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  1. LUBaseball2

    Green Thumbs - Tree Experts... I need some advice.

    I'm looking for some advice as to what trees to plant in the space between our driveway and yard for some decent coverage. The house is located in New Kent, VA which is in the coastal plains region of the state, ag. zone 7. Initially the only tree that was supposed to be removed is on the left...
  2. LUBaseball2

    In the market for an ATV/UTV. Knowledge Welcome

    My fiance and I close on our first house in two months on five acres and I've started doing some research into ATVs/UTVs. Any input on my questions below would be great. I grew up in a rural area and rode friends/family members in the past, just never been in the market and it's been 10 years or...
  3. LUBaseball2

    Remington - Glock - Sig

    I know someone who can get a pretty big discount on these three makes and am looking for any suggestions. I would like to get 3 or 4 potentially... 1 Carry, 1 for my fiance, 1 shotgun and 1 rifle or 1911. Any input would be great. Thanks. Here are two I'm interested in: Remington 1911 R1...
  4. LUBaseball2

    Driveway Estimate Question

    If anyone has experience installing or have had a driveway installed I would appreciate the feedback. What do you think a fair price would be for clearing and installing a 100ft driveway would be?
  5. LUBaseball2

    Building first home.. Question about floor plan option.

    I'm looking for some advice or opinions about altering the floor plan. The red lines on the picture would represent adding additional closet space to the master. The wall would be moved out about 4 feet from the existing closet in the bonus room moving that closet to face the door entering the...
  6. LUBaseball2

    Winter Gear: Gloves, Coats whatever

    With winter right around the corner it's time to start thinking about getting some new winter gear. I do a workout that is outdoors all year long and need to find some better stuff. I was hoping people could post some good bargains on some solid quality winter gear they like or prefer. Fire away.
  7. LUBaseball2

    Ebola in the US

    I didn't see anything in Road Side about this and was kind of shocked. It's all over every news sources website. I was reading up about how it's transmitted and there seems to be a lot of different view points. Same with the ability for it to spread in the US. What are your guys thoughts...
  8. LUBaseball2

    2013 Nissan Pathfinder Knock question

    I bought a Nissan Pathfinder back in August of 2013 and have about 9,400 miles on the vehicle so far. Yesterday and this morning I noticed a knock or a popping sound coming from the floorboards basically right under my foot if it's resting below my drivers seat. It happens some sporadically on...
  9. LUBaseball2

    Best Website to valuate flatbeds box and lift trucks. This is really the only site I could find. But I am looking to find some information about a couple of our fixed assets just curious if anyone knows a better place.
  10. LUBaseball2

    For all you science geeks......

    Exoplanet discovery rate goes from a trickle to a flood | Ars Technica
  11. LUBaseball2

    The Wolf of Wall Street - Movie and Book

    I haven't seen any posts about this movie or book on here. I am about half way through the book and it's awesome, probably one of the better ones I have read. I'm hoping the movie which comes out on Christmas Day does a good job of showing how crazy these guys really were. If you haven't heard...
  12. LUBaseball2

    New plates for my Pathfinder ideas?

    So I'm gonna get the don't tread on me plates for my Pathfinder and can have six characters. I can only really think of one good one. REP USA. Anyone else have any good ideas?
  13. LUBaseball2

    Someone keeps stealing my CC's.. advice?

    So a little back story about 3 weeks ago someone stole my debit card information and used that to try to make a swiped purchase at a grocery store for $95 in Miami, Florida and the bank caught it and canceled my card and sent me a new one. Today Discover sent me an e-mail and someone tried...
  14. LUBaseball2

    ASUS Gaming Monitor 24" 144hz ASUS VG248QE 24-Inch Screen LED-lit Monitor: Computers & Accessories Quit playing video games so I don't need it anymore. I'd like to get around $200 or so for it. Let me know if you have any questions.
  15. LUBaseball2

    Best mid size SUV for the money?

    I'm trying to find a nice SUV to tow mainly a 4 wheeler and a jetski so I don't need anything huge. I want to stay around the 22-28k range mainly looking brand new. What do you guys think? I was looking at the new Jeeps the compass looks kinda cool
  16. LUBaseball2

    Help me end this debate

    I know this is a stupid poll but I was making a PB and J for lunch yesterday and I was putting peanut butter on both slices of the bread and jelly on top of one side before I stick it together. My gf was trying to tell me that no one else makes them that way and I think she is wrong. So how does...
  17. LUBaseball2

    This should be every girls gym routine
  18. LUBaseball2

    Thoughts on this TV

    LG 60" 5978" Diag. Plasma 1080p 600Hz Smart HDTV 60PN5700 - Best Buy I am trying to decide between this 60inch Smart Plasma Vs. a 60 inch LED. I only use my TV for mostly movies and sports. Let me know what you would pick my budget is around 1k
  19. LUBaseball2

    Question for avid runners

    I grew up playing sports all through high school, college and professionally. I never really was much into long distance running just more shorter interval type workouts. I'm 26 now and pretty much took the last 2 years off of any type of cardio and just lifted due to a knee injury. About a...
  20. LUBaseball2

    4 different RayBan Sunglasses

    Male RayBans Sunglasses Aviators and Plastic Frames
  21. LUBaseball2

    Texting Glitch

    I'm not sure if this only works with iPhones or what but if you type "I could be the next Obama" with a space after Obama his name is deleted from the sent text. My buddy showed me this the other day has anyone else seen it?
  22. LUBaseball2

    04 Mystic on CL with 16 miles...

    Found this today on CL if anyone was looking.. BRAND NEW **NEVER DRIVEN 2004 MUSTANG COBRA MYSTICHROME
  23. LUBaseball2

    Organic Coconut Oil

    I have started taking 2tbsp of coconut oil a day as well as cooking most of my meals in it. I have been reading up on a lot of the benefits of coconut oil so I just figured I'd share and see if anyone else uses it. The Surprising Health Benefits of Coconut Oil | The Dr. Oz Show Three...
  24. LUBaseball2

    How did your ears ring after loud exposure?

    I went to an outdoor range yesterday to shoot a few rounds through my pistol and bent over to to smack a bug off my leg while reloading and my ear bud fell out of my ear while the guy in the lane next to me was shooting his revolver. Ever since about 4pm yesterday my left ear has been ringing...
  25. LUBaseball2

    3-D printable gun

    ‘World’s first 3-D printable handgun’ under fire So you can take the gun through the metal detectors.. but won't the ammunition go off? I would think this would only be a problem if you could shoot a plastic ammunition..