for a JLT RAI

    Need one to match my carbon fiber intake tube, can anyone help? I have a regular black heat shield to trade if it matters
  25. coolcobramatt

    K&N Gen 2 FIPK with upgraded Amsoil filter

    First $75 gets it! In great shape with very low miles (under 500). Text for a pic 27OH-564-4412