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  1. flyngt

    supercharger for sale

    I have a powerdyne supercharger for sale.It comes with 3 different pulleys,mass air flow,42lb injectors,blow off valve,intercooler,basiclly everything you need but a fuel pump.I paid 1500 for the kit looking for best offer no low balling please.
  2. flyngt

    Whats the problem

    Whats the big deal with powerdyne superchargers.I hear alot of people talking bad about the brand but i cant find anything wrong with it.Just looking for you guys point of veiw.:shrug:
  3. flyngt

    just bought a supercharger

    I went to erie PA,Friday night and picked up a powerdyne set up.It came with 90mm MAF,42#injectors,intercooler 3 different pullies a 6#,9# and im not sure what the 3rd one is but I got it all for 1400.:banana:
  4. flyngt

    fighting with a friend

    my buddy said you can put a eaton on a 2v I said yes with the torktek kit.He said his brother has a eaton on his 03 GT and didnt buy the kit.So I told him I knew right where to go to figure this out as alot of you know I been thinking of supercharging my 02 so everything you say will be a repeat...
  5. flyngt

    Kenne bell

    Im looking for a kenne bell for my 02 GT.I have cash in hand and ready to wheel and deal today.I dont really care what size KB.My bottom is still stock and I only plan on making let me know what you got or where to look.
  6. flyngt


    My last plans went down the drain so figured I would come back and see if any superchargers came up for sale for my 02 GT.Ready to buy asap
  7. flyngt

    WTB:cobra parts

    I am looking for a stock eaton blower,03/04 cobra hood,front bumper,spolier,and side skirts.or/and whatever else is for sale:rolling:
  8. flyngt

    Another blower question

    I was told that i can put a eaton S/C on my 2002 mustang gt.If its true how much would it cost and how hard would it be to do.The reason im asking is because im def putn a blower on my car and im kicking around different options.Ive seen eatons very cheap im just trying to get my car close to...
  9. flyngt

    supercharger for 02 gt

    Im new to this forum but i heard this was the place to be for superchargers.I have a stock 02 GT.I want to supercharge it I was thinking kenne bell but i also heard alot about other S/C .I dont have alot of coin so i was trying to do it on a budget at the same time if it cost a little more thats...