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  1. Crimson2v

    Cabinet install questions.

    I am thinking about installing cabinets in our laundry room but I am running into some issues. The wall on the right side of my window has no stud in between the window and the wall. Do you think putting some furring strips horizontally which would be screwed to the studs and then screw the...
  2. Crimson2v

    Rockville Maryland members?

    Would there happen to be any members from this area or near it? There is a vehicle I am interested in purchasing and needed someone to check it over if possible.
  3. Crimson2v

    Terminator crate motor dyno

    This video popped up on my account figured I’d share, it’s pretty cool.
  4. Crimson2v

    03 Cobra diecast!

    Hey folks, not sure if you have heard that the Cobra diecast has been re-released. They have it in Comp orange and I heard later in the year it will be offered in white. Any of y’all scored one yet? I haven’t been able to find them.
  5. Crimson2v

    8k rpm vintage mustangs

    I am amazed at the power the little 289 puts out in the coupe. They both sound amazing, nothing like the sound of an 8k rpm sbf.
  6. Crimson2v

    Digital photo/video storage

    I have a lot of photos and I have a few family videos stored on my computer. My hard drive is about maxed out with storage and I have made copies of the videos to disc. I was looking at possibly getting an external hard drive for the storage of the pics and vids. Is this a good idea for long...
  7. Crimson2v

    Cobra supercharger oil

    I have an old bottle of supercharger oil that someone is interested in. What do you all think a fair price is for it? I see the new ones go for 40-50 bucks but this one is the Ford oil not motorcraft.
  8. Crimson2v

    Presidential debates (funny)

  9. Crimson2v

    Ban on open carry...

    My town council is trying to ban open carry on all town property including greenways and parks. How is this constitutional? It is legal to open carry in our state. They said that they are not going to ban concealed carry but if they are going this far what’s going to stop them from more over reach.
  10. Crimson2v

    Chicago PD shoots suspect in the back

    I thought these incidences didn't happen according to some people.
  11. Crimson2v

    Firearms in house

    I know I am a bit behind when it comes to firearm knowledge but I have been thinking it's getting time we get something to protect ourselves in our house and out and about. My wife and I did not grow up around guns and are very nervous when it comes to having one in the house due to having...
  12. Crimson2v

    1960’s riots

    Stumbled across this video with Dr. Tomas Sowell. Skip to the 15:45 mark he speaks about the riots and how to handle them. These politicians should watch his videos maybe this would help out with our current situation we are in.
  13. Crimson2v

    Change of coarse for the United States

    With everything going on in our country and in our states I see time and time again more liberals getting voted in especially in local elections. Has any of you guys ran for local or national office before? I feel like to make a real change maybe we need to have a better pool to choose from in...
  14. Crimson2v

    Financial advisor, yay or nay

    My wife and I are thinking of branching out with investing besides our 401k accounts. I was thinking of talking to a financial advisor who happens to be someone I use to work with quite a long time ago. He owns an investment business and reached out to us about working with him and helping us...
  15. Crimson2v

    Stay or sell, home related

    How many of you all have stayed in the first house you purchased and payed it off? We have 16 years left until ours is payed for which would leave us at being in our 50’s with no mortgage. We would love to sell now and get into something with more room and a little larger lot but would have to...
  16. Crimson2v

    DIY tile in bathroom? Plumbing Q's.

    We have laminate floors in our bathrooms and I am wanting to get some info on possibly doing tile. Being that it is laminate would I have to put a different underlayment like a concrete backer board or thicker plywood on top of the original flooring? Also the other question is about the toilet...
  17. Crimson2v

    Mechanic to manager? Is it possible?

    Hey everyone I have an interview for a fleet supervisor job coming up and needed some input. This is going to be my second time going for an interview for a job like this. The first was at my current job, was interviewing for supervisor job and was told I didn't have any management experience. A...
  18. Crimson2v

    Camper owners

    So how many of you all have camper trailers? We bought our truck a couple of years ago and now that it is about paid off we are looking into getting a camper trailer. We are looking for something with bunks and possibly a slide out. What brand would you guys recommend as far as quality and...
  19. Crimson2v

    Getting paid to go to school?

    I just read an article about how our county commissioners are wanting to pay students to go to school and enter the apprenticeship program at our community college. They will be given $50k a year to learn a skill or trade. I am not sure if businesses will be paying for this or tax payers. The...
  20. Crimson2v

    03 Cobra vert spotted!

    I went to Darlington this past weekend and on the way back from the track I spotted a Redfire vert sitting at what looked like an auction site. I tried to get more info from their website but you need a log in. Looked clean from the road, it’s at Manheim auction if anyone wanted to look at it.
  21. Crimson2v

    Clutch tamer

    I was deep in YouTube land yesterday and saw a video showcasing a coyote swapped s197. They were drag racing it and had a clutch tamer on the pedal, looked like it was helping the driver slip the clutch. I have never seen such a thing before and was wondering if any of the SVTP crowd had it and...
  22. Crimson2v

    Putting dog down

    Hey guys and gals, my wife and I have made the tough decision to put her dog down. He is over 13 years old and it just not doing good. The appointment is later on this week, we just don't know how to break this news to the kids. They are young and don't really understand what's going on with...
  23. Crimson2v

    5.0 mustang legends

    I found a video with a lot of cool stories about the 5.0 fox body movement. I remember always reading about these guys, it’s cool that they all got together again.
  24. Crimson2v

    GPS watch for kids

    I was just wondering if anyone used these for their children. We were thinking of getting one for ours when they are in school. We have some concerns about the watches getting hacked and some strangers being able to track them. They do have some great features for us I just don't know if they...
  25. Crimson2v

    10th anniversary floor mats

    I bought these when I still had my Cobra. At the time I was working at a Ford dealer and bought the last set of floor mats in the country. The box and the plastic are a little beat up, the pics show the condition of the box and bag. The floor mats are brand new I would consider them NOS. I am...