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  1. Coosawjack

    I Just Ordered A 2022 GT 5.0 6-Speed Vert!!

    Last Summer I decided that my BEAUTIFUL 2019 GT Vert was killing me with right hip got so bad that I sold the car and decided I was just too OLD for a Mustang!!:( By December my hip was worse and upon x-ray investigation I found out that it was completely destroyed from Arthritis, at...
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    I sold my car yesterday and this is all that's left!!:cool: $65.00 Shipped to the lower 48!! Email: [email protected]
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    SOLD!! I installed this on my 2019 GT 5.0 Vert 800 miles ago and almost forgot to remove it before the car was picked up yesterday!! $140.00 shipped to the lower 48 and I'll even even throw in a spare FL-500S Filter I had for the next oil change!!:D Email: [email protected]
  4. Coosawjack

    FOR SALE: QUICKJACK BL-5000-SLX (110-Volt AC)

    Hey Folks.....SOLD!! I sold my 2019 GT 5.0 Vert yesterday and have a slightly used (6 times maybe??) QUICKJACK BL-5000SLX (110-Volt AC) For Sale.....$800.00......LOCAL PICKUP ONLY!! Email me at: [email protected] if interested works GREAT.....FAST & SAFE!!
  5. Coosawjack

    Air Travel These Days.....WTF!!

    This is PRICELESS.......what a STEWARDESS??:eek::D
  6. Coosawjack

    Custom Tuning And Ford's Warranty??

    First of all will a tuner offer me any noticeable improvements in my stock 2019 5.0 GT 6-Speed Convertible and Secondly can the Dealer tell the car has been tuned even if I return it to "Stock" before taking it in for possible warranty work??
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    Quick Stick Supra.......WOW!!

    Mk4 Toyota Supra Breaks Stick-Shift Record With Six-Second Quarter-Mile
  9. Coosawjack

    Ask And Ye Shall Receive.....Manual Transmission And Convertible!!

    825 hp and available manual? Sign us up! Shelby Signature Series | Journal
  10. Coosawjack

    OEM Oil Drain Plug??

    My oil drain plug looks kinda Mickey Mouse and I see some have had problems with them.......has anyone broken theirs yet or had one leak??:eek:
  11. Coosawjack

    WTB....2019 GT 5.0 Resonator

    I installed a Steeda Resonator Delete H-Pipe and it's a little too LOUD!!:facepalm: I could live with that but the car sounds like a friggin' Tractor at low RPM's.....UGH!!:frown: Does anyone have a "throw away" Resonator they don't need that's in good shape??:fingerscrossed: Mine is OK but it...
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    :eek::confused:o_O Hyundai's Putting a Mid-Engine Sports Car Into Production - RM19
  13. Coosawjack

    For Sale: AEM "No Oil" Air Filter

    I almost forgot this LIKE NEW AEM washable "No Oil" Air Filter......$25.00 Shipped Con US
  14. Coosawjack

    FOR SALE: Various Shifter Balls (2011-2014)

    These are Shifter Balls I had left over from my 2014 GT....all prices are shipped to Con US..... A: Black MGW Ball..........$40.00 SOLD B: MGW Spacer/Ball Lock (with MGW locking wrench)........$15.00 SOLD C: White MGW Ball..........$40.00 SOLD D: Generic Plactic Ball......$25.00 E: Generic...
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    Why in the WORLD did FORD decide to install this ABORTION on newer Mustangs and WTF were they thinking with the almost inaccessible NUT on the S550 cars??o_O:eek::confused::mad: After 3 hours I finally got the DAMN THING off!!:cool:
  16. Coosawjack

    Left Over 2014 GT Parts For Sale

    I sold my 2014 GT 5.0 and have the following for sale: (2) Stubby Antennas.....................$15.00 Each Shipped BOTH SOLD (1) Locking Fuel Cap......................$15.00 Shipped SOLD (1) AIRAID Intake Tube.................$100.00 Shipped SOLD (1) OEM...
  17. Coosawjack

    I Just Bought A 2019 GT Premium Vert.....LOADED!!

    My 2014 car was fun and a BLAST to drive but this S550 Vert is absolutely AMAZING......a rolling computer.....6-Speed Manual (RARE)......Active Exhaust.......Track Pack.....Rev Matching.....more stuff than I can even speak of....presently!!:cool: Photos coming......Kona Blue!!:D
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    Great promotion.....I LOVE it!!:D Upstate car dealership offering Bible, AR-15 and American flags with purchase of car
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    Can you believe this crap??:eek:o_O An ACTUAL MERCEDES ad in Canuck Land!!:confused:
  20. Coosawjack

    WTF Is This Thing For??

    Every time I run over a stick it knocks this thing pops right back where it belongs but WHAT IS IT FOR??o_O
  21. Coosawjack

    Interesting......2020 Mid-Engine Corvette ECU Untunable??

    Mid-engine 2020 Chevrolet C8 Corvette reportedly untunable
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    Talk About Stainless Steel Cojones!!

  23. Coosawjack

    WTB (TRY) Corsa Sport Axle Backs For 2014 GT 5.0

    I've tried almost everything else and would like to try these but the New Price is a KILLER!!:confused: Does anyone have a used pair for me to possibly Rent/Buy??;)
  24. Coosawjack

    What Next - Part II??

    Ford Crown Victoria Concept Rendered As Future Four-Door Coupe
  25. Coosawjack

    What Next??

    I just saw this on Google.......have Ford designers completely lost their minds??!!:eek: Meet the new Mustang SUV.......UGH!!