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  1. notchstang92

    is Hans Racecraft still in business?

    I'm guessing they're not. I can't find them on the web and any links in the threads on here don't work. I wanted to get their rear shock tower brace for my 99 cobra. I had it in my 01 cobra years ago and it was a great piece. Definitely stopped body roll with rear coil overs. If they're not...
  2. notchstang92

    WANTED: Cobra Rear bumper.

    02191Would prefer black, but willing to consider any color. Repairable damage is ok as long as the price reflects it. Shipping would be to 02191.
  3. notchstang92

    WANTED: 01 cobra rear bumper

    Would prefer black, but am open to any color. I don't mind repairing a damage cover as long as the price reflects the repairs needed. Shipping would be to 02191.
  4. notchstang92

    Need maximum motorsports full length subframe connectors installed in MA, south of Boston.

    I'm looking for someone that can weld in subframe connectors properly. I live in the Braintree/Quincy area if that helps narrow down where to go. Just looking to get them welded in properly and then painted or POR15 afterwards. Thanks.
  5. notchstang92

    JLT cold air nextgen clear the maximum motorsports strut tower brace?

    Have a 99 cobra and was hoping someone could tell me if the next gen JLT ram air kit will clear the maximum motorsports strut tower brace. The 03/04 cobra brace is out of stock with no date for availability in mind and the KB/Whipple brace may not clear the stock 99 hood.
  6. notchstang92

    WANTED: 17x9" chrome FR500s or 03 cobra wheels

    Not looking for anything with curb damage, peeling chrome, bubbling chrome, etc.
  7. notchstang92

    WANTED: 01 Cobra convertible

    Looking for a 2001 cobra convertible. No black exteriors or tan interiors. Clean title only. Not opposed to a car that needs some collision or mechanical work, but that would depend on the severity of the damage. Paint work is fine too, but not looking for something with rust and rot...
  8. notchstang92

    WANTED: 96-98 cobra convertible

    Looking for a 96-98 cobra convertible. No black exteriors. Clean title only. Not opposed to a car that needs some collision or mechanical work, but that would depend on the severity of the damage. Paint work is fine too, but not looking for something with rust and rot. Ideal car for me...
  9. notchstang92

    WTB: close to stock 93 cobra

    Looking for a stock or close to stock 93 cobra. Prefer teal, red then black. Will consider rollers if the price is right. Not interested in a repaint.
  10. notchstang92

    Mach 460 tweeter doesn't work after multiple replacements. What next?

    The driver's door tweeter just stopped working. I put in a replacement and it didn't work. I got another set that were tested prior to install and they worked. I put them in my car and they didn't work. Could it be the amp or the radio? The rest of the system works fine, just the driver's...
  11. notchstang92

    outlook 2010 won't send emails automatically. How do I fix this?

    All sent items go to the outbox where I have to go and manually click them to send. I have a POP3 email account using comcast. I have tried turning off email protection in Norton and that didn't work. I have "send immediately box when connected" box checked and I also went into the "send receive...
  12. notchstang92

    Mach 460 rear deck amp size?

    Can't find this anywhere. I need to know the amp size. When I google it all that comes is a bunch of links telling me how much power they put out. I need to know the height, width, length. Thanks
  13. notchstang92

    99-01 cobra ported C heads

    99-01 cobra ported bare C heads. Will also include 04 cobra cams if needed. Ported by Nazman these will flow equal to or better than 03/04 cobra heads. Will ship, but shipping will be expensive due to the weight of each head. $900/bo.
  14. notchstang92


    Just seeing if this cured the issue. My 01 w/ 27000 miles has this issue and all the TSB says to do is replace the door chime switch on the ignition cylinder. Anyone done this and did it solve the problem? Seems strange that the chime switch would cause the binding. Was it difficult to...
  15. notchstang92

    Need to decide on head work for boosted motor

    Been searching, but all I find is head porting info for n/a motors. I have a stock 01 motor w/ a stock eaton on it. Looking to forge it and port the eaton. I'm stuck on heads though. Would I see a major benefit from porting my stock heads? I have 98 cobra intake cams and was going to run...
  16. notchstang92

    Front mount intercooler for sale

    Front mount intercooler. Never used. dimensions are 24"x6"x3". Don't know who made it, but it's the one you get when you guy the Hellion 03/04 cobra single turbo kit. Inlet and outlet are on the passenger side and they are 2.5". $100.
  17. notchstang92

    Any interest in Eaton swapped 01 cobra?

    Car black on black. real Ford chrome 03 cobra wheels in the front and 17x10.5 in the rear w/ longer wheel studs. Stock eaton and stock pulleys on stock motor. JLT RAI, SCT BA2600 MAF, 60# injectors, dual GT pumps w/ dual FPDM wiring. Fore hat in an 03 cobra tank. T56 w/ 26 spline input...
  18. notchstang92

    In San Antonio for work from July 8th until 12th. What is there to do?

    I'll be in the office from 8am - 430pm in San Antonio. Just looking to see what there is to do while I'm there. I fly in Sunday the 8th and fly out in the morning on the 13th. Never been to Texas. I have a rental car to get around. My hotel is on Spectrum One and the office is on...
  19. notchstang92

    01 sunvisors the same on coupe and convertible?

    Looking to pick up a set, but need to know if the convertbile ones will fit a coupe. The fox body ones are different which has me wondering on the new edge. I did a search and can't find an answer.
  20. notchstang92

    Which IAC and where to mount with eaton swap

    I did this about 2 years ago and I have to replace my IAC now. I got one from Ford for a 2001 and if I mount it on top of the eaton plenum the connector will point straight up towards the hood. The one on my car has the connector on the side of the IAC closest to the firewall. The part #'s...
  21. notchstang92

    Innovative LC1 wideband and gauge install needed on south shore MA

    I have the LC1, guage, steering column gauge pod, etc all ready to be installed. The bung for the sensor will need to be welded into my X pipe which is stainless steel. Anyone have a suggestion in the area for this? PLEASE DON'T RECOMMEND DEZ. I AM NOT INTERESTED IN DEALING WITH HIM...
  22. notchstang92

    Looking for 03/04 cobra mirrors

    I'd prefer black since my car is black, but I'm open to all colors. More concerned with 2 mirrors that are in good shape. PM if you have anything. Thanks
  23. notchstang92

    Looking for a steering shaft, 94-04

    I am running the Maximum Motorsports solid one, but I need the black boot that Ford attaches with 2 zip ties. You can't buy it separate so I need the whole shaft. Condition isn't important, as long as the boot is in good condition.
  24. notchstang92

    stock 01 eaton swap dyno graphs. What do you guys think that have already done this?

    This is 12* timing and the 8#'s of boost. I run all stock pulleys and stock eaton. My tuner said there is more in it, but my first priority was to keep the motor together and have a reliable street car.
  25. notchstang92

    8#s with 12* timing from Perfomance Dyno on an eaton swapped 2001 Cobra

    Pete didn't push it. He said the car has more left in it, but I told him my first I wanted the car to hold together and not run on the ragged edge. Overall for 8#s I'm happy with the tune and Pete's service.