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    Ltb sos pillar pod for 03 coupe

    I have one. Shoot me a PM
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    WTS MAFia

    I'll take it....PM Sent.
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    KB BAP : OEM Shift Knob : M/T ET Drag : OEM Radiator + Slim Spal Fan : Steering Wheel/Airbag

    03-04 Radiator with Spal Low Profile Fan : $225 Shipped Radiator has 34K Miles however no time on the fan. Purchased it to fit a larger turbo on my Hellion hotside, however ditched the setup and went TT. 03-04 Cobra OEM 6 Speed Shift Knob - $125 Shipped Mint 03-04 Cobra Stock Steering...
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    Procharged Camaro, 850hp Hellcat, Whipple Terminator, 750hp GT-R

    Haha that was my thought when I first saw he said "F it" while trying to swap them out.
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    Scavenge Pump + Restrictors

    Started my new build up for the first time yesterday and found oil pouring out of the downpipe’s. Called Precision and they chalked it up as a drain problem. Can someone please double check the set up below and verify I should not have restrictors on? Precision Twin 62/66’s 6AN Feed split to 2...
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    On3 kits

    Piping is fine. I just finished my install of the twin kit with Tial WG's/BOV's and Precision 62/66's. Coming from a single Hellion kit, go that route if you want to save time and money.
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    Wtb: stock 03 04 cobra Radiator

    I have one I just pulled off....shoot me a PM if interested. 31k Miles
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    WTB T-5/6 Transmission

    03 Cobra T56 Transmission - Pulled to go TH400 26 Spline : 32K Miles Aluminum Firewall Adjuster and Quadrant Transmission Mount Transmission Midplate Driveshaft Clutch Cable Fresh RAM Force 10.5 Dual Disc 26 Spline Clutch (1300HP Capable) $3200 Shipped
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    6-Speed to Auto

    All in I'd budget around 4k-5k depending on how much power you want it to hold. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    6-Speed to Auto

    At that power level I'd go 4R and call it a day.
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    On3 twin kit - Feedback on twin 61's on a stock motor

    If you're in Houston, you are more than welcome to come check out my kit when the install is finished. I did go Precision 62/66's, Tial WG's, Tial BOV's, and upgraded VBands, but you can at least get an idea of how it fits and is routed. All low mount systems use an oil scavenging pump which...