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  1. fullboogie

    Blower belt idler pulleys - are yours squealing?

    Like some of you, my car developed a squealing pig under the hood that was growing worse. I isolated it to one of the pulleys on the blower belt. If you've ever tried to ID the three pulleys (not counting the tensioner pulley) through online parts diagrams or listings, it's a real pain in the...
  2. fullboogie

    Need help with idler pullies

    I've got a chirp chirp chirp on cold start up that goes away after a few minutes. I'm guessing it's an idler or tensioner pulley, so I'm planning to change all of them for good measure. Per the VMP picture below, there appears to be two idlers on the drive belt, and one on the tensioner; and...
  3. fullboogie

    Need Livelink Gen 2 PID logging help

    Attempting to do some datalogging for BJ and I'm having some trouble with it. I recently upgraded from an Xcal2 (!) and Livelink 6.5 to an X4 and Livelink Gen 2. BJ has asked that I log certain PID's, but Gen 2 doesn't have any of the following PID's - all of which show up in Livelink 6.5. I've...
  4. fullboogie

    Satin black TVS - pics

    Finally got off my butt and decided to paint my TVS and elbow satin black. I used self etching primer, and laid down a couple of coats of satin black engine paint. I think it turned out pretty good. Excuse the dirty-ass engine compartment. I cleaned it later. Before: Primed: Painted on...
  5. fullboogie

    Magnaflow SS axle back and Lethal offroad H

    MODS - ALL ITEMS ARE SOLD. PLEASE DELETE THIS THREAD. Up for sale is a set of Magnaflow stainless oval axlebacks and a Lethal Performance offroad H pipe for a GT500 off my '07. The Maggies are in very good condition with no rust. They look great, but they are used - so there are light scuff...
  6. fullboogie

    2013 vs. 2007 injectors - effects on duty cycle

    Yesterday I installed 2013 injectors in place of my stock '07 injectors because my FP and injector duty cycles are way too high. If you've ever wondered how much head room 2013 injectors will give you, here is my data: Stock Injectors: 4,000 rpm: injector duty cycle 68.7%; FP duty cycle...
  7. fullboogie

    McLeod RXT for $1,199 at AM

    I just got an email from American Muscle - they are selling the RXT with flywheel for '07-10 GT500's for $1,199 with free shipping. Heck of a deal that I thought I'd pass on, because I'm in the market for a clutch. McLeod RXT Twin Disc 1000HP Mustang Clutch w/Flywheel - 26 Spline - 8 Bolt...
  8. fullboogie

    Boost at minimal throttle - normal?

    We're chasing a hesitation at throttle tip-in, both from a dead stop and at gear changes, when the car is dead cold. Going half throttle from a dead stop when it's cold will even make it nose over and then recover. There doesn't appear to be any issue once the car is warmed up. I've noticed that...
  9. fullboogie

    Gates HD Green Belt 83"

    For sale is an 83" Gates Heavy Duty belt. I bought this from Van to fit my TVS with 2.4" pulley, because I was chasing a belt slip problem. I installed it, rode around the block twice, and parked the car. The original problem turned out to be a bad pulley finish, so I've since replaced the...
  10. fullboogie

    FS - VMP stainless 2.4" pulley for TVS

    I'm selling the VMP 2.4" stainless steel pulley from my 2013 TVS. I will say up front that at my power level (650 rwhp) I had belt slip with this pulley on occasion, and that's the reason I changed to a different pulley. Some people have had this issue, some people have not. I'm selling it...
  11. fullboogie

    Installing new gas tank and pumps

    Well, I'm about halfway through getting my new tank and pumps installed. Here's the progress so far. As stated in my two prior posts, my tank and pumps were rotted out from sitting for over 4 years: First, I will recommend getting the car on a lift if at all possible. Like many things, it can...
  12. fullboogie

    WTB: pump hat/pumps and gas tank 2007

    I need a stock fuel pump hat with pumps, and (crossing fingers) a gas tank for a 2007. Please let me know if you have anything you'd be willing to sell and ship this week - thanks.
  13. fullboogie

    2011 fuel hat/pumps same as 2007?

