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  1. PC03GT

    WANTED: Headers 03 Cobra

    Looking for longtube headers, seeing what's out there before I buy new.
  2. PC03GT

    WANTED: Mounting hardware for lower caged pulley

    Looking for the mounting hardware for 03/04 caged lower pulley
  3. PC03GT

    WANTED: 03/04 cobra caged pulley

    I know it's a long shot, but anyone have a caged lower?
  4. PC03GT

    FTBR Opinions

    I'm looking at possibly purchasing an FTBR kit. I know it's all over the forum, but I want to know what exactly to expect. I hear conflicting stories, some say it's the best and other's complain about NVH and harshness of the ride. This car is just something to cruise around in, I'm not...
  5. PC03GT

    The COBRO that got away

  6. PC03GT

    AM SHOW 2019 PA/DE

    Is that time of the year again!!! Who's riding up to the American Muscle show???
  7. PC03GT

    MD,DE,PA American Muscle 2017

    Who's going?? Anybody meeting up at the 95 rest stop in Newark??
  8. PC03GT

    AM SHOW 2017

    Just seeing who's going this year from the Tri State area?? Last year we had a pretty good turn out from DE and PA guys
  9. PC03GT

    Things to do in Dallas??

    Just flew in to Dallas from Philly to watch the Cowboys play Sunday. What else is there to do around here?
  10. PC03GT

    JPC tune????

    Anyone have a jpc dyno tune? Preferably a vortech or paxton car. How does it run and what hp are you making?
  11. PC03GT

    Jpc tune???

    Anyone running a jpc tune on a vortech or paxton 11-14 5.0?
  12. PC03GT

    American Muscle Car Show DE boys

    Where are we meeting up this year for the AM car show????
  13. PC03GT

    Anyone running a roush lower grille delete w/ a vortech or paxton?

    Looking for anyone with a roush lower grille delete and a vortech or paxton sc? How does it fit and does it need to be modified?
  14. PC03GT

    13-14 rough lower grille delete/ vortech sc?

    Anyone running and roush lower grille delete with their vortech or paxton set ups? Just wondering how it fits and what modifications need to be done if any.
  15. PC03GT

    5w-50 in s/c track pack?

    Just wondering what guys were running in their supercharged 13/14 track pack mustangs? My last supercharged 5.0 was a 2012 track pack so I just ran 5w-20. Any suggestions
  16. PC03GT

    265/35/19 r888 on trackpack finally

    Finally put on my 265/35/ 19 r888 on my track pack. The tires do fit they're a little shorter then stock, but not to bad. Oh and they actually hook!:burnout:
  17. PC03GT

    265/35/19 r888 on trackpack?

    Anyone running 265/35/19 r888 on their track pack gts?
  18. PC03GT

    v3 intercooler

    I need a price on a v3 intercooler and the charge pipes
  19. PC03GT


    Need a price on 2011 v3 intercooler and charge pipes