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  1. Serpent

    Mini v8 RC nitro

    Thought this was pretty cool:
  2. Serpent

    Cessna engine failure during flight

    Holy shit balls!
  3. Serpent

    Stock GT500 (Predator) vs Stock Redeye

    GT500 has passenger, Redeye solo:
  4. Serpent

    Trinity motor (13/14 GT500) vs Hellcat motor (16+ 6.2L)

    I'm still learning about the tech involved with the HC motor and know about the limits of the Trinity. For those who have experience with both, which engine was more stout? Which one can put down more power without opening the engine? Which can do 200-300k miles? I know I may get a bias...
  5. Serpent

    '18 Mustang GT 6-speed starting from last to 1st place

    Watch him take 1st from a Camero.
  6. Serpent

    Pros/Cons: Manual Challenger Hellcat (2016+)

    I know its a bad time to be car hunting since prices have been going up and not depreciating as everything should. But, I've been itching to get another manual vehicle but something more comfortable for long cruises on weekends, maybe even road trips up and down the West Coast. For those...
  7. Serpent

    "Special/Niche" Vehicles with rear seat leg and head room suggestions

    Not looking to get a van, a Raptor would be nice, but they are massive vehicles. I'm looking for something under 200" in length. Ideally the Grand Cherokee SRT is the one to own, but having been a member on the GC forums and FB group, they are quite easy to steal. The problem is I will be...
  8. Serpent

    700-mile Mystichrome 04 Cobra on BaT

    No Reserve: 700-Mile 2004 Ford Mustang SVT Cobra Mystichrome Convertible Curious to see how high this goes, current bid at $47k with 7 days left.
  9. Serpent

    Mortal Kombat movie trailer

    Anyone remember fighting Goro, guy scared the shit outta me. Looked up his specs, 8'2, 550lbs, 4 ****ing arms. LOL
  10. Serpent

    Removing over the top stripes...

    So I've been doing some searching and no I haven't signed up for the Ford GT forum, but has anyone painted over the top stripes? I've seen some GT's without the top stripes and then have side stripes... Now I know the side stripes are stickers. But curious if anyone has painted over the top...
  11. Serpent

    8-sec Audi RS3 vs Ken Blocks 1400hp Mustang Hoonicorn

    That RS3 is quick AF, but the Hoonicorn is just a sick car, sick fricken build. Nascar motor in anything would be bad ****ing ass!
  12. Serpent

    $55k race: F150 by midnight performance vs TT Cherokee SRT8

    Can't find it anywhere except IG: Coyote baby!! :cool:
  13. Serpent

    Newer superchargers for the 05-06 Ford GT

    Curious what exactly fits on the GT, would a 13-14 trinity blower work? I mean the google has links from 2009. What about 2018/2019 results, like something more recent. What bad ass blower will work with these cars, besides the ones designed for the car 10+ years ago?
  14. Serpent

    Ford finally listening: 2021 Raptor to have GT500 motor

    2021 Ford F-150 Raptor Will Have 700+ HP Supercharged V8 from Mustang GT500: Report Hope the people that bitched about Ford not doing anything about the TRX will get one of these. :D:D:D
  15. Serpent

    Big power Vipers racing in OKC

    Beast mode!!!!
  16. Serpent

    Comedian Andew Schulz on Joe Biden

    This video is fricken hilarious, I had to share it on Pics and Vids Buffet:
  17. Serpent

    Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020

    2 petabytes of world data (thats 2 million gigs) The game will simulate the entire Earth using textures and topographical data from Bing Maps. Three-dimensional representations of the world's features, such as terrain, trees, buildings, and water will be generated using Microsoft Azure AI...
  18. Serpent

    The Manual car to rule them all: Gorday Murray's T.50

    This thing is going to be bad ass. Specs: 3-Seater (just like the F1) 650hp V12 12,000rpm built by Cosworth weight... 2160lbs (the F1 was around 24xxlbs) and yes, 6-speed manual transmission @treynor PLEASE tell me you're getting one of these? Brings me back to the 90s with the iconic...
  19. Serpent

    Pony Wars by Power Automedia on Youtube

    Not sure if anyone has seen their videos, it seems the Camaro always pulls off a win. Opposite of what we see in other youtube videos from 1320video, thatracingchannel, texasstreetscene, etc. '19 Scatpack Challenger vs '19 Camaro SS vs '19 Mustang GT (all are procharged):
  20. Serpent

    3.5k mile Sonic Blue 03 Cobra

    3,500-Mile 2003 Ford Mustang SVT Cobra This will prob go for a nice amount. Super low miles, as of this post 6 days to go and already at $15k.
  21. Serpent

    Holy shit, roll cage fail, harness fail, and helmet fail

    She lived with minor injuries.
  22. Serpent

    681 Mile '00 Cobra R on BaT

    681-Mile 2000 Ford Mustang Cobra R
  23. Serpent

    Wow, didnt know the 2018+ 5.0's were capable of 11's stock

    That is nuts, that a10 is magic! Crazy that a regular gt can run 11s even on all season tires. He ran 11.9 @ 117 all stock including tires, hence stock. LOL
  24. Serpent

    2020 S1000RR vs 720s Spider & an Ariel Atom

    Goes to show how fuggin fast the 720s is. On a drag strip the RR will be a bit faster. The stock record RR (older S1000RR model) i believe is 9.5 or maybe even faster I wonder how the new 2020 RR will do in the 1/4 mile, bike has more power, dropped weight by a crazy 30 lbs or so. Bike must...
  25. Serpent

    New Ford GT vs New ZR1

    Race starts at 4:00