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  1. PC03GT

    Planet Fitness

    Planet Bitchness....just a place where a bunch of lazy, fat people congregate to feel better about themselves
  2. PC03GT

    WANTED: 2.9 whipple

    Do you know what kind of numbers you're putting down?? I have a 2.9 gen4 standard inlet waiting to go on. Always questioning if I should of went 2.3
  3. PC03GT

    2005 f-150. what is this button on the dash?

    I've seen it used in combination with the booster seat, makes a little man look normal from the outside of the truck
  4. PC03GT

    WANTED: Borla Stingers

    Any exhaust shop can make it work, you'll have the borla flowmaster edition 1 of 1
  5. PC03GT

    Cobra Market Right Now?

    Just remember you get what you pay for, if it's cheap more than likely it's beat to shit
  6. PC03GT

    WANTED: Borla Stingers

    I had flowmaster when I bought mine, then went to the stingers. The difference in tone is pretty drastic
  7. PC03GT

    WANTED: Borla Stingers

    Looks like they still make them, but it's 1000 ****ing dollars lol
  8. PC03GT

    Losing interest in this hobby fast….

    I think it's just growing pains with the car, there's a little more work involved because they're old. One thing I can attest to is you're building it yourself, so you know things are done properly. That is way more reassurance than just taking someone else's word on what has been done.
  9. PC03GT

    Losing interest in this hobby fast….

    If you follow through it will be worth it, changing that blower turns it into a different animal
  10. PC03GT

    Losing interest in this hobby fast….

    Seems like the redfire lost its fire
  11. PC03GT

    What did you do for your Terminator today?

    I think your car looks super clean as is, but if you're considering black I'd try some plastidip first before going straight to powdercoat
  12. PC03GT

    ET Street SS out of stock, alternatives?

    This, in the long run it's cheaper than having an accident because of tires
  13. PC03GT

    Concerts That Wowed You (Good or Bad)

    Good Korn Slipknot Marylin Manson Godsmack System of a Down TOOL Worst Rob Zombie, that mofo took a molly or some E before he came on stage, he just mumble the songs and dry humped the microphone stand
  14. PC03GT

    Bilstein a B8

    B8s and h&r race springs with all isos, rides a lot smoother than the previous stock bilsteins with cut springs
  15. PC03GT

    FOR SALE: For Sale: 2003 DSG Cobra Coupe

    Good price, should sell fast
  16. PC03GT

    FOR SALE: 2003 Ford Mustang Cobra, 800+rwhp, Turbo, 4r70, SRA, built front to back

    At that price it's a steal, can't ever please the poor's
  17. PC03GT

    WANTED: VMP gen 2r or whipple 2.9

    Love how people talk shit about different blower companies, anything is an upgrade over the Eaton
  18. PC03GT

    What did you do for your Terminator today?

    Finally got the 4 piston brembos on
  19. PC03GT

    Time to Build a “Fobra”?

    I would also try to drive a Terminator before you pull the trigger. I have a 13 coyote with a blower and a Terminator and I can tell you they are worlds apart, it's something you need to experience on a personal level
  20. PC03GT

    Time to Build a “Fobra”?

    Lol, it's a car not a woman with a ballsack
  21. PC03GT

    Time to Build a “Fobra”?

    There's different levels of FOBRA though, just make it badass. NO 6 cyl, NO 2v, NO 3v, something 4v or coyote with some power
  22. PC03GT

    Had a accident in my car

    Glad you're ok
  23. PC03GT

    Need help with my mystichrome coupe steering wheel

    MONEY.....An ongoing theme with these car's, get used to it lol