    I recently put up a post about screwy fuel pump and injector duty cycles. Per Van's suggestion, I pulled my fuel pump hat to check the prefilter. Here's what I found. Anybody know if a 2011 hat/pump setup will work in my 2007? I may be able to pick one up cheap, but need to verify that it will work.
  14. fullboogie

    FP duty cycle with BAP is high

    Cruising and at idle, I'm showing 15-16%. At the top of a third gear run, when my shift light goes off at 6k, it's bumping up to 48-49%. I'm taking my readings off the Aeroforce gauge, which I assume to be fairly accurate. I can log through Livelink if necessary. I've got stock...
  15. fullboogie

    WTB - stock lower grill for 2007

    Looking to buy a used stock lower grill for my '07 for a little experiment. Anybody have one they're willing to part with?
  16. fullboogie

    Rocket wheels

    I like fat, 5-spoked rims and have been looking for something that will fit on my '07. None of the "bargain-priced" rims will fit, and I'm just not going to spend the money for the uber-expensive forged rims out there. I came across these on the Rocket website - has anybody seen these in person...
  17. fullboogie

    Meziere H/E pump questions

    There are a few threads mentioning this unit, but I've not come across anything specifically discussing mounting locations and fittings. Are we able to mount it in the stock location, or does it have to be mounted at the bottom driver's side of the H/E? Where it mounts dictates what fittings to...
  18. fullboogie

    72 pound injectors

    For sale is a set of 8 stock-height EV14 72lb injectors. These are made by Bosch and sell new from Lethal and Revan for about $650. They were originally owned by a fellow SVT forum member, AbdullaGT500, and had very low mileage on them. I bought them assuming I would need them with my new TVS...
  19. fullboogie

    '13 TVS install and dyno results

    I installed my '13 TVS from BJ/Justin last weekend on my '07 and put it on the dyno today. Weather was very nice, about 65 degrees with low humidity. A/F stayed right around 11.2 the whole run, and IAT2's were about 100 degrees. This was with factory midpipe and cats, stock injectors/pumps, 2.4"...
  20. fullboogie

    Lethal Offroad H review and pictures

    I finally got the Lethal offroad H-pipe installed on my '07 this afternoon. After installing what feels like dozens of midpipes over the years, I can truly say that this one was just a breeze. There's not much to report - it fits up to the manifolds just right, tucks up to the floor nicely, and...
  21. fullboogie

    WTB stock '07 rim

    I need one rim for my '07, and I need it to be new, or in perfect condition. Anybody have one they want to sell? If so, please PM me so we can discuss.
  22. fullboogie

    Why a GT midpipe doesn't fit a GT500 - pics

    Apologies if this has been done before - maybe by TOB. We all know that a GT midpipe won't fit our cars, but why? While setting up my new Lethal offroad H-pipe on the bench, I thought I'd snap a few pics of it compared to the uplegs of my GT pipe. First up is the passenger side. As you...
  23. fullboogie

    JLT 110mm carbon fiber CAI

    SOLD! Up for sale is a JLT carbon fiber 110mm CAI for a GT500. I had this on my '07, but I'm not sure what years it will fit. As with all CAI's for GT500's, there is a slight rub mark where it goes under the strut tower brace, but it can't be seen once installed. Otherwise it is in terrific...
  24. fullboogie

    Need quick KB BAP install help...

    I just started my KB BAP install on my '07. Got fuses installed under the hood, and now I'm in the trunk. The problem I'm having is that KB's instructions refer to the "large red wire" coming from the driver's side and going to the passenger side fuel pump driver. There are TWO large red wires...
  25. fullboogie

    Front anti-rattle clips - free

    Don't know if anyone would be interested in these, but I have a new set of anti-rattle clips for the front pads that I'm not using. If you promise to buy me a beer next time you're in Houston, I'm happy to send them to you for free. Shoot me a PM with your name and address and I'll send them...