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  1. SirShaun

    Unacknowledged on Netflix

    I found it rather entertaining to watch. The footage was cool to see. It goes on a bit of tangent to touch on secrecy, dark projects, unanswered government funding, false flags, and tactics used to control the public. The people they are interviewing seem genuine, with official documents being...
  2. SirShaun

    Storm Area 51, They Can't Stop All of Us Event

    I started seeing some memes trickle in on my Facebook timeline about an event. Someone thought it would be funny to organize an event to suggest people gather and raid Area 51. You will probably soon hear about this in the news, if you have not already. So far 670,000 are registered as...
  3. SirShaun

    2010 GT5000 - 800hp - 31,000 Miles - $34,000 OBO

    Located in Orange, VA 22960. 800hp GT500 with only 30,955 miles for sale, asking $34,000 or best offer. Ready to do something different. Sits a lot, super clean, garage kept, driven in rain twice maybe, underside is mint, tasteful upgrades professionally installed. Weak points have been...
  4. SirShaun

    1970s Street Racing Action

    Cool video someone shared on Facebook. Makes you realize how far cars have come lol. Facebook video for those who have facebook video problems.
  5. SirShaun

    I Think I Want to Change Up Vehicles, Need Opinions

    I spend way to much in car payments. My 20s were fun, now I'm 30 with a wife and 3 kids. Priorities and usages are changing. I need to downsize the fleet. I know I can get a lot more for my money with current offerings. Current Fleet: 2007 Corolla - Beater, paid off, probably keeping it till it...
  6. SirShaun

    What do other countries, think of Americans?

    I imagine before the great pussification commenced, we were revered for our intellect, freedom, beer drinking, gun toting, American dream living stature. I've only been around since 1988, but it seems like it's been a steady downward spiral in terms of quality of living for folks. Maybe not on...
  7. SirShaun

    Corvette ZR1 Top Speed Testing

    Impressive. Finally found youtube link, sorry for the Facebook video.
  8. SirShaun

    SpaceX Falcon Heavy Launch

    I didn't get to watch it live as they kept postponing it, but catching up, wow impressive. No good videos yet other than news sources on the actual launch. They managed to land at least 2 of the boosters, which kind of amazed me. I can't easily find if the 3rd core booster landed in the ocean...
  9. SirShaun

    Any 6.4 PSD Experts? How Screwed am I?

    Oh man, what a night. 2008 F250, DPF Deleted, EGR Disabled in Tune, Spartan Tuned Took off normal, car beside wanted to play, I floored it. I stop at the next light and I thought my wife was shaking the truck, missing something bad, almost wanting to turn off. No CEL, or useful codes. Pulled...
  10. SirShaun

    2017 ZL1 Beat the 350R Around the Ring.

    As I thought would happen, the ZL1 beat the GT350R around the ring. Get those 350R's ready for trade in when the GT500 comes out. That 10 speed auto is a game changer. "Lapping the Nürburgring Nordschleife in a blistering 7:29.60, the new 2017 Camaro ZL1’s lap time at the world’s most...
  11. SirShaun

    What Is Up With This Cryptic Stuff?

    Buddy forwarded me a link today. Not sure what I am looking at, nor does he. Cryptic website, with a timer. Background comes in on a delay so you may have to watch it for a bit. Website differs on your phone. Also some currency and propaganda being found in regards. Just weird. Anyone know...
  12. SirShaun

    Post Detail 2010 GT500 Photos

    I had my car detailed a few weeks back. Washed, Clayed, and Waxed. I believed he used all Croftgate products. I was impressed by how it turned out. Kind of wished I had the big and littles on at the time but these will hold me over until next time. Guy was cool enough to go snap some photos...
  13. SirShaun

    Post Detail Photographs of my 2010

    I had my car detailed a few weeks back. Washed, Clayed, and Waxed. I believed he used all Croftgate products. I was impressed by how it turned out. Kind of wished I had the big and littles on at the time but these will hold me over until next time. Guy was cool enough to go snap some photos...
  14. SirShaun

    Help me name my "Violent Extremist" Prevention Pig

    We have had him for a few days now, and the wife and I have still yet to name this little booger. His parents were only 30lbs, we will see haha. I've heard stories of people getting these things and they end up 100+lbs. If he stays small, the plan is for him to be an inside pig. If he gets too...
  15. SirShaun

    Stripe Help

    Well, I finally got my quarter panel fixed after breaking the rear last year. In the process the stripe had to be removed. I am having a horrible time trying to find someone to replicate them. I really don't want to buy the whole side from Ford. I've visited 3 sign shops, and the white they...
  16. SirShaun

    Has Anyone Ever Physically Prototyped Something and Went to Market?

    I am an IT Engineer but an Entrepreneurial goal has been haunting me for years. In short, I want to take some actions to work towards my goal of designing a successful product(s). The material of which it will be made out of I am unsure at the moment. Originally I wanted it to be made of...
  17. SirShaun

    F132 - F1 Car Meets 32 Ford Coupe

    Whats your guys thoughts on this? I think it's a pretty bad ass design/idea. I would drive the wheels off of this thing if I had it. Feel free to share any other mashups that work. The design has it using a Nascar motor as a power plant. At this point in time, it does not exist in real life...
  18. SirShaun

    Hitler Gets Hit GTR Ready for TX2K

    Hopefully not a repost. I laughed.
  19. SirShaun

    Anyone at or Watching Lights Out 7?

    Lights Out 7:Testing is Over is going on this weekend. The fastest small tire racers are battling it out this weekend. I'm watching the live stream and just saw Jason Michalak go [email protected] in the Radial vs The World Class Round 3 Qualifier. Blows my mind how fast these guys are going on small...
  20. SirShaun

    Performance Automatic 6R80E Option Coming

    Last October, I twisted the stock rear pretty bad. First time at the track on a sticky tire and my tubes weren't welded. I've since replaced the rear end with a built 13-14 take off consisting of a tru trac and moser axles. I also had another problem occurring with the car popping out of first...
  21. SirShaun

    Call of Duty: Black Ops 3

    Anyone else as addicted as I am? Anyone with an Xbone want to party up some time? Current overall K:D is 1.5ish. This is the first Call Of Duty game I actually made it past Prestige 2 with. Currently working through Prestige 5. I was skeptical on Specialist and Abilities before purchasing, but...
  22. SirShaun

    Hunting Hitler TV Show on History Channel

    Synopsis: "Armed with 700 pages of recently declassified FBI documents, twenty-one year CIA veteran Bob Baer and war crimes investigator Dr. John Cencich begin a worldwide investigation into what happened to Adolf Hitler at the end of WWII." I think the show is awesome. I ended up binge...
  23. SirShaun

    Car Popping Out of First Gear on Launch

    I twisted and or broke my rear pretty bad on Thursday. See!-WWYD I never got a good run in because the car kept popping out of first gear on the launch and going into neutral. Has...
  24. SirShaun

    To Track it, or not to Track it, that is the question! WWYD?

    My buddy with his Supra is going to the local 1/8 mile track tomorrow to practice his launching. He's attending a track rental coming up, has been flirting with 9s (Low 10s) last year, finally put some suspension under the car and wants to get some time with it. Hes added more power since then...
  25. SirShaun

    South Korea says it exchanged fire with North Korea at border

    This may escalate quickly. Meh on second thought and additional reading. I doubt it. If NK wanted war they would of tried to...