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    FOR SALE: GEN 4 2.9 Whipple Crusher New in Box

    Just like the title says, brand new in box Gen4 2.9 Crusher. $4750 plus fees & shipping, will meet in Eastern N.C., Southern VA, or Northern S.C. Sold
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    ISO ZX5 EAP SVT, Will Have CO EAP SVT 2-Door to sell

    In the market for a 4-Door EAP SVT, any color really, will have a Comp Orange 2-Door EAP for sale when I find one.
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    Sct ba2400

    I upgraded to a BA3000, nothing wrong with it and no issues. Made 478/530 on a stock Eaton. Said to support 650rwhp. $150 will cover shipping and paypal.
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    Sct ba2400

    I went to a bigger setup that uses a BA3000, so this is up for sale. No issues ran great. Made 478/530 on a stock Eaton. Specs say they'll support 650rwhp. $150 shipped and that'll cover PayPal too. Will add picture tonight.
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    Nitto NT05R's 285/40/18 New

    Exactly what the title says. (2) Brand New NT05Rs 285/40/18 $400 picked up in Wisconsin $525 shipped anywhere Discount Tire right now these are $615
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    285/40/18 Nitto NT05R's New

    Exactly what the title says. (2) Brand New NT05Rs 285/40/18 $400 picked up in Wisconsin $525 shipped anywhere Discount Tire right now these are $615
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    Anyone Running a CAI with a KB Behemoth

    Getting ready to do a 2.8 Behemoth install. Trying not to run an exposed under hood filter. I currently have the standard carbon fiber JLT CAI, with small filter. JLT says this smaller filter will limit above 550hp. The new JLT High Boost would put a 12" filter in the fender but I am not...
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    2005 Mustang GT Procharger F1 Panhandle Motor

    2005 Mustang GT/Saleen Procharger F1, 6spd, 675 rwhp Up for sale is a 2005 Mustang GT w/ a Stage 2 Saleen package. I have a folder that contains info for every part put on it, engine blueprints/specs, receipts, etc. The car was completely rebuilt in 2010 w/ 41k miles. 7k miles on new motor, 9k...
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    WTB Drag Big and Skinny Set-up for 03/04 Cobra

    Looking for a set of bigs and littles that will work on my 03/04 Cobra. It still has the IRS, but has rolled fenders and I have no problem grinding the rear calipers if you can tell me they will fit. Let me know what you have, pictures on a car would help, with or without tires is ok too...
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    WTB: 87-94 Struts

    I think I am bottoming out the Bilsteins on my Cobra and want to try some Fox Body struts as the body's are shorter, let me know what you have anything from stock take-offs to aftermarket drag struts will work. PM or email me.
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    Extremely Rough Ride after K-member, A-Arms, and C/C Install

    I recently installed an AJE K-member with a-arms, this was his universal 99-04 Mustang k-member so it uses a solid motor mount, I also used AJE's new C/C plate that mounts under the strut tower. The car still has the Bilstein's and has H&R Springs. Everything rode fine until this swap...
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    96-04 AJE Bumpsteer Kit NEW, $100 Shipped

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    305/35/18 New Nitto 555R's $450 Shipped

    Just like the title says a brand new set with stickers still, came right from Nitto, not blems, through Discount Tire they are $530, email me if interested: [email protected]
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    681HP Stock Eaton Cobra

    If this is a double post I apologize, if anyone needs help estimating horsepower maybe he could help you out, I think if he threw stickers on he would have another 100hp. Ford : Mustang : eBay Motors (item 220580802801 end time Apr-05-10 10:11:22 PDT)
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    Need help from the Nitrous Gods spraying their Eaton's

    So I have an NOS plate kit that I am trying to get on for an upcoming dyno day. My tuner gave me a nitrous tune when we did my tune, and I run a wide-band and if all goes well maybe I can get some tuning pulls in before the dyno day. Questions for guys with this kit as to what fuel and...
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    2.5" S.S. SLP LM2 Cat-Back Hand Polished Better than New

    Looking to move back to a 3" Cat-Back, bought this, drove it one time, pulled it off, spent several days polishing it, have about 20 hours into polishing, then put it back on and it hasn't moved since. Here is the kit listed at Lethal: SLP 99-04 Cobra Loud Mouth II (modular) Exhaust System...
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    IRS 3" MAC Cat-Back

    Can't tell you how many miles this has as it was on the car when I got it. It is the black finish with Stainless tips, starting to show wear and tear, changed to an SLP. $250 Shipped. Might be selling the matching Prochamber h-pipe soon if you are interested as well. Video before I...
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    Help with EGR Delete throwing codes

    I did an EGR delete and removed all that crap off the side of the Eaton. I got a new tune from my tuner and after I clear the dtc's they come back the second time I start the car. At first it was codes P0243 and P0405, so ran a ran a jumper wire on the middle plug that was left after...
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    Sonic Blue JLT RAI

  20. D3 Racing

    03-04 Sonic Blue JLT RAI

    For sale is my Sonic Blue RAI Kit. $100 shipped.
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    Free Admission to the Charlotte NMRA/NMCA Event Aug 8-9

    I am looking for some cars or trucks with Nitto Tires and owners who are willing to park their vehicle at the Nitto Trailer for the weekend. First off your vehicle has to be presentable as Nitto is the Title Sponsor in the NMRA Series and they will have their "Show" Trailer out there so your...
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    Stock 2003 Cobra Throttle Body and Plenum

    Just upgraded mine and no longer need it, $50, plus a few bucks ($7) to ship it, they have 48,000 miles on them.
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    What Belt? 2.76, Idlers, 4lb lower, and 3.2 alternator.

    I know you guys probably hate getting these questions but just need a little help. I am changing from a 2lb lower to a 4lb lower with a 3.2 alt pulley, I have a 2.76 upper and the 4 piece idler pulleys and a notched tensioner, and would like to save the numerous trips to the parts store...