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  1. johnjon87

    Evolution GT500 for sale

    Well I hate to do it but the car just sits around and doesn't get driven so I have finally decided to sell the Shelby and give it to someone who will get more out of her then I can. The car is a 2007 stripe delete + CF Hood, Roof, Trunk. those can all be painted white as well if the CF look...
  2. johnjon87

    Anyone else here watch banshee?

    Stumbled on to the show a day after the premier and so glad I did. By far my favirite show on tv right now! Anyways anyone who hasnt heard of it check it out on cinemax. Season two starts next year
  3. johnjon87

    NOVA guys best detailing shop around

    Hey I just wanted everyone to check out Like New Detailing for any body or detailing work. I just got a GT-R about a month ago had a little ding in the back rear wheel well. Then before I left to mustang week it got keyed as well, took it to like new and not only did they do a flawless job but...
  4. johnjon87

    Ever waited for a loan to clear?

    Well considering my wait for my new gtrs loan/lien to clear I figured I'd make a thread about peoples experiences on buying a car with a lien on it .. Last time I waited a month for the shelbys titke to get mailed to me!
  5. johnjon87

    Getaway Trailer what do you guys think?

    I dunno how I feel about it yet but I probably will only go see it because of the shelby.
  6. johnjon87

    Just picked Up a GTR monday

    added a new toy ! She May be a little Dirty but nothing l Cant Fix this weekend !
  7. johnjon87

    The crew. Finally a racing game Im ex ited about

    This looks so sick, can't wait!
  8. johnjon87


    just put the 2013 recaros in the car looking to sell my stock seats. Lemme know if anyone is interested. Id rather try to sell them locally so I don't have to worry about shipping.. Sent from my DROID BIONIC using Tapatalk 2
  9. johnjon87


    just put the recaros in a few Weeks ago looking to sell my stock seats.. Anyone interested? Sent from my DROID BIONIC using Tapatalk 2
  10. johnjon87

    UFC 151 canceled

    Jones vs Hendo is canceled! Machida vs Jones rescheduled for September 21st. Apparently Dana wanted chael to fight Jones but Greg Jackson and Jon Jones refused. Dana is now calling Greg Jackson out Sent from my DROID BIONIC using Tapatalk 2
  11. johnjon87


    The 2013 recaros go in tomorrow stay tuned for some pics.. The car was looking kinda spacious earlier! Sent from my DROID BIONIC using Tapatalk 2
  12. johnjon87

    New Cammed Exhaust vid + more

    Just got the car back from Evolution yesterday.. Had time to post up a few vids on youtube so if you like what you see check out my channel or subscribe to me on youtube if you have an account.. More too come! Retrun of the Whtmare! - YouTube
  13. johnjon87

    For anyone interested.. Fedor just signed with the ufc!

    Never thought they would ever come to a deal but its official. Fedor has signed with the ufc! No fights are planned yet.. Sent from my DROID BIONIC
  14. johnjon87

    Are you serious! Lol thats insane Sent from my DROID BIONIC
  15. johnjon87

    Best tire setup for a lot of power

    Im currently running the 20" ss alcoas, but with the power I'm putting down now they don't do anything but look nice.. I'm looking to put some smaller wheels on the back and put a lot more rubber on there so I can hook up better if needed. I haven't done any dragging yet, but I do plan on...
  16. johnjon87

    Who ya got?

    Ultimate fighter coaches mayhem vs bisping tonight on spike.. hope bisping loses by ko, but most likely mayhem will submit him if it doesn't go to the judges.. Sent from my DROID BIONIC
  17. johnjon87


    Anyone know where to buy E85 in the NOVA area. Were putting in the triple hat fuel system with 110lb injectors and going to tune it for E85. So now im just wondering where im going to have to drive to get it. If anyone has any info please let me know, worst case i can try to use my CAC @ the...
  18. johnjon87

    Civic veyron.. Sent...
  19. johnjon87

    Transformer, Integra Type R, Mustang with a Fart Cannon!

    So Im walking home from the bar last night and catch a glimpse of this.. are you kidding me!! This must have been one of those slow transformers...
  20. johnjon87

    New Project with Evolution

    So I was on the phone with Fred the other day and we have decided to go with a new project. They're finding me a Ford Gt Aluminum Block along with the Heads.. They will then send it to L&M and get all the internals made and assembled there... Ill use as many of my existing engine setup as I can...
  21. johnjon87

    Stock blower

    Im selling my Stock blower along with 2.6 metco pulley from my 07 gt500 anyone interested...? It made 545RWHP with the metco setup
  22. johnjon87


    I have an aluminum one piece driveshaft trying to get rid of it lemne know if anyone is interested Sent from my DROID BIONIC using Tapatalk
  23. johnjon87

    New Dyno #s from Evolution

    on 93 Octane W/ Torco !!! Pic of the car on the Dyno! Ill post 2 Dyno Vids up soon
  24. johnjon87

    Turbo 400 Auto

    I'm thinking of switching to the Turbo 400 Auto transmission has anyone went through with switching from stick to auto? I'm wondering what the pros and cons would be with switching.. I agree its fun to bang gears but with the power I'm making I don't really think it would be an issue. I know...