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  1. black99lightnin

    Dilemma sort of

    So today I was offered $75,800 for my 19 redeye widebody. Car has less than 5k miles. Original sticker was $86k but after all the rebates pre covid I paid $72k. Now two months ago I would’ve jumped on board both feet. But since then I’ve installed a drag pack wheel set and the car has really...
  2. black99lightnin

    Who remembers FFW

    Found this old plate frame and put it in the 86. Used to go every year when I lived in Dallas, Katy (Baytown), and the nola metro area(no problem raceway). Sent from my iPhone using the mobile app
  3. black99lightnin

    FOR SALE: MGW shifter handles & knob

    Two shifter handles for mgw. One is for the stock 07-09 knob and the other for the mgw Shelby ball. The handle for the stock knob is a little longer. Also included us the mgw wrench Package deal $45 shipped. Sent from my iPhone using the mobile app
  4. black99lightnin

    WTB redfire coupe.

    Seeing what is out there. I’d like stick or lightly modded. Not interested in race cars. Redfire only. Sent from my iPhone using the mobile app
  5. black99lightnin

    Thanks Matt

    Needed a set of the new g2r drag radials for the Redeye. Matt got me taken care of quickly and easily. Highly recommend you talk with Matt before you ever consider buying high performance tires anywhere else.
  6. black99lightnin

    couple of questions

    Tried search, nothing. 1. If I wanted to add memory seating to my 18GT premium is it just a matter of adding the switches and flashing a module? 2. What do I need to add nav? 3. On my 16, it has the tiny radio. What parts are needed to add the upgraded touchscreen system?
  7. black99lightnin

    Ideas about modding the Explorer Platinum

    Not sure where to put this. But I've been looking at either buying an MB GLE63 or GLC 63, but the ride is rough, and even at dealership employee pricing...high. So the obvious choice is to dump a lot of money in the explorer that I'll never get back. Currently it has a LMS 3 bar tune. The...
  8. black99lightnin

    2018 gt not starting, cranks

    I picked up a 2018 gt on Saturday. decided to tune it on Sunday, now it will crank no start. I put the factory tune back in same issue. I'm going to contact SCT tomorrow as not sure if the tuner caused the issue. Question though. Before I tuned the vehicle there was an audible noise in...
  9. black99lightnin

    18 gt not starting after sct tune

    I just got an 18 gt yesterday and decided to tune it today. Goes through all the steps, now cranks but wont start. Gives me mileage, not flashing any alarm code. Only code in sct is 315 crank learn. Can't do a crank learn if car doesn't start. Flashed it back to stock same issue. Currently...
  10. black99lightnin

    my new cat

    Ended up trading in both my 16 charger and 13 CTSV for the Redeye. Initial impressions is it feels fast, but I haven't really gotten on it fully. Gas mileage is CTSV bad. Surprisingly the Charger HC got decent gas mileage especially on the highway, could be due to the rear gear. I like the...
  11. black99lightnin

    anybody have a grabber lime/black stripe?

    Has anyone received a grabber lime/black stripe GT500? I'm possibly getting a dealer ordered vehicle and am unsure of how the stripes will look like on the green. Please post pics if you own one.
  12. black99lightnin

    Saving a 1972 Pantera

    Back story my dad bought this car in 1984. It has been garaged and rarely driven up until about 4 years ago. For some reason my dad decided to let someone do paint work on the car, but never picked it back up. The car has sat outside since sometime in 2015. I decided to go get the car and...
  13. black99lightnin

    New pb in the 2.7 rcsb

    Added a 5 star 93 performance tune. It’s strong through the 1/8th, but not real impressive through the 1/4. The 1/8th equates to 13.11. Sent from my iPhone using the mobile app
  14. black99lightnin

    thinking about a Hellcat Redeye widebody

    Lately I find myself looking more and more at getting a Hellcat Redeye widebody. Plum crazy of course. I'd have to order the car. I currently have a Hellcat charger. Does anyone have experience with the redeye and how it performs against a Hellcat? The dilemma to purchasing I'd have to...
  15. black99lightnin

    Just noticed corrosion in my mustangs hood

    I was working on the gt today and noticed two small patches of corrosion on the driver side edge. When I had my 12 gt500 ford replaced the hood as the front edges were covered in this. Before we traded the 13 explorer sport I noticed it’s hood was doing the same bubbling. We now have an 18...
  16. black99lightnin

    2.7 ecoboost mods

    I’m getting a tune soon for the little engine that could. On other ecoboost I’ve upgraded to a 3 bar map, is that applicable on this truck and if do what is the part #. Thoughts on high flow cats and a larger inner cooler? With just a cai it’s been 13.80. Really want to be in the 12’s...
  17. black99lightnin

    1st time to the track with the F150

    Recently purchased an 18 F150 rcsb 2.7 4x4 to play around with. I'm too scared to boost the Hellcat or the CTSV and cheap(IE: pulley, tune, injectors, HE(ctsv)) I bought this little truck to play with. Went to the track on March 17th. Unfortunately it was a race day and they only...
  18. black99lightnin

    Auto insurance....question.

    Back story, I currently have 4 cars on my regular auto policy. The hellcat and ctsv are on collector insurance. Here’s the question. I now have a company car so I sold my 13 mb e350. I go online and remove that car from the policy. I click finish changes and poof my insurance goes up $177...
  19. black99lightnin

    Lmr s550 steering wheel

    Purchased in November of last year. In perfect shape. Only selling as got a great deal in a 350 wheel. $175 shipped. Pm or email me at [email protected] Sent from my iPhone using the mobile app
  20. black99lightnin

    Thanks again.

    I continue to use DTD for my tire and wheel needs. Never disappointed. Matt always comes through. I'll be hitting you up soon for some MT SS 305/35/20's.
  21. black99lightnin

    2018 has to be better. what was your 2017 horror stories....

    So 2017 has to go down as the worst year I've experienced in my recent memory. It started in January with my wife's brother commiting suicide by Opiate. He was mid 20's and has always has drug issues. What prompted the final issue was he didn't get a job he was looking forward to and his GF...
  22. black99lightnin

    Misc gen 2 parts

    Have some gen 2 parts taking up space. Part of my New Years resolution is organization. stock 90 maf, no electronics with boot $60 shipped. idler, needs bearings. $15 shipped. not sure if 100 or 90. ported upper intake $125 shipped 01+ LED 3rd brake light, probably doesn't work. could be use...
  23. black99lightnin

    2012 svtpp lower rear arms

    Removed from my 12 svtpp car for aftermarket units. Perfect shape. $50 shipped Sent from my iPhone using the mobile app
  24. black99lightnin

    Shelby American take off motor mounts

    I bought these motor mounts as take off units from Shelby. There are used but as new. $40 shipped Sent from my iPhone using the mobile app
  25. black99lightnin

    2012 gt500 m122 supercharger

    Selling my 2012 supercharger. Stock pulley and stock elbow. Low miles, less than 25k when swapped for a 13 tvs. I have 0 use for this as I traded the car and left the tvs on it. Asking $400 shipped, it's heavy. Sent from my iPhone using the mobile app