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    Supercharged 98 cobra... Blow by questions

    3 years late if they were running that engine on a stock tune then that explains why the engine was hurt
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    Mechanical Drivetrain Loss in our 2013-2014 Shelby GT500'S

    YES IT DOES!!!! You have to understand horsepower is time distance and weight. It sounds like your wanting crank horsepower. That should theoretically be pretty consistent but a crank horsepower number is unusable so it means nothing. You then have rwhp which is just an estimated actual...
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    Changing MAF

    anytime you modify the maf you need to let the ecu know
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    Mechanical Drivetrain Loss in our 2013-2014 Shelby GT500'S

    No, it doesn't. A track tells you actual horsepower i.e. the actual 1/4 mile et is measured directly. A dyno is not able to accurately calculate the 1/4 mile et so it has to assume i.e. it cannot actually measure the 1/4 mile et. 1/4 mile et needs to be measured for horsepower.
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    From the archive: IROC vs. 5.0

    I too liked the iroc until I seen my first 89 trans am firebird tta.
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    Mechanical Drivetrain Loss in our 2013-2014 Shelby GT500'S

    See thats what Im referring to. People confuse horsepower as a set value and not what it really is. Horsepower is a measurement of time distance and weight. An engine will make more power under optimal conditions. Even with set conditions an expert driver can get more power out of an engine...
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    96' Cobra: Question about exhaust tone?

    what is the idle rpm? the blower will take away from the sound
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    Mechanical Drivetrain Loss in our 2013-2014 Shelby GT500'S

    There is no way to quantify this because all dynos read differently. The only true and accurate way to measure horsepower is at the track. Most people fail to realize that horsepower is a measurement of time distance and weight. Distance is a given at the track and you can weigh your vehicle...
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    Person2Person transactions via PayPal

    Ive had the same paypal account 20 years now and use it exclusively for all online transactions. Before you sell you need references and review the forum rules here for posting for sale threads as well. You give them your email address and they send you funds oe you can request as it sounds...
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    My Cammed Stable...(Sound clips)

    dying on decel or when clutch or while moving has nothing to do with idle. Thats entirely two different controls and completely unrelated to idle rpm. startup rpm adder when cold has no affect on idle when warmed up. That again is completely a non issue. sounds like you need a better tuner.
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    My Cammed Stable...(Sound clips)

    why idle at such high an rpm? It'll cut up more if you drop it
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    2004 Pontiac GTO | Retro Review

    I never liked them they reminded me of saturns. Ive never lost a race to one in my bone stock 98 ls1 6spd camaro either probably another reason why I didnt care for them. I out ran one guy who I pulled up to at a red light once. He had a cam chopping its ass off and said he had exhaust cam...
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    same as any other what i do is put the front of the car higher up use ramps if you must and as you fill pinch the bottom of the radiator hose to get as much air out as you can. youll hear the bypass rattle in the thermostat each time you pinch the hose if all the air is mostly out
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    Real-Estate Bubble Popping?

    Not now but 15-20% down the line is not ideal either.
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    Real-Estate Bubble Popping?

    trump filed bankruptcy too in the past. I dont think any less of him for it. I was raised its more important how you get back up rather than how you fall. I paid off all my debt as soon as possible long before I ever heard of dave. I was raised you only get what you can work to afford. I...
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    Real-Estate Bubble Popping?

    Just curious, what makes his methods safe and not feasible for wealth?
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    Real-Estate Bubble Popping?

    Thats profit though major difference. If I loose 60k in taxes I'll have to come out of pocket that 60k just to get back to where i was in a comparable house or to even buy back the exact same house.
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    Real-Estate Bubble Popping?

    Correct. Its only me. That 250 is TOTAL which includes other properties as well sold not just a single home transaction. That would mean I would have to sell my primary home and nothing else and what id loose in taxes Id have to make up the difference to afford something comparable to what I...
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    Real-Estate Bubble Popping?

    The real estate fluctuations in the housing market is due to the two completely opposing consumers. You have tycoons and developers that use real estate as investments with multiple properties they buy and sell. In these cases real estate is an investment and ups and downs affect the pocket...
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    HP Tuners MPVI3

    how much faster is it? does it work for the older eec-v vehicles?
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    Bought a 2004 Cobra parked since 2009

    reading > you
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    Bought a 2004 Cobra parked since 2009

    just remember for every dollar you spend on modifications your reducing the value of the car by twice that. bone stock unmolested cobras will always be worth more than those making twice the power of stock with twice the cost of the car invested to get there. A bone stock unmolested low mile...
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    What did you do for your Terminator today?

    Thats inaccurate. Tunerpro came along well before BE was ever a thought. In fact BE originally had an import tool to import tunerpro def files originally. Ive never had a glitch before with Tunerpro and Ive put it through the paces. If you want to shoot me a PM or post a thread to discuss...
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    Running a tune for a 2.4 but with a stock upper

    only thing the pulley will affect at idle is bypass air if changing the pulley clears a fuel fault then you have an air leak past the bypass or venting air somewhere aint nuthin new about a 13
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    looking for a stock replacement ? salvaged engine? long block? short block? need bunches more info have u check ?