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  1. cobra187

    2003 Built Sonic Blue Cobra

    Car still available?
  2. cobra187

    New ride!!!

    She is a 2009 with 11K miles on her. Z06 with H/C/I, CARAVAGGIO custom interior and ZR1 aero kit. This thing is gorgeous.
  3. cobra187

    FS: Metco 4 lb lower ring

    Item is SOLD!!!! Selling a Metco 4 lb lower ring only. $75 takes it. Paypal ready [email protected] Call or text eight zero eight five five one eight three eight four. Located in Charleston, SC. It is practically brand new. I never used it.
  4. cobra187

    FS: UPR Tubular Chrome Moly Tubular A Arms

    Deal of the week. Selling a set of UPR Tubular Chrome Moly A Arms. I bought these brand new and never used them on the car. Planning on swapping to a tubular k member. They are BNIB. I'm looking to get $200 out of them shipped. [email protected] Paypal ready with 3% paypal fees call or...
  5. cobra187

    FS: Kooks 3" inlet and 2.5" outlet Catted X Pipe.

    Sold!!!! No more Cobra and have extra parts laying around. Up for sale is my almost brand new Kooks 3" to 2.5" catted X Pipe. $475 shipped is my asking price plus 3% paypal fees. They are $620 plus shipping new. Email is [email protected] call or text at eight zero eight five five one...
  6. cobra187

    FS: Weld RTS S-71 17x5.5/17x10 w/M&H tires

    SOLD!!!! I sold my Cobra and no longer need these wheels. They are in excellent condition with 75 miles total driving time on them with zero burnouts. My asking price is $2,000. They are located in Charleston, SC. My email address is [email protected] and you can call or text me at eight...
  7. cobra187

    FS: 2004 TR Whipple Coupe

    SOLD!!! Thank you SVTP.
  8. cobra187

    FS: Stock 03/04 Cobra hood vents + 10th Anniversary door cups

    I have a set of unmodified OEM 03/04 cobra hood vents I would like to sell. $50 takes them. The 10th Anniversary door cups are brand new OEM parts unused and in the original wrapper. $110 shipped takes them. They are $123 + shipping on CJ Pony's website.
  9. cobra187

    FS: Eibach Pro Lowering Springs

    I'm selling a set of used Eibach pro lowering springs. I had on my car for 75 miles. I had to swap them out for coil overs when I was stationed in Germany due to their strict ride height laws. There is nothing wrong with them. The are just taking up space. $80 local pick up only. Thanks!
  10. cobra187

    FS: Steeda Ball Joints BNIB

    I have a set of Steed ball joints that are brand new. I bought them thinking I would use them, but ended up not needing them in the end. I will take $110 for them shipped. They are $136 online plus shipping. They are in the original box and plastic with all hardware. PM me if interested.
  11. cobra187

    FS: CCW Classics Polished Lip/Gloss Black Center 18x9/18x11 with Tires

    It saddens me to do this, but I must part ways with my beloved CCW Classics. They are roughly a year old and have 600 miles on them. They are 18x9 and 18x11 rims with 265/35/18 Nitto 555Rs up front and 315/30/18 Toyo R888s on the back. The front tires have 500 miles on them and the rears have...
  12. cobra187

    FS: 17x10 Weld RTS S71 with M&H 17/325/50

    FS: 2 x 17x5.5 and 2 x 17x10 Weld RTS S71 with M&H 17/185/55 and 17/325/50 **UPDATE** I have decided to keep these.
  13. cobra187

    New to Charleston, South Carolina area

    Like the title says I am new to the Charelston, SC area. I will be living in Goose Creek to be exact. Let me know about any upcoming meets in the area. I would like to bring the Cobra out to play. Looking forward to meeting some fellow car guys/gals in the area and talking about...
  14. cobra187

    WTB: Bassani 3" Catback in North Carolina/South Carolina/Virginia

    Like the title says I am looking to purchase a Bassani 3" catback system in North/South Carolina and lower parts of Virginia. Must be in decent shape. I have cash in hand ready to purchase. Take note I can purchase a new one for $800 shipped so I need reasonable pricing to make it worth my...
  15. cobra187

    FS: Metco 4lb lower

    I have a Metco 4 lb lower I would like to sell. $75 takes it. It is used, but in good condition. PM me if interested.
  16. cobra187

    FS: Kenne Bell Pullies 4.25", 4", 3.75", 3.5"

    I am selling my Kenne Bell pullies. They fit 2.6H and 2.8H Kenne Bells to include the Mammoth. I am looking to get $60 for each pulley. Kenne Bell wants $90 a piece for these. Sizes: 4.25" - $60 4" - $60 3.75" - SOLD 3.5" - SOLD PM me if interested.
  17. cobra187

    FS: Division X Gen III Dual Pump Return Style Hat w/2 465 LPH + Wiring Harness

    FS: Division X Gen III Dual Pump Return Style Hat w/2 465 LPH pumps + Wiring Harness I'm selling my Division X Generation 3 Fuel Hat with dual Walbro 465 LPH pumps installed along with the wiring harness for it. This has never been used only mounted to make sure it all fit. I'm going a...
  18. cobra187

    F/S NIB custom grind Bullet blower cams/springs/retainers

    F/S NIB custom grind Bullet blower cams lowered price SOLD Video of Cobra with bullet cams installed:
  19. cobra187

    WTB: Heat Exchanger Bracket

    Like the title says, I'm looking to purchase an 03/04 Cobra heat exchanger bracket. It doesn't need to be in perfect condition since I will have it media blasted and powder coated. LMK what you have.
  20. cobra187

    WTB: Reichard Racing Pulley's for Whipple

    As title states I am looking to purchase some Reichard Racing pulleys for my Whipple. Looking for 3.4 and up. Let me know what you have. I am paypal ready. Thanks!!!
  21. cobra187

    FS: Kenne Bell Mammoth

    I'm selling my beloved Kenne Bell Mammoth. I can't believe I am even typing this. I have wanted this blower forever, but I have changed my mind about my project. I have everything for the kit minus the EGR stuff and the battery relocation kit since I moved mine to the trunk. No trades...
  22. cobra187

    FS/FT: CCW Classics

    I have a set of CCW classics I am looking to sell or trade. My price without tires is $2800 or $3400 with tires (Nitto 555s up front and R888s out back with 1K miles and zero burnouts). They have polished lips, and matte black centers. The fronts were custom ordered as 18x9's and the rears...
  23. cobra187

    Question about EGR delete

    Does anyone have a how to write up for an EGR delete on a 2.8H Mammoth Cobra?
  24. cobra187

    WTT: Kenne Bell Mammoth for Whipple 2.9 Crusher

    Anyone interested in trading straight up? I have a Kenne Bell Mammoth with 1K miles on it. Not looking to sell at the moment. It's the entire kit. I am kind of interested in a Whipple 2.9 crusher setup. The blower is not currently on the car. PM me. Disregard the location, I can ship this...
  25. cobra187

    FS: 1st Gen JLT Carbon Fiber High Boost CAI

    I am selling a used 1st generation JLT Carbon Fiber High Boost Cold Air Intake. This thing looks great under a terminators hood. I can send pictures if you PM me your email address. There is nothing wrong with it, I just can't use it with my Kenne Bell Mammoth kit. I will include an extra...