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  1. Corbic

    Egged out Upper Torque Box - BMR reinforcement Fix?

    UCA mount holes are egged out causing the arms to wobble. Would the BMR reinforcement kit be a bolt in solution? Seems like it would be the ultimately the same as having a shop weld in some washers.
  2. Corbic

    Whelp - Might take the S-box to Maaco...

    Whelp - Looking to get the world's shittiest Cobra retuned in the next week or two. S/C rebuilt and back in, Injectors rebuilt and back in. Got the Rear Pinion getting re-sealed. Going to try and knock out refinishing the Cobra R's next week. I've had a few threads about a color change for a...
  3. Corbic

    Kenne Bell Install - WTF

    Seriously. I bolt it down to make clearance I can't get the rail in there, if I put the rail in I can't bolt it down. Am I supposed to take the whole rear housing off?
  4. Corbic

    Tuning Software Options

    I currently have a jank ass tune on a SCT X3. I don't think the X3 allows me to do jack as far as tuning, it appears to be nothing but an upload device to put a tune on the car. Megasquirt PNP is solid and my friend can tune it. It would give a ton of data to help diagnose any underlying...
  5. Corbic

    Contempo Concept - R33 GT-R 400R "Restoration"

    I like these guys videos. Wish I had that type of money.
  6. Corbic

    What products for 80's and 90's interior?

    What products should I be using to clean and condition older dashes? The Skyline is some sort of vinyl / plastic and is very fragile. (Know to bubble and split).
  7. Corbic

    Cameras - Doors, Garage, etc

    Anyone have experience or recommendations? Looking to avoid the Google/Amazon spyware.
  8. Corbic

    How/Where to Repair a CV/Axle Splines?

    I screwed up. Got in a rush when the end wasn't popping over the c-clip, whacked it with a hammer and I'm crying now. Rebuilding CV's for my R32 (GT-R spec axles) and now the splines are marred up a bit. I tried cleaning it up some with a file, but the outer portion won't "slip" on. I'd love...
  9. Corbic

    "I just want to lay on a beach and relax" and other stupid vacations....

    So I've notice that women are all about the "beach vacation" - whatever the location, they just dream and wax poetically about going to the beach and relaxing by doing nothing. Personally, I absolutely detest these types of vacations. The fly down to Cancun, Dominican, Florida, etc - pay big...
  10. Corbic

    Car Audio- and "Growing Up"

    Having a baby - and two project cars - really shifts priorities So both of my last two trucks came without sound systems - as the previous owners pulled their audio systems. The Tundra I tossed in some old Rockford 6.5 + tweeters up front. I forget the model, paid like $400 back in 2014...
  11. Corbic

    Fuel Economy?

    I'm blazing through gas driving the 2500 to the new job right now $100+ wk at ~10.5mpg standard. Would mid teens be possible in a KB 2.2 Cobra with 60#s and 3.31? Would bumping up to a 3.55 or 3.73 actually help? Haven't touched Satan's Cobra in about a year now.. thinking of getting as MS PNP...
  12. Corbic

    AZ Title BS

    Okay, so I got a project car from in Michigan, moved to AZ during Covid, couldn't title it in my name cause DMV was shut down. Now I want to get it titled, so I can sell it, but I'm told it needs a level 1 inspection - but I can't get a level 1 inspection without it running... WTF
  13. Corbic

    Pull Valve Cover without Pulling Booster?

    So I got a set of Lincoln VCs and was going to Weld in some An fittings for a breather setup and powered coat them. Supercharger is out... Before I get halfway and start howling - is it possible to pull the driver side without screwing with the hydroboost?
  14. Corbic

    Hydro-Boost Elimination ?

    So, I hate the Hydro-Boost. Always have. Can't even pull a valve cover because of it. Is there any effective way to eliminate it? I know it's there because in 1996 Ford could not fit a vacuum booster for the brakes. Any more modern solution? Any street-able Manual Brake kits? My 3.2 911 had...
  15. Corbic

    Satan's Cobra

    Lots happened in the last few years. Got married, changed jobs, moved 2,500 miles, sold a house, bought a house, had an apartment, yikes. Oh, amd 2020. Finally settled in so nows the time to pull this pile of crap apart and fix it once and prolly not for long. Things to fix : Rear Pinion Seal...
  16. Corbic

    Dash Vin Question

    So a buddy bought an out of state project car and it's missing its dash and naturally the that Vin tag. Didn't even occur to him that it might be a problem getting it titled and registered. What's the SOP for such a situation? Get a tag made? Run it with no dash tag? Won't the DMV throw a...
  17. Corbic

    Complete Aftermarket IRS?

    I'm curious if anyone knows of a complete aftermarket IRS system, ie SubFrame and Arms - I'd imagine an aftermarket unit would be lighter and stronger.
  18. Corbic

    Any Metallic Black Terminators or New Edges?

    I'm getting close to needing a respray. Was thinking about the possibility of metallic black or even midnight purple. Another idea was Nissan's Grey from the early 90's
  19. Corbic

    Injector Cleaing and Flow Test

    Anyone able to recommend a good source for injector cleaning and flow testing?
  20. Corbic

    Cracked Windshield

    What the absolute @&$%!!! I go out this morning and I have a half moon crack on my windshield. No sign of a stone strike. Is this something I can get under warranty. Pissed and shocked.
  21. Corbic

    Where the hell to get good furniture anymore?

    Everywhere people have recommended so far has been nothing but garbage. American Furniture American Freight Ashley IKEA Pottery Barn Living Spaces Wish Amazon Instagram Actually, Living Spaces is a riot... They brag about how their Chinese built garbage is the same as IKEA and Pottery Barns...
  22. Corbic

    Used Car Prices...

    Ummm, what the hell is going on? I've been looking for a truck and it seems like in the last 6 months used car prices have spike 30% easily. I thought we are in the middle of an economic collapse so we should be seeing deals like it's 2008-2010 again.
  23. Corbic


    Anyone got one of them fancy Webasto soft touch roofs? My old 96's had a manual pop up back in the day.
  24. Corbic

    Single Cab Pickups : Forbidden Fruit

    So I need a new truck. Looking to dump the Taco and pick up a full size. Here's the irony, I want a full size, V8 and better towing then the V6 Taco. Truck needs to be off road capable. So naturally I keep looking at Single Cab OBS and Squarebody Chevys. So roughly smaller cabs with zero...
  25. Corbic

    2020 just got craizer.

    Welcome to Bizzaro World.