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    Weekend Plans?

    Dear diary,,,,1, I'm hanging out with my BFF4Ls in CHC.
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    Want to Start Bow Hunting, Need Tips

    Can't speak on the hunting side, but when it comes to bows I'm decent. Find a nearby archery range that lets you rent and/or test prior to buying. It is not "one size fits all." Also, invest in a good reusable target. Do not cheap out. We have a "Black Block" target that has been abused for...
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    Need Help With Wife's Jeep Wrangler

    Max we could sue for was $5000. Called all of the dirtiest ambulance chasers we could, and nobody would even take the case because they knew there was no money in it. Oh, he'll eventually ruin himself, and most likely more undeserving people. As it is, the first guy that got hit is paralyzed...
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    Need Help With Wife's Jeep Wrangler

    Some dumb 17 year old was driving 100+ East, while my wife was headed West in a line of traffic going 50mph. Kid crosses the double-yellow, blows the rear axle off one truck, spins a second, hits my wife's Jeep nearly head on, knocks her off the road, tumbled her down a hill 4 times ending at a...
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    Today’s Youth Against Firearms

    If something is "free," you are the product. Social media (such as Facebook, Myspace, Twitter) was originally proposed as a CIA database system to create "profiles." It was continually shot down until it was "re-framed" as a strategic marketing system by a private company. Ever wonder why FB...
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    need some prayers and bro love (non homo)

    Hang in there man, prayers headed your way.
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    What is the fix for 2nd gear lock out?!?

    1-2 and 3-2 were always crap with the TR-6060. Every other shift was smooth as butter. I had three shops look at it, all three said "that's normal, and yours actually isn't that bad." I found that shifting at a slightly higher rpm for 2nd gear, even at low load, made it better too. I had...
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    General Subwoofer Enclosure Question

    That's actually pretty cool! For some strange reason I thought you were both the same person, then saw the different threads and had a mindasplode moment...
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    General Subwoofer Enclosure Question

    @BOOGIE MAN @Weather Man You both have weather-related pics as your avatars. Which one of you is a meteorologist again, or is it like catsup and ketchup and you both are??
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    Drone operators!

    I had a lower-end quad-copter drone for a while until the battery exploded while charging. It was a fun little system but the wind tried taking it away too many times to make good use of the camera to take aerial shots of our house/yard. My father is retiring in a little over a month and...
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    People leaving trash in my parking lot @ DQ

    YES! Well, she did, but she graduated recently and works at a dentist office now. Hahaha, she must have been in on the Snapchat with your waitress. I swear I got that exact same picture sent to me last year. I kinda want to go back through my old phone and see if it's still there. Hard to...
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    So I'm sitting at a light and this happens.....

    Preaching gospel, just got back from church and volunteering to save babies from wells, they aint did nuffin!!!
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    People leaving trash in my parking lot @ DQ

    DUDE! When did that happen??? I swear, my sister sent me the same picture... And back when she worked at Ruby Tuesday's in Greenville, they had hobo invasions. One hobo would come in, make a scene, others would bum-rush the salad buffet, take several trays, rush out, eat the food, leave the...
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    Neighbors dog crapping in my yard

    +38,000 Like I said before, having a few neighbors dislike you is far better than someone escalating things and a pet winding up hurt over it.
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    Neighbors dog crapping in my yard

    Ah, then skip the friendly "I'm sure you probably don't know" part of what I wrote earlier. If he gives you crap over it (no pun intended), print out pictures of him doing it, send it to all neighbors including him stating "this is unacceptable behavior in our neighborhood, please pick up after...
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    Neighbors dog crapping in my yard

    I would recommend against that. Unless you live out in the boonies and have a conscience with an off switch, that method opens the door for people to accuse you of intentionally poisoning animals, especially if someone catches you doing it. Not to mention it's a slow painful death for the...
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    Telemarketing scam..

    I keep a 15 second clip of the angry Russian minecraft kid screaming "BLLYYYAAAATTTTT" so when telemarketers call I just play that until they hang up.
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    Neighbors dog crapping in my yard

    Just talk to him. Keep it friendly. In 99% of these cases, the owners don't know what the animal is doing. If he gives some BS excuse like "well you cant prove anything" or "well its an animal and they roam" (common cat-person excuse) then simply continue to press the issue in a civil manner...
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    People leaving trash in my parking lot @ DQ

    Commonly seen with their trailer over the double yellow
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    Who here doesn't have a truck?

    My wife's F150 makes life easier when we're constantly going to Home Creepo for lumber, fertilizer, etc. But we also deal with the typical "everyone who doesn't have a truck wants to borrow ours, or have us help them move." We don't let people borrow our vehicles, EVER. Before she had the...
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    Science question of the day: Why was the SR-71 Blackbird painted black?

    Answer is already in this thread. My question is, if they wanted to eliminate the 1100 pounds paint would add, why didn't they explore other methods of coatings/treatments? It's not like they didn't have the budget for it.. :) Aww hell, tear off every exterior panel and send it out for PVD...
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    What is the fix for 2nd gear lock out?!?

    Mine got moderately better after the MGW2.0 was installed (correctly, mind you). 1-2 was still annoying enough to make me not want to drive the car much. Really, between that and the knee-in-the-chest clutch pedal, I don't miss the car as much as I thought I would. I got the lockout a few...
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    Anyone ever file a complaint after being pulled over without suspected Probable Cause?

    I have not filed a formal complaint, but I did call the city police 6 years ago when a certain City Sheriff was bullying his way through traffic on a daily basis. This one bastard would tailgate you relentlessly, eventually put on his lights, you'd pull over, he'd pass you and do it to the next...