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    Key Fob Questions

    I have a 2000 Taurus SE that came with 2 working fobs. Both have the same FCCID numbers. Both have the same CAN numbers (meaning Canada) idk. 1 has 4 lines of numbers and letters and the other has 3. Not sure if the guy gave me a fob for another car or something? They both work, but I thought...
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    2008 I4 SE Ford Fusion Window Sticker

    Good Condition, folded twice. Creases running horizontally and vertically. Someone here bought my SVT Lightning and Focus window stickers a couple years ago. Let me if you want more info on the sticker or pics No problem mailing $13 Shipped or make me an offer Thanks
  3. FCCS

    Oxford White Ford low profile Buguard

    Bought new from Ford. Had it professionally sprayed Oxford white. In excellent condition. Don't have the clips. Rather than toss it I thought I would offer it up for FREE! You pay the Shipping. I can send a pic to your email. It was used on my 04 Lightning for about a month. It listed...
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    SVT Paperwork

    Found this the other day. It was from my 04 L. Notice: This vehicle is equipped with High-Performance tires Ride, Steering and Tracking may be different than expected The right side goes to describe in detail more about the tires and SVT's phone number. If someone needs this for...
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    Keep or toss factory hoodliner

    Will be replacing a cut w/w line in the 02 Taurus shortly. Any pros or cons with just shit canning the filthy factory hoodliner. It's coming off to repair the line. I know the entire thing doesn't need to be removed. The L didn't come with a hoodliner, so what's the deal? Is it a SVT thing...
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    D4U1 Processor

    Ford Part# F4DF-12A650-DB..The Dealer said it's obselete and very vehicle specific. Any reason to keep it or just toss it? I guess it was for a 94 Ford. Good Day
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    Professional Random Orbital

    Instructional DVD and Owner's Manual included It's the Griots Garage 6" Specifications: Motor 6 Amps, 750 Watts Power Supply 120V, 60Hz Orbits/Minutes 4000-7000 Orbit Diameter 1/8" Weight 6.6 lbs. Works fine. Recently upgraded to there new one. If interested, I will email a...
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    (4) 2002 Taurus Wheels

    Silver Wheels are 16 x 6 (Ford wheels) 215/60-16 tires were on them Centercaps included I would give a "B" for condition. Wheel weight areas are missing paint, typical I will sent a pic to you Local pick-up preferred, but will ship at your cost. $80 for the set Lee
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    Quarterly Utility Bill

    Wondering what others in the US pay......... I'll share mine with the SVTP Forum Service dates 6.30.11 - 9.29.11 Readings- Begin 127 End 140 Cubic ft. in 100's 13 Avg usage per day 0.14 Current Service Charges... Water 1300 cu ft $66.23 Sewer 1300 cu ft $56.47 Fire Protection...
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    Mm & ff

    Mr. Mailman delivered the November & December issues today:banana: This was from that $10.50 for 3 year deal that was posted Sept. 5th. Whoever it was:beer:
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    Fr. License Plate Bumper Guides

    Whatever they're called..I remember them on my L. Didn't install the factory bracket. Really, who wants to display a front license plate? Not me. Anyway, the dimples on the bumper, is that where a tech or whoever would drill a pilot hole and then proceed with a larger bit? My Taurus has...
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    Anyone still using these dinosaurs? We had a Waterbed:sleeping: store in town...not sure about that now. G Money
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    Anyone here own my 98GT?

    VIN # 1 F A F P 4 2 X 2 W F 1 7 3 3 6 1 White Coupe / Black Leather / 5-speed Last known location was at Bergstrom Ford in Neenah, WI. That was in Feb. 2005. FCCS
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    Anyone here have my 04?

    VIN # 2 f t r f 0 7 3 6 4 c a 7 6 4 3 8 #3621 White Last known location was for sale at Lenz Truck in Fond du Lac, WI. Feb. 2009 Just thought it would be interesting to find out where it is. FCCS