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  1. vortecd

    Preakness, the best horse race I ever watched!

    The jockeyless horse had me rolling the whole race. Only thing that would have made it better would be if it would have won!
  2. vortecd

    Ebay 15% off 12/15

    15% off, 10% off Tech up to $75 off code: PICKUPSALE
  3. vortecd

    Ebay 15% off sporting goods 12/14

    Code PERFECTGAME untill 11:59 PT
  4. vortecd

    Once Upon A Deadpool

    Saw it tonight and thought it was great. They took out some opening scenes but the added Fred Savage scenes made up for it!
  5. vortecd

    Ebay 10% off

    10% off today until 12/8 3am PT Code PHLDAYTEN
  6. vortecd

    Thank you Veterans!

    To all that have served and are serving, THANK YOU! I will be taking two of them out to lunch today
  7. vortecd

    15% off Ebay 8/28

    Another 15% off untill 10pm PT
  8. vortecd

    15% off on Ebay today

    They seem to have these every few weeks now.
  9. vortecd

    Whipple Mono Blade Throttle Body Black

    SOLD Whipple mono blade 170mm tb. Selling my car so I don't need it I was told it is part number SGT1900b $375 shipped through paypal
  10. vortecd

    JLT Super Big Air 148mm Carbon Fiber New

    SOLD I have a real Carbon fiber JLT 148mm for 2010-14 Shelbys. It has never been used. They do not makes these anymore Asking $400 shipped through Paypal
  11. vortecd

    AJE tubular k-member and a-arms brand new

    SOLD!!! I bought this set up for my 2013 Mustang and never installed it. These will fit 2005-2014 Mustangs. If you change to a different style engine (chevy) you just need to buy different motor mounts. K-member also has 2 mounting holes for the a-arms for standard or lowered cars I think...
  12. vortecd

    2013 Mustang GT Roush Supercharger, Built Motor, Ported Heads

    SOLD 2013 Mustang GT base Sterling Grey, auto, Recaro seats and spoiler delete. I went with the base since I don't care for leather seats. I ordered the car in July of 2012 Car has 49,300 miles on it. I had the motor built last year so I could up the boost with a boss 302 crankshaft...
  13. vortecd

    L&M GT500 plenum never used

    SOLD I picked this up awhile ago but ended up changing blowers so I never used it. It is brand new never used. Fits 2007-2012 GT500's but could be modified to fit others. I was going to use it on my '13 GT with a Roush $150 shipped through Paypal
  14. vortecd

    Tesla's new roadster, 8.9 1/4!

    If this car can even come close to what they are claiming it will be pretty crazy! Not into electric cars but this could be game changing
  15. vortecd

    L&M 72mm Throttle Body

    SOLD I have a black twin 72mm TB for sale. This is complete with electronics, worked great. Going to a monoblade $450 shipped through paypal
  16. vortecd

    2011-14 Roush square tip mufflers

    SOLD I have a set of Roush axle backs with square tips for sale $250 shipped with paypal
  17. vortecd

    2011-2012 GT500 mufflers

    I have a set of stock 2011-12 GT500 mufflers $275 shipped paypal
  18. vortecd

    2013/14 GT500 quad tip mufflers

    SOLD I have a set of stock 13-14 GT500 mufflers $340 shipped paypal
  19. vortecd

    What are using for laptop mount in car?

    Been looking around for a laptop mount for in the car data logging at the track. I have been lying it on the seat for 3rd gear pulls on the street but that won't work at the track
  20. vortecd

    DSS Driveshaft

    Up for sale is DDS Driveshaft less then a year old with a few thousand miles on it. (there is a pic of the aluminum date) This was purchased from a friend that got a good deal on a carbon fiber driveshaft. These sell for $720 $525 shipped through paypal
  21. vortecd

    Blood Drive

    New series on SYFY. 1st episode was on last night and we watched it tonight. I thought it was pretty cool. Pushing the limits on what they can put on tv
  22. vortecd

    Vic Edelbrock jr. has passed

    Kinda surprised no one has posted this. Lots of us have used their products through out the years RIP
  23. vortecd

    A long time ago....

    (about 40 years) in a galaxy far, far away... well not really STAR WARS hit the theaters May 25th 1977. There has been no other film series in history that has the influence it has in so many walks of life. It really is crazy how often it is mentioned in shows and movies, Star Wars is...
  24. vortecd

    Ford Racing Monoblade TB

    I picked this up awhile ago but never used it. I did bolt it up to the car and it works fine $450 shipped through paypal Thanks, Jim
  25. vortecd

    Radium oil catch can

    Friend had this on his Focus and sold the car so I picked it up for something different. It has a dipstick to check the level and holds 8 ounces. I bought 8an fittings and hose to hook it up. Had to massage the stock fitting to get them to work. 10an would work better. Think it looks better then...