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  1. sniper85

    15 GT & SRT10 Ram

    Finally got some free time after working a couple of weeks straight. I've been driving the Stang lately. I missed it after being 3 weeks in the shop. I got home early and was pumped after passing my statistics quiz. It was about 1130pm the wife and kids were asleep and I was about to jump in the...
  2. sniper85

    Gear changes

    Curious to see if anyone has made a gear change? If so what gears? Car info (PP/A6 etc). Pro's and con's. And what was you reasoning for doing so?
  3. sniper85

    Find 98 Cobra- Texas

    Not sure if this is the spot to post this. But I'm looking for my first Mustang. '98 Chrome yellow Cobra. Last I heard it was in Corpus Christi, Texas. When I sold at a dealer it sold so fast they said they didn't have time to enter it in the system. I sold it in New Braunfels, Texas. But Texas...
  4. sniper85

    Any one with Tunnel Ram/Street Demon Exhaust

    I am still up in the air for the exhaust I want. Seems everyone around Central Texas has Roush. Which is fine but just not my style. I like the hollow tones,... Flowmasters, etc. I found some badass kits from Kinney's Muffler Shop in FT. Worth, Texas. The only problem is they do a custom fit...
  5. sniper85

    SRT vs s197 Roush(real?) and some other wins!

    It's been a while since I've been on here. I got rid of my '08 Shelby and bought my Triple yellow '15 GT PP. I've had this car since the start of January and never raced anyone. Well, me and some friends were coming from Cabelas in Buda, Texas. My little boy was with me and kept yelling ...
  6. sniper85

    08 GT500 vs Dodge R/T

    I don't hate on other cars. To each their own. With that being said I hate when people look at my Stang like its shit. I was cruising down 35 around San Marcos, TX. As I pulled on the hwy I seen two challenger r/t. Red and a white one. I pulled next to the red one and gave him a thumbs...
  7. sniper85

    WTB: FRPP M55/ New FRPP Exhaust...?

    Looking for a FRPP M55 cat back. Also, would the newer axle backs work if I had the mufflers custom fitted? I'm in the process of a c-head & KB/Whipple swap. I am keeping the Teksid block no matter, if it doesn't work I will just find something else.:shrug:
  8. sniper85


    Hey guys! OK, first I busted my radiator. Does anyone know a good replacement? My brother-in-law said to just buy a replacement stock. I trust him he has a nice laser red and knows alot more bout them then I do!!!! ANyone know where to get one cheap? Second, my tires are no good. They are a good...
  9. sniper85


    Hey guys! I'm new to the Mustang world my wife just bought me a '98 Chrome Yellow Cobra and I am wanting to do some mods but not for sure what or where I should start. It is pretty much stock except for 2 chamber flows and some black FR500s. I would like to push anywhere btw 650-800hp. I want to...