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  1. VegasMichael

    Vegas Trip

    A word about Lyft and Uber in Vegas:
  2. VegasMichael

    Vegas Trip

    Have a great time!
  3. VegasMichael

    Can anyone i.d. this?

    Maybe some kind of lobster or crab trap?
  4. VegasMichael

    Fuel prices near you

    A few weeks ago it was $4.15. It has dropped down to $3.99.
  5. VegasMichael

    Did you go to your 20 year reunion?

    Nope. Hated high school. Worst four years of my life.
  6. VegasMichael

    Pros/Cons: Manual Challenger Hellcat (2016+)

    Didn't the OP have a Viper at one time...?
  7. VegasMichael

    20 years ago…

    20 years ago I was watching CNBC when they broke away from their regular programming to show footage of the first plane hit. Minutes later the next plane hit the other tower and they showed it live. I screamed aloud that this was terrorism. I went to work in a daze and learned throughout the day...
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    NWS Pics that make you :lol: every time you see them NWS

    Going to the dentist next week. Do ya think...?
  9. VegasMichael

    Mad Max Cars Being Auctioned

    Crazy looking vehicles but honestly didn't like the movie.
  10. VegasMichael

    Prayers Needed

    Great to hear. Happy for you both.
  11. VegasMichael

    Who was funnier? Laurel and Hardy or the Three Stooges?

    Honeymooners was good. Very short-lived show(39 episodes) that took off after it was canceled. Kind of like the original Star Trek series.
  12. VegasMichael

    Who was funnier? Laurel and Hardy or the Three Stooges?

    I go with Laurel and Hardy. The Stooges had some good slapstick humor but L & H would slowly lead you into a funny outcome that superceded what the Stooges would do. Maybe you have to be in the right mood to enjoy one over the other.
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    Interesting Car/Truck Manufacturer News
  14. VegasMichael

    Random Picture Thread

    In Pensacola, FL at this restaurant: The Grand Marlin | Between Time and Tide
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    Random Picture Thread

    When a Bloody Mary also makes a great snack.
  16. VegasMichael

    NWS Pics that make you :lol: every time you see them NWS

    Tried to attach a gif here but it won't let me. Ignore. Won't let me delete it either.
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    Random Picture Thread

    Where in PA do you live? I'm a former Chester County resident.
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    THIS..... Is How We Should Deal With Drug Dealers In The US!

    Mexican authorities and the cartels have been in bed together for so long they can't even remember how many kids they had together.
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    Prayers Needed

    Just saw this and I hope and pray everything goes your way.
  20. VegasMichael

    Random Picture Thread

    There was some Al Bundy thoughts when I took that picture in Daytona Beach several years ago.
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    Why not Chernobyl instead?
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    lets see all the hot girlfriends/wives!

    You finally posted something I understood.
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    FICO Credit Scores

    I get updates from my credit cards about my score. I'm at 815 now. My problem with the credit reporting bureaus is that they don't seem to have much oversight. They do whatever they want. I told them for years that they had my mom's birthday and mine mixed up but they wouldn't change it. It was...