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  1. SuperMach1

    Wtb Mach1 or roller

    Looking to buy a Mach 1 under 100k preferably Azure blue but let me know what you have. Rollers are fine too. I'm in San Antonio TX so closer the better
  2. SuperMach1

    Wtb ID injectors

    Looking for a set of 1050x or 1300
  3. SuperMach1

    F1A Mach 1 Vs Paxton Coyote

    Old video but it was a good run. My car did a 10.6 but I couldnt get the car to hook.
  4. SuperMach1

    WTB Procharger 8 rib pulley

    Let me know what you have. Nothing smaller than a 3.8 I would prefer a RR pulley but doesnt really matter for now.
  5. SuperMach1

    8 rib pulleys (procharger guys)

    I'm looking to go with an 8 rib setup for my F1A and I've noticed people have used the Expedition and F150 pulleys for the swap. I'm not exactly to sure what year Expedition pulleys fit for the swap. Anyone have any input? I'm using a 98 Cobra timing cover and I already have the 8 rib balancer...
  6. SuperMach1

    F1-A Mach 1 vs Paxton Coyote

    Took the Mach out with the new setup I had some traction issues but it did pretty well.
  7. SuperMach1

    F1A Mach 1

    It was raining for a couple days here in San Antonio due to Hurricane Harvey so it gave me time to swap out the P1 for the F1a. Numbers coming soon
  8. SuperMach1

    2017 ZL1 Camaro VS Mach 1 W/P1

    Had a little fun with a bone stock ZL1 the other day. 40, 20 and 50 roll, I Iost traction on the 20 roll.
  9. SuperMach1

    WTB Mondo, Tial, or Big Red BOV

    Let me know what you have. Thanks
  10. SuperMach1

    P1 Mach1 vs 2 Shelby GT500s

    Just an old Mach putting in work in Mexico.
  11. SuperMach1

    WTB: 03-04 Side skirts

    Looking for Terminator side skirts in good shape. Doesn't matter the color, I only need the driver side but let me know what you have.
  12. SuperMach1

    Mach 1 making 600 with a little P1

    Pushing around 12-13 psi. Has anyone else made 600 with a p1?
  13. SuperMach1

    WTB D1 or F1a Head Unit

    Must be reverse rotation. Let me know what you have. Thanks
  14. SuperMach1

    Mach 1 vs Cammed SS

    Had a few runs tonight with a cammed and tune SS and a Cammed and tuned GTO with big/littles. The only video I have is me racing the Camaro
  15. SuperMach1

    WTB 96-99 procharger bracket

    looking for a procharger bracket that fits the three bolt timing cover. Let me know what you have. Thanks
  16. SuperMach1

    WTB Slot style maf

    Looking for a slot style maf hpx or vmp, with pig tail would be nice. Let me know what you have. Thanks.
  17. SuperMach1

    Fresh build getting tuned

    New Build hitting the Dyno Car should be on the dyno next week (finally). Now it's time for the guessing game. What are your thoughts? Im guessing 540/500 and hoping for 600/540 to the wheels. -Forged block -11.3 cr -Slightly ported heads, 1mm intake valves, 4 angle valve job -98 cobra intake...
  18. SuperMach1

    WTB HPX slot style maf

    Or the HPX-E, let me know what you have. Thanks
  19. SuperMach1

    WTB HPX slot tyle MAF

    Or the HPX-e, let me know what you have. Thanks
  20. SuperMach1

    AEM 320's or Walbro 305's

    I have Lethals Return style fuel system w/ dual hat getting ready to go in and I'm in need of some e85 pumps. I ran across these two pumps but dont know which to go with. I plan on making no more than 650hp if thats even possible with my P1. Anyone have any info on the walbro 305 pumps?
  21. SuperMach1

    What oil for my setup?

    Which oil for my setup? Just got done with my new build and now looking for an oil to stick with. My car is a weekend warrior/track whore depending the weather. Also what plugs do you guys use with E85 and boost? TR6? Specs: Built 4v engine w/ Flat top Pistons 11.3 compression 7qt pan...
  22. SuperMach1

    First Start

    After a year it's finally ready.
  23. SuperMach1

    Walbro 305 pumps

    Anyone know how much power 2 walbro 305 pumps can handle on e85? I have a return style system and plan on making around 585-650 with my setup. I have 2 465 pumps in the garage but I'm thinking that might be a bit to much. Setup is a built motor (11.3 cr), procharged 11-14lb max, ported...
  24. SuperMach1

    11.3 cr with 10psi on 93 possible?

    Can I break in my new motor on 93 without getting into boost? I plan on going e85 and already have rails, 2 465s, and regulator. But just trying to break in the engine for now. If it can't be done I'll switch to e85 asap. Here's a link to my build...
  25. SuperMach1

    Cleaning out the garage

    Mach 1 timing cover $75 ASP Pulleys 99-01 gt $135 new Steeda pulleys 01-04 GT missing alternator pulley $125 new MagnaFlow mufflers $120 FlowMaster Super 44s $120 UPR X Pipe for LTs $100 local only Mach 1 Crank pulley $40 Black FR 500s 18x10 18x9 little scuffed up $500 obo wheels only...