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  1. anothersvtguy

    Premium Membership Registration Now Open

    High entertainment value per dollar here... Membership purchased, thanks. T-shirt size Large.
  2. anothersvtguy

    FS: JLT Next Gen Mustang 4.6 2V RAI (incomplete)

    For sale 1 incomplete JLT Next Gen RAI kit. The intake tube has the hole and grommet for an IAT sensor. It's missing the 4X9 filter, MAF adapter flange & gasket, and the 4 little bolts. Intake tube looks brand new. $60 shipped for everything pictured.
  3. anothersvtguy

    Windsor to Romeo swap completed

    I recently finished a Windsor to Romeo swap and I must say it went pretty well. I had read a lot of misinformation on this type of swap in the past and I can honestly say it's actually pretty straightforward. If anyone has any questions on the swap feel free to ask them in a reply to shoot...
  4. anothersvtguy

    Kenne Bell punched a hole in the block --> engine swap

    A few months ago I was presented with a deal I could not pass up. A buddy of mine had a tastefully modded 2000GT with an IC KB 2.1 9 PSI kit on it that had just had a catastrophic engine problem of some kind and was currently not running. He had his eye on a brand new GT, he had spent a lot of...
  5. anothersvtguy

    WTB 2V Romeo Valve Cover passenger side w/oil fill

    Offering $25 shipped for one in good condition. For a 2001 Mustang GT motor.
  6. anothersvtguy

    FS Kenne Bell 2.1 Intercooled GT Supercharger

  7. anothersvtguy

    I'm back!

    After a looooong break I'm finally back in a New Edge again. I bought a Kenne Bell 2000 GT with a broken motor from a buddy. Not sure which direction I will go yet but I'll tinker with the car as funds allow and will have some take-off parts for sale. It's good to be back. :beer:
  8. anothersvtguy

    What do you do when SVTPerformance is down?

    I cleaned my garage. :shrug:
  9. anothersvtguy

    M-9430-P51 FMS Ceramic Coated Shorty Headers

    Looking for a price on M-9430-P51 FMS Ceramic Coated Shorty Headers for Fox body Mustangs. Thanks, -Matt
  10. anothersvtguy

    Arnold soundboard prank

    Sorry if it's a repost, new to me. These always crack me up.
  11. anothersvtguy

    99 Cobra 28 spline halfshaft

    I bought this a long time ago to have as a spare incase I ever broke a halfshaft. Now my Cobra is sold so I have no use for this. I can get a picture for anyone who is interested, the boots are in good shape, no tears or leaks. The splines are clean, everything is in great shape. FYI the...
  12. anothersvtguy

    Ford OEM Smoke headlights barely used in box

    Up for sale is a pair of smoke Ford OEM headlights that come standard on the 2001+ Mustangs. I have had them on my car for a few hundred miles, they are in great shape with no scratches. They are back in the original Ford boxes they came in and are ready to ship out. I would like to get...
  13. anothersvtguy

    Catted Prochamber FOR SALE

    Up for sale is my barely used Catted Prochamber. My car is up for sale so I de-modded it. MAC ships these in a cardboard box with no padding between the 3 pieces and the cat shield on one of the legs had a dent in it before I even took it out of the box. The cat shield had like a quarter...
  14. anothersvtguy

    WMS Ceramic Coated Velocity Intake

    THIS KIT IS ONE OF THE ONLY ONES THAT WILL CLEAR STRUT TOWER BRACES Upper & lower tube along with filter. In great shape, ceramic coating keeps it cool to the touch even while driving. Filter is pretty clean, about 2,000 miles on it. Definately the best looking intake kit on the market...
  15. anothersvtguy

    Selling the Cobra

    Well, my son is 6 months old today and in that six months I have realized.....MAN KIDS ARE EXPENSIVE :eek: At this time, it makes the most sense for me to sell the Cobra. I have really had a lot of fun with this car but it's time for me to let it go. I have too many toys right now (2...
  16. anothersvtguy

    1999 Black Cobra Coupe Wisconsin

    Well, it's looking like I am going to have to sell my car. I was seriously considering it a few months back because of my new baby and some unknowns with my job in the coming year. I had a buyer who told me he'd have the money in 1 month and after a lot of emails and phone...
  17. anothersvtguy

    WTB 87-93 Black LX hatchback 5.0 5speed

    Looking for a rust free car near western Wisconsin. Considering selling my 99 Cobra and getting a black LX if I can find the right car.
  18. anothersvtguy

    Gear install shops in Wisconsin/Minnesota?

    This fall I am hoping to get myself some gears :rockon: FINALLY! I have called all around the state, but the only 2 reputable places I know of are both pretty pricey. $700-$900 for parts and labor. :cuss: I found some cheaper places but I don't want to have some lamer install them to save...
  19. anothersvtguy

    Front and rear springs from a 2003 Cobra Coupe

    Up for sale is a set (front and rear) of springs from a 2003 Cobra coupe. Looking for $50 shipped.
  20. anothersvtguy

    99 Black Cobra coupe, tan interior Wisconsin

    sale pending!
  21. anothersvtguy

    Wedge Engineering Seat brackets

    I have a set of seat brackets for aftermarket seats made by Wedge Engineering. These sell for $200/pair + shipping. I am looking for $150 shipped for the pair. I purchased them on Ebay about a year ago. I never got around...
  22. anothersvtguy

    Catted Prochamber Installed tonight

    Well it's on and no leaks (I don't think anyway.) What a PITA to install...:cuss: Another set of hands would have been a big help. SOTP says WOW. Definately a power increase, I am very suprised at how much harder the car pulls now... probably even more than any other other mod I have done...
  23. anothersvtguy

    Catted Prochambers Finally found a place that has them in stock!

    After calling 10-12 places I finally found a place that has catted Prochambers in stock, good price too. $440 shipped! These have been discontinued by MAC so if you want one, this may be your last chance. :rockon: IN STOCK AT WWW.MUSTANGSUNLIMITED.COM
  24. anothersvtguy

    cut springs pics

    Just finished (well almost) my modding before I take the Cobra out of winter storage. Installed: Billetflow diff brace, HD diff crossbar, Bilstein struts (already had the shocks on) front brake rotors and pads (still need to do rears) smoked headlights as well as cut stock springs. I cut one...
  25. anothersvtguy

    Billetflow Diff Brace installed tonight *pic*

    Let me start by saying this thing is a work of art. Very well made and after you install one you will know that it is EXACTLY the right size to install without pulling the diff. Any bigger and you could not get it in there. As is installing it is ... an adventure. My tips for this install...