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    Front bumper cover replacement

    So my 93 Cobra's front bumper cover was slightly mauled when the car was being loaded on a trailer. I don't think it is repairable because there is an actual rip/tear in the bumper cover by the fog light. So I was wondering which cover I should be ordering to replace it: LRS...
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    JLP Air Box, JLP Thunder Pipe, Motoblue 4# pulley ring/hub/belt

    JLP Air Induction Kit - Good condition, it's a little dirty with some minor scuffs. Retails for $185, asking $140 shipped JLP Thunder Pipe Air Tube *SOLD* Motoblue pulley ring and hub. *SOLD* *Paypal accepted, or COD (extra charges for shipping COD apply).
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    WTB Lower Pulley Hub

    Im looking for a lower pulley hub that takes the standard swappable lower blower pulley rings (6 bolt). I'd like to find one with all of the hardware for bolting the hub > crank and the ring > hub. Thanks.
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    Towing my 93 C with my 03 L

    So I've been stuck out in DFW trying to get this 93 Cobra project car of mine started (it has been one thing after another ... ). I need to get home to TN by this next weekend, and a clean 03 DSG L showed up for sale on Autotrader. It has 37k miles, original owner, and is 100% stock. I picked...