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    WANTED: Supercharger kit for a 01 Cobra

    As the title states, looking for a supercharger kit for a 2001 Cobra.
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    P0172 code woes

    I picked up a high mileage Cobra a while back that was completely stock and neglected from a maintenance standpoint. I've been able to resolve every single issue with the exception of a P0172 code. Symptoms - Erratic idle - heavy fuel smell - black smoke when stabbing gas - Long crank times...
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    Code P03A1 - what is it?

    I can't seem to find what P03A1 code is. This is a 2001 cobra. Anyone know?
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    Chasing misfires and need help

    I've been trying to identify the source of misfires on my 01 Cobra and I'm not real sure where to go at this point. It started with a very very consistent misfire at idle. I couldn't feel it but it was noticeable in the exhaust note. I went ahead and ordered a complete set of 8 Accel coils...
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    Looking for wheel recommendations for a red cobra

    I have a performance red 01 that currently has black 03 style cobra wheels which I really don't like. Up close it's fine but from a distance, it looks horrible in my opinion. Ccw, tf, ect are nice but they cost half of what the car is worth so I'm leaning towards a replica of some sort. Any...
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    Bronze Sve series 3 wheels on performance red?

    Looking at wheel choices for my performance red 01. Anyone running the series 3 sve wheels on a red car? I'd like to see pictures if so.
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    FOR SALE: Unopened OEM wheel locks

    I have a brand new unopened set of OEM wheel locks. I bought these from Ford for a 03 cobra back in 2004 and never used or opened them. $50 shipped.
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    Engine build date vs car build date

    While cleaning my engine bay, I discovered my engine build date is January of 01 and the car build date on the door tag is 07/01. Is a spread like this normal?
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    Any affordable cross axis bushings?

    I just noticed my cross axis bushings on my 01 are pretty much gone. I see ftbr and maximum motorsports sell some but I really don't need anything upgraded. Just oem equivalent would be fine. Anyone make affordable replacement?
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    Can anyone read my spark plugs?

    I bought the car a few months back with 200k miles knowing it may have problems. It started to smoke really bad while idling for long periods of time which I thought was oil. I pulled the plugs to investigate and it's not pretty. They're all fouled out and a few are wet(fuel or oil?) and look...
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    Smoking at idle, valve seals or worse?

    I have an 01 and once it's warmed up, it smokes blueish at idle. No smoke on startup or while going down the road though. I'm leaning towards valve seals but 200k miles is telling me it could be rings. It's almost like flipping a switch from no smoke to smoke. I changed the pcv and moved to...
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    FOR SALE: MGP Caliper covers

    $120 shipped.
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    FOR SALE: MGP cobra caliper covers

    $120 shipped.
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    Identifying of clutch is the factory installed one

    I'm in the middle of a transmission swap in my 01 cobra and it appears that the original transmission might not have ever been removed. I didn't plan to change the clutch since it works perfectly fine but the car has right at 200k miles. Hard to believe it would be the original clutch but the...
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    Are Borla IRS tailpipes symmetrical?

    I've been looking at various exhaust for my Cobra and leaning hard towards Borla Stingers. The only problem I'm noticing is that most of the pictures I see of cars with the Stinger IRS catback is that the tailpipes appear to not be symmetrical in the bend around the tank. Is that the case or...
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    WANTED: IRS catback

    Looking for a catback for an IRS cobra. Preferably Borla but open to others. Let me know what you have.
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    Very rich while idling

    While letting my 01 idle after a water pump change to burp it, I noticed it runs extremely rich. At first it's fine but right around when the temp is a quarter the way up he gauge, it starts to smoke pretty bad. Once it's at operating temp, it stops smoking for the most part. Only mod is...
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    Grill filler panel question

    I have a 2001 Cobra with a Terminator front bumper cover. Looks great except something is up with the current filler panel. It leaves a gap between the filler panel and the bumper itself. My assumption is that I still have the 01 panel. Is there one specific to the Terminator or do I need...
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    WANTED: TR3650 - Good working condition

    Anyone have a good working TR3650 they're looking to get rid of? Near the Louisiana area?
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    Grinding 3rd gear in TR3650 - options?

    3rd gear is grinding in my 01 Cobra. It's happens on both up and down shift but otherwise smooth. Should I have it rebuilt locally, replace it with a rebuilt unit from somewhere who specializes in rebuilding these, move to a t45? The car is pretty much stock and will remain that way as it's...
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    Help removing 3m tape residue from sail panels

    I removed some scoops that a previous owner installed on my sail panels and now left with the glue residue. I see a 3m wheel but it doesnt sound like it would be safe on the plastic panel. Also see 3m adhesive remover in a can but not sure if it's safe. Please help.
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    WANTED: Sn95/new edge cobra around texas/la

    Looking for an sn95/new edge cobra around the Texas area. Mileage and mods don't matter much as long as it's clean. Let me know what you have.
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    Recommendations on father/son project car

    I've been out of the mustang game for around a decade or so and feel like now might be the time to pick up a project car for me and my son to work on together. I'm looking at a max budget of around $10k and it seems that I have many options available at that price. In the end, I'm really...
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    New wallet recommendations

    Sadly my wallet of over 20 years is at the end of its life. Last time I looked at wallets, I didn't even have internet so just doing a quick search, I'm completely overwhelmed by what's available. I would prefer leather and would like something thin but I don't think I can getaway with one of...
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    Vintage style Go Kart

    Anyone know where you find a simple vintage style 2 seater go kart these days? Everything I see new looks cheap and has way too many gadgets. Even if I can find a kit that I can put together. Any ideas? I seen a few on FB marketplace but they sell before I can get my hands on them.