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  1. Tunedprt91

    FS: 03/04 Mach 1 Upper Intake and Throttle Body

    Hey everyone, as the title states im selling a Mach 1 upper and throttle body only. No gaskets, bolts, etc come with it. Im looking to get $150 Shipped for both. Thanks for looking!
  2. Tunedprt91

    1997 Blk Ws6, 6 speed, 141k miles, 7k Obo

    Sold. Hey Svtp, I'm listing my 97 Trans am to help get myself into a newer dd. The car runs well and the only problem she has ever given me was a bad thermostat. She runs hard like she should with none of the usual opti problems and doesn't smoke or drink any oil. The few minor things that have...
  3. Tunedprt91

    WTB Stock 96-98 Cobra Throttle Body

    No longer needed, Thanks! What's up Svtp, I'm looking for an oem tb as the title states. Hopefully someone has one laying around. 96-98 only please. Thanks!
  4. Tunedprt91

    F/S 96 Cobra Long block. P/U only $500 Memphis

    SOLD Good afternoon Svtp. As the title states I want to sell my 96 Long block out of my Cobra. The motor will need to be torn down if you would want to put it to use. The car ran fine just cruising around but would start to knock and sputter if you tried to go wot. After a minute of doing that...
  5. Tunedprt91

    Wtb 94/95 Cobra Trunk Lid

    Hey svtp, im looking for a 94/95 Cobra trunk lid. If you have one or know of anyone that does please let me know. As you may or may not know these are the trunk lids that dont have the third brake light built in. Thanks again:beer:
  6. Tunedprt91

    Wtb O.E.M. 94/95 Cobra "Crab Claw" Wing

    Hey svtp, Im looking for an oem crab claw wing thats in nice condition. I know a few places sell replicas but im looking for the real deal. I can buy outright or trade you my black oem 96-98 wing. Thanks!:beer:
  7. Tunedprt91

    FS 9 Thread 4v C-heads with Cam Covers

    SOLD 12/29/13 Hey svtp, I have some C heads from a 04 Aviator. They are the revised 9 thread "DB" casted heads. Unknown mileage but the motor was running before they were taken off. Nothing has been done to them and selling AS-IS. Pics and more info in the link, thanks for looking. Toss me...
  8. Tunedprt91

    FS- 03/04 Oxford White Mirrors

    SOLD :rockon: Driver Side Passenger Side Blemishes
  9. Tunedprt91

    FS 9 Thread 4v C-heads With Cam Covers

    SOLD 12/29/13 Hey svtp, I have some C heads from a 04 Aviator. They are the revised 9 thread "DB" casted heads. Unknown mileage but the motor was running before they were taken off. Nothing has been done to them and selling AS-IS. Pics and more info in the link, thanks for looking. Toss me...
  10. Tunedprt91

    Found a bent spark plug

    Semi Long Read Hey everyone just looking for some insight on what I should do or maybe not do. Heres the story on what has been going on the past few days: Sat night: Me and a buddy decided to do a couple of fun runs. Car is running fine all night until I get close to home and do one final...
  11. Tunedprt91

    Vortech Aftercooler, IMRC's with Box, and More From 96 Cobra

    Vortech Aftercooler, Steeda Tri Ax and More From 96 Cobra Added A Item: Check Below For More Details: Added item PMAS 95mm Maf. Hello everyone, I have a few items I would like to get rid of that was taken off my 96 Cobra. Most everything is in good shape and I have lots of pics below...
  12. Tunedprt91

    How Much Torque Can The 96 Rear end Take?

    Ive searched but I cant find a answer to my question. About how much torque can the rear on a 96 cobra take before something lets go? I have a 96 cobra that has a built motor and trans but the only thing done to my rear end so far was adding a set of 3.73 gears. The tires on the back of the...
  13. Tunedprt91

    Pics of my 96 Cobra, Audio install etc

    Hey everyone, sitting around the house so I figured id throw up some pics. Other than two or three random pictures I dont think I have really ever shown my car on here. Ive had it for about 2 years and it is a work in progress. Just wanted to show my audio setup that im working on(still not...
  14. Tunedprt91

    03/04 Fog light switch in sn95?

    Hey everyone, do any of you have a link of some sort that shows how to rewire the 03/04 fog switch into a sn95? I have a 96 vert to be more exact and am getting ready to swap in the center console and radio bezel from a newer cobra. I'll be using the switch spot on the console for my top so I...
  15. Tunedprt91

    Which Would Impress You More?

    Just doing a poll to see what everyone thinks. Basically my question is if you saw one of these vehicles one day and the owner told you said vehicle was making 600/600 using the factory engine(can be built to handle the added stress) or motor swap which vehicle would Impress you more? 93-95...
  16. Tunedprt91

    A Young Mans New Apartment(joke)

    A young man moved out from home and into a new apartment, all of his own, he went proudly down to the lobby to put his name on his mailbox. While there, a stunning young lady came out of the apartment next to the mailboxes, wearing only a robe. The boy smiled at the young...
  17. Tunedprt91

    Question for those making over 500rwhp..

    And NOT on drag radials, what tire are you using in the back? I dont really know what good tires are out now but I figured someone on here might. I dont want a drag radial because there is a chance of getting caught/driving in the rain. Im looking for a tire that: A) will come in a 305/315...
  18. Tunedprt91

    96-98, any minor/major changes?

    Just looking for any type of info that will help me on a future purchase of a 96-98 cobra vert. I just want to know are there any differences between them that would make one better over the other? Example: They say the 2006 C6Z is a different animal compared to the 2007+ Z's. Reason being...
  19. Tunedprt91

    Serious Beatdown

    ADGn1GABF0Q What would you do if that was your pet getting its ass kicked :shrug:
  20. Tunedprt91

    Dont even reply

    The other day on the radio they had the owner of this site called on. Its basically a guy who looks at craigslist ads and messes with people heads. He will act like he is serious or interested in what they offer and then just go crazy. I figured some of you would like the site...
  21. Tunedprt91

    While watching the news

    ...I saw a story about a 14 year old kid needing a heart transplant. I was in Lenexa KS watching this if anyone wants to look it up. Anywho the story plays and the kid needs half a million for the transplant. There are people trying to help raise money by selling art and other things that are...
  22. Tunedprt91

    She cleans up nice/Wrecked Cobra

    This is a two part thread. First part is for my Pete and showing what she has been through this week. Anything from rain, snow, ice, and sub degree weather(got down to -8 one night). I cant forgot the mud caked road I went through today either! It also didnt help the roads were covered in...
  23. Tunedprt91

    Sprint Samsung Moment vs Htc Touch pro2

    Do any of you have either of these phones? Ive been doing some research which mainly consist of youtube reviews and I still cant really get all the info I want. I know I will end up buying one of these phones and ill be coming from a Palm Treo. I know(think) the samsung has more apps since...
  24. Tunedprt91

    Sat the Vette On 22's

    22.5's on the Peterbilt so It only makes sense to have my ride sitting the same way :banana: Enjoy the pics :rockon: Ok I found some side shots Just kidding this isnt my